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Yoga and the Somatic Experience Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Week 4: Fire Body

60 min - Practice


Step into your life more fully. With encouragement to be more inclusive of all our experiences, we move through a practice to explore the element of fire while experimenting with different movement and tempos. See attached .PDF for associated journaling and homework assignment.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)


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This full body movement awareness exploration is utterly transformational. The initial floor to standing to floor exercise completely changed my experience in the Namaskars that followed. This awareness has the potential to shake up stuck patterns of movement. And these body movement patterns are representative of what's happening on more and more subtle levels. So - potentially a complete reframing of experience!! Love this work. Thank you Suniti for creating this and for YogaAnytime for giving it a platform.
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Kate Thank you. Again, so wonderful to hear your comments. I am deeply interested in shaking up stuck patterns, to be more conscious, to show up in an inclusive way, with more choice. It's really awesome to hear how this work is landing with you.
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I’m really enjoying this practice😊 thank you🙏💕
Thank you. I am practicing on Sundays. This has been delightful and energetic and relaxing. Learning:)
You are welcome Cassia . Thank you for practicing with me and for sharing a bit of your experience!
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Amazing practice and teacher. I am really enjoying this series. 
Emma so wonderful to hear! I’m glad you are enjoying this series. 
I loved this so much! The practice of the gap between sensation and reaction reminded me of Vipassana- it's such an important practice and was good to be reminded. I hope you do another series after this one! I am super interested in how you incorporate somatic movement and respect for one's boundaries into your lessons. Thank you so much!
Anastasia Thank you for sharing. Yes, being with the space between sensation and reaction is a powerful meditation practice.  Are you wondering as a teacher, how I respect students boundaries in a group class or how I encourage individuals to maintain their own sense of personal boundaries?
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