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Good Night Yoga

Everybody loves a good night's sleep but it's not the reality for most of us. The good news is, yoga can help. We explore movement practices, meditations, and breathing exercises to help you enjoy a deep and restful sleep.

Season 1 - Dana Slamp

In Season 1, Dana guides us through simple movements, calming meditations, and helpful breathing exercises to practice before bed, in bed, and even in the middle of the night.

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Lorraine Marek
Very soothing practice just before bed thanks
Dana Slamp
You’re so welcome, Lorraine - sleep well! Warmly, Dana
Victoria W
Dana, your Neck and Shoulder Relief is wonderful to help unwind a day's work with patients and the computer and just the right amount of time for a busy Mom to fit into her self-care routine before bed. Thank you!
Dana Slamp
Victoria W So happy to hear!  Thanks for all you do for your patients & family.  I’m glad we could support you with some efficient yoga & realease. 🙏

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