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Hands On Adjustments Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Principles of Alignment

15 min - Talk


Rosemary shares the principles of adjustments—gain consent, adjust with intention, make your presence known, ground yourself first, look for the energy, touch with reverence, be clear and decisive, center of the body, release the energy, and watch your own stuff.
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Feb 16, 2019
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I loved the Look for the Energy and Touch with Reverence chapters. Soo awesome thank you
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Oh Rosemary. Such profoundly helpful and sensitive sharing of information here. I have for a long time been very reticent to do more than offer verbal cues, or very light indications of adjustments to my students. I have had an experience where someone adjusting me caused a slight injury. And I've had an experience where my proffered adjustment triggered a student. It has lead me to keep a certain distance...
Kate, I am so happy to hear this is helpful for you. Adjusting is such a phenomenal tool and supremely beneficial for students- if we can learn to offer them wisely and safely, it's amazing! I'm sorry to hear of your slight injury, this happens far too often. And I understand about triggering a student, it happens too. I hope these tools will help you feel more confident adjusting others. Enjoy.
I'm happy those spoke to you, Marlo. They're some of my favorites too. ; )
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So beautiful to see your emotions come up when expressing the gratitude you feel at being a yoga teacher. You’re right, it is a privilege and an honor. Thank you for the genuine nature of all you shared. It was wonderful to receive.
Apologies for my delayed reply, Lily . I'm heartened that this spoke to you. And honored by your reply. 

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