Yoga, Hormones, and Fertility Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

PMS Relief

35 min - Practice


Maria offers a movement practice designed to offer PMS relief and to clear any liver qi stagnation.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video

May 25, 2019
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Thank you! That was just what I needed! XO
I found that practice quite challenging. I haven't been keeping my yoga practice up in the last year, only dipping into every now and then but even still. I feel that it was a much higher level and I didn't have fun. I think the transitions are very quick and don't really allow for someone whose fitness levels aren't as good as the once were. Hoping that it stands to me though during this month's cycle. 
Hi Amy, 
Sorry if it’s a bit quick or challenging. Perhaps you need a bit more restoration before your period. This video is more to move energy strongly and open up the areas in the front of the hips and lower abdominals because I’ve found that when women have strong PMS symptoms that helps. But we’re all unique and right now this might not be the right approach for you. Always honor your body. 🙏
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Maria, I love your instruction and the energy you offer to your classes. I’ve enjoyed a few others dealing with hormones and appreciate how you add elements of Chinese medicine to the practices (I resonate so deeply with that tradition). In gratitude, ali
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Thank you Maria!!! I feel very held by your practice and presence!
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This was the right amount of challenging balancing postures and movement for me. My energy was all over the place today and this really brought me back to center. Thank you!
Vanessa so happy to hear that!  It must’ve been in the air today, I was all of the place too. It’s so great to have grounding practices. 
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Thank you!!I love this series!! I hope you do more seasons!!
Laura M I’d love to. Stay in touch and follow me on social media. Im going to be teaching much more and might even do some zoom sessions. 

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