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Yoga and the Somatic Experience Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Week 3: Air Body

60 min - Practice


Today we build on the previous two weeks and explore a practice inspired by the element of air. We bring curiosity to our breathing body while initiating fluid movement from the breath. We conclude with a seated meditation to be with the air and space. See the attached .PDF for our weekly journaling and homework practice.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket


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The bliss of breathwork... this was an incredible journey. I had a real eureka moment with falling into handstand. Brilliant. At the end I fell again - this time into a very deep relaxation almost immediately (where this usually takes me a lot more time). This work is so transformational. Thank you, thank you.
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You make the practice seem so effortless and elegant. I am working on my transitions so that I can achieve a more flowing practice.
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Kate wow! The art of falling. Thank you for sharing. 
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Susan yes, I think about transitions a lot too. It’s the heart of practice for me. Staying with every moment and in the space between the postures. 
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Suniti, this is such a special practice. Thank you so much for this series. I'm writing all the way from France, although I am from the Pacific Northwest. I love your teaching style- thank you for helping me gain more awareness of my body and the subtleties of these elements. 
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Anastasia thank you! I’m so glad we’ve connected via yoga anytime and that you are getting so much out of this course. Maybe we’ll cross paths in the Pacific Northwest! 
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I'll be in Portland for March and April and look forward to taking a class with you!
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Hello! I wanted to say how much I love this series. I am a long time yoga teacher and trainee psychotherapist. I have been interested in the somatic experience for a while and you share this so beautifully. It has shown me how much further you can take your yoga practice as a true exploration of being in the world. You have made me excited about teaching in a different way! 
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Hi Suzie!  Thank you for sharing. I'm so glad I could add a bit of inspiration to your teaching and practice. It'll be interesting to see how you weave together your study of yoga and psychotherapy. Keep me posted!
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Love this Season with you ❤️🙏
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