Keepin' it Real Artwork
Season 4 - Episode 3

Welcome Your Day

40 min - Practice


Start your day in a nice way. Robert guides us in a groovy and slow practice that hits on all the sticky spots and invites ease and calm into our day.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket


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I really enjoyed this practice.  I am going to try some of the moves out with my students.
thank you Robert! this was lovely. I always enjoy practicing with you :)
Hi Susan ... so happy you enjoyed! Let me know how it goes with your students and thank you so much for practicing with me here :))
Hey there Maria Elena !! THANK YOU!! I appreciate your generous comment and hope your day is awesome!!
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Thank you Robert for a beautiful morning practice.  :)

You are so very welcome Cheri !! Most favorite time of the day to practice is the morning! Get the body moving, mind set in positive direction and a sense of calm and ease to enter the day :) 
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perfect way to start my Saturday!
Fabian One month later is better than nothing I suppose :)) How are you? Have a beautiful day wherever you are! 
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Sunday evening. Social distancing. Yoga anytime everyday. I am good!
Love you positive attitude Fabian ! Sounds like  Yoga Anytime is working well for you during these distancing times! So glad you're here  - I see you!! 
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