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Season 1 - Episode 3

Flow of Gratitude

40 min - Practice


Dissolve into Gratitude. Julia guides us through a fluid sequence to help us discover a sense of gratitude in the body. This practice will generate inner flow and promote a sense of joy, ease, and expansion in heart.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Sep 24, 2014
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Thanks Julia for this practice .... My body feels so much more lighter. This takes my heart centered self up to another level by incorporating gratitude in the body - total awesomeness :)
So happy to hear it Linda... yay for gratitude in the body! enjoy
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thank you Julia - I especially enjoyed the power of the 'gratitude warrior 2' : )
Blessings Elke, so glad it works for you.
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I loved reaching out with gratitude and breathing it in. And sending gratitude to others. Thank you.
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This was fantastic and exactly what I needed. Thank you!!
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Thank u Julia!!! This practice tenderly supported me calming my heart a bit and bringing awareness toward what I have in my life and also making a bit more peace with the fact that I had to let some pretty sweet little furry things go lately. Love and gratitude ????
Oh so beautiful a practice! thank you so much!
Thank you for being here Maria
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Very great. Perfect quick relaxing focus.
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