Yoga, Hormones, and Fertility Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 3

Womb Meditation

10 min - Practice


Maria guides us in a sweet meditation to connect inward with a feeling of love and warmth in the womb and the heart. You will feel relaxed and calm.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Welcome, today we're going to take a meditation and just focus some intention on our palace, our ovaries, our uterus, and really just take some time to ourselves to relax, calm down our nervous system, and check in. So just close the eyes and find a comfortable seated position, so maybe one bolster, a couple blankets, whatever works for you, even sitting in a chair or lying down on a bed, whatever really lets you relax and feel comfortable. And we'll just close the eyes and for now just bring your hands either to your knees or your abdomen and just start by observing your breath without even trying to change it at this point. Look at the qualities of the inhale and the exhale. Just take note if there's a difference and then start to have the intention to let the breath be soft like a warm ocean breeze and start to feel into what's happening around the breath, how the inhale is a natural expansion and the exhale a contraction.

Just notice where that expansion and contraction is happening and let that be soft. And start scanning throughout your eyes, around your eyes and see if you can soften, release any tension in your cheeks, your jaw, at the base of your skull, throughout the neck and shoulders, down your arms, all the way to your fingertips, maybe even wiggle your fingertips, just to be sure you're not holding and then tuning into your hips, you need to make any subtle adjustments to how the pelvis is aligned, go ahead, find a place where you can really relax and let that travel down your legs to your calves and your feet and then tuning into your womb, area below the belly button right above your pubic bone, that entire area and if you'd like you can either bring your hands underneath that area with the palms open or you can just take your hands to your lower belly, that's nice because you get to feel the warmth of your hands going into your womb, creating a nice warm environment. You can either stay with that sensation, maybe feel the warmth, maybe feel a slight tingling sensation of energy or chi circulating or maybe you shift to visualizing white light feeling that area, it's also possible you're more auditory and you start to hear a sound, a buzzing, a little high pitched sound Maintain your awareness of that area then also start to either feel or visualize the third eye, the space between your eyebrows and connect that light or that sensation to the light or sensation or sound in your womb, opening up that communication And as you're focusing on that connection between your third eye and your womb, you're going to start to connect with the feeling of love. What does love feel like to you? You can either leave your hands where they're at or you can reposition them to your knees where we started and if you're in a good place and you want to stay here longer, sink in a little deeper and feel free and you're ready to come out.

Bring the hands together and rub them back and forth to generate a bit of heat, it may already be warm, you can get them a little warmer and then wash them over your face a couple times and we'll join our hands to prayer position in front of the heart, gently bow the head and thank you, namaste.


Just what I needed today, thank you Maria!
Laura M
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Thank you!!

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