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Season 2 - Episode 8

Shortie: Sun Salutation B

5 min - Practice
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Dylan guides us in a short practice of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) B. This practice provides a great opportunity to practice a really long breath while efficiently moving the body.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Welcome, Surya Namaskar B will give us a great chance to practice a really long breath as well as being very efficient with how we move the body. First let's think about lengthening the breath. Our best technique will be to make sure that we're always exhaling completely, pushing out a little extra breath, feeling the lower abdomen engage, and keeping the back of the throat somewhat closed so that when we inhale, the breath can flow in smoothly and softly and slowly. Let's see if we can take that with us through the sun's salutation. Exhale completely, inhaling, bend the knees, bring up the arms, see the thumbs meet.

Exhaling, folding forward, dropping the top of the head, inhaling a nice long, slow, measured inhalation as the head lifts, Chaturthi, exhaling, and jumping back during the exhale, punch an inhale, still measuring air at the back of the throat, shot, exhale, downward facing dog. Make sure to exhale completely here, pushing out extra breath, and then sapta, slowly inhaling, but efficiently stepping the left heel down, the right knee high, and the right foot forward, still inhaling the arms up, ashta, exhale the hands down, the right foot back to chaturanga, nava inhaling, upward facing dog, dasa exhaling, downward dog, finish the exhalation, and slowly inhaling a karasha, stepping the left knee high, the left foot forward, arms up, see thumbs, dvarsha, begin the exhale, and allow the hands to come down, the left foot back to chaturanga, triugdasa, inhaling, upward facing dog, chaturgdasa, exhale, downward facing dog, breathing here, still finishing every exhalation, allowing the bandhas to refine and engage, so the breath floats upwards to the top of the chest, and keeping that soft jaw, the slight smile on the lips, so you can measure air at the back of the throat. Exhale completely, panchadasha, inhaling, stepping or jumping the feet forward during the inhalation, head up, shursha, exhale, fold forward, drop the head, saptarsha, inhale, bend the knees, swing up the arms, see the thumbs, and exhaling, right back to neutral and samastitihi, following your breath through the practice will be a practice of managing the breath, always trying to find that slow and subtle breath at the very back of the throat, so that you can keep the movements efficient and happening during the breath. All the best in this practice, blessings to you.


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