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Living the Yamas and Niyamas Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Tips for Success

5 min - Talk


Robert shares five Tips for Success that will help you throughout this course—show up, stay the course, create space, trust the process, and have fun!
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Mar 29, 2019
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Hey, how you doing? Thanks for being here. I want to offer you five tips that could be helpful for you going into this course and during the course. So, the most important one that I think, right, show up. You have to show up and even more importantly on top of that is like show up as you are. You don't need to do anything or be anything other than who you are right there, right now, okay? And I mean that and I believe that. So, with that, in addition, is don't try to fit it in. That's the tough way to go, right? Make it a priority, show up, right? Then everything else is, it'll flow from there. But, give you another one. Number two. Number two is a reminder that it can be difficult, but you're not alone in that. It's difficult for everybody in different ways. So, if you find yourself during the course or even just embarking on it, right, it's difficult. It's totally cool that it is and you'll benefit from moving through those difficult moments, all right? Number three, create the space that works best for you, right, for success, okay? So, blocks, blankets, blocks, a mat, a strap, maybe even a little shelf type altar thing, right? So, that it's visible. You can see it while you're practicing or before and it has these really lovely reminders of why you're showing up, right? It could be photographs of your family, of a sunset, of anything. It doesn't matter, okay? Just specific for you. And it's calming. It has a calming space. It's inviting for you to come in and do your work, all right? Then, you've got all that set. Trust the process. Go with the flow, right? Try not to control too much. Show up. Go with the sequences. Don't worry about results. All the benefits. All the results are there. Practice as if you're, it's the same thing. I use this example quite a bit. You listen to music for the sake of listening to music. You're not looking for a result necessarily. This feels nice. So, maybe you can get into that zone. Number five is have fun. How can you have fun in this? And, you know, take it serious, but be light. Taking care of yourself, exercise, trying new things like new ways to eat, new ways to move, new ways to think can be super exciting, right? It's like a reminder that I'm like, I'm the captain of this, this ship, and I'm going to start making decisions and choices that are going to benefit me, all right? So, it's somewhat self-serving, but in a really positive, beautiful way. Those are the five tips that could be helpful. So, I will see you on the mat, all right? Thank you and namaste.


Shaz D
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Delighted to see you back with another course, Robert. Looking forward to this :)
Robert Sidoti
Thank you Shaz!! I'm looking forward to you and others practicing with me, hope you enjoy!!
Jayme B
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Excited to see this! Starting it today.
Robert Sidoti
Excited to see YOU Jayme !! Let me now how the course goes for you! 
Jayme B
 Robert Sidoti I will for sure. I'm loving it so far. Your 30-day challenge helped me get back into a fitness routine after a knee injury so I have high hopes for this course ;) 
Hi Robert! Just got done with the 30 day challenge and excited to embark in this new journey with you. This is only my 3rd month of practicing yoga and I love how you modify some poses so I as a beginner can follow. I especially love how you explain which muscle group to focus on in a specific pose. Namaste!

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