Good Night Yoga Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Facial Massage to Release Tension

5 min - Practice


Dana shares a shortie practice to release tension in the head and neck. You will feel a sweet sense of relief.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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This was so very cool! Amazing that these small motions have such a profound effect. I will definitely be trying this technique the next time I have a restless night 🌙✨
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Thanks Jenny - should feel delish!
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So helpful thank you
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“Anytime!” :)
This helped ease my headache. Thanks 🙏 
Rebecca D Relieved to hear this.  Thanks for sharing - any practice on!
Amazing how much tension is held in the face even when we think we are not tensed. I like this short sequence. Where can we find sources of inspiration for these little moves?
Lina S Hi Lina - I agree!  We often have tension patterns in this area.  I believe I picked up the “moves” from massage therapists and refined them over the years with my clients.  The meridian map is probably the best reference, and polyvagal theory has some interesting info too.

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