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Season 2 - Episode 1

Chant to Remove Obstacles

25 min - Practice


Begin your day with a chant to Ganesha. Ganesha is believed to assist in the removing of obstacles. Julia shares a mantra that is dear to her heart, guiding us in a japa practice and chant to Ganesha 108 times. She invites us to feel and notice the vibratory affects of this powerful practice in our mind, body, and heart.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Dec 31, 2014
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Hoping for additional mantra practice. Thanks!
Thanks for the request Sharon. Yes, there's more coming.
Yes, Sharon! We have more coming. With Julia and Anuradha on Mother Tongue. Happy you are here. xok
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Hi Julia, how wonderful to have these mantras available. I went for my walk and I did some asanas. As I was going into meditation I found myself chanting this mantra. Wonderful.
A reflection of clarity. Thank you.
beautiful, katherine, so wonderful when the mantras spontaneously arise within. blessings x
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Julia your videos are simply amazing, your soul and spirit and love for the practice are so apparent. Your voice is soothing and your explanations are so clear. With this video and the intro to bhakti you've helped me so much to figure out how to introduce these practices to the teen girls I teach yoga too. Thanks so much for sharing yourself and for inspiring my teaching. Love Sonia
Dear Sonia, This whole thing is such a miracle! So happy to be able to share with you and grateful that it touches you and inspires the continued sharing. Much love, Julia
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Thank you Julia for leading this beautiful exploration on clearing obstacles from our path with the introduction to Ganesha.  I have learned so much. 
Diane May your path be clear and glorious! Thanks for joining in. Jai Ganesha!

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