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Increase strength, flexibility, mobility, and focus in Season 4 of Keepin' It Real with Robert Sidoti. This season, we explore a variety of ways to move in our bodies through both accessible and challenging practices that are designed to help you feel good in your body and more alive and connected in your life.
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Sep 09, 2019
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Welcome to season four of keeping it real on yoga anytime. My name is Robert Sidoti and I'm super excited you're here. Together we will move through a range of 30 to 40 minute accessible and challenging practices to get you feeling good in your body and functioning better in life. We will explore a variety of ways to move within your body from mellow and stretchy floor practices to lunges and sun salutations all the way to energizing and empowering Vinyasa core workouts. All designed to increase your strength, flexibility and mobility, balance and focus and to help you feel more alive or connected. Thanks for being here and let's do this!


Jenny S
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Doing my “Best Day Ever” pose!  So happy one of my favorite teachers is back with a new show...thank you!
Shaz D
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ooh cool - can't wait :) Love your shows
Robert Sidoti
Hi Jenny !! How are you?! Every pose is the ‘best day ever’ pose right? :)) I hope this new series is helpful and enjoyable for you - thanks for practicing with us here 🙏🏽🤗
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Shaz !! Nice to see your comment here! How’ve you been? Let me know how the practices feel and work for you! Have a great September day😎✌️
Luna J
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Yippee! I've gone through your other two challenges over 5 times each! Glad to have something new. Sweet!
Robert Sidoti
Hello there Luna !! 5 times?! Wow, I'm soooo grateful and happy you've enjoyed and benefitted from those challenges! I hope some of these new sequences add some value to your practice and life :)) Sending love
Devesh D
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Thanks Robert for new episodes ... you are an amazing teacher 

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