Good Night Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Wring out Your Day

35 min - Practice


Dana guides us in an active practice with spinal twisting to help wring out your day and calm the mind. You will need two pillows for this practice. Please note and pause the video at 21:20 to repeat easy pigeon on the left side—this was inadvertently left out of the practice.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video

May 30, 2019
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This practice was quite heavenly, lots of nourishing twisting and subtle self-care happening. My type “A” Pitta dominant self did flutter just a bit when some of the left/right sides of the body practices weren’t the same 🙀 (lol) but I realize that’s my issue and something I’m always working on letting go of, so this was a good practice for me!

One more thing - I used very soft feather pillows from my bed. Next time I practice this I’ll be sure to use more firm, foam pillows for more support.
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Jenny, Thanks for the review! I agree about the firm pillows - we want you supported!  Warmly, Dana
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I was falling asleep before I'd finished the practice. Thanks Dana. Namaste. 
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Awesome, Glenford. Great sleep will help with the new  j-o-b!
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Like Jenny, I was puzzled by not revisiting the left side for the "easy pigeon" (which I really loved on the right side). Unlike Jenny, I just stopped the video and sank into it on the left side before resuming! Nice peaceful practice. Thank you, Dana!
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Hi Jenny & Kate, thanks so much for bringing that to our attention, and for sharing your different reactions to it. We included a note in the description to pause for the other side, especially since it's such a lovely part of the practice. Thank you ladies!

Warmly,< /div>
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Loved the cues about tilting the pelvis forward in butterfly and seated straddle. My anatomy does not allow me to easily go into the seated straddle (it's challenging to sit upright) but with that cue I was able to actually lean forward and feel a stretch in the back of my legs instead of my low back. I will be remembering that one for next time! Thank you. 
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I’m so glad to hear that, Leah! Thanks for sharing your perspective with me - it helps me become a better teacher.  Warmly, Dana

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