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Season 1 - Episode 5

Multidimensional Being

15 min - Practice


Kristin guides us in a Yoga Nidra practice that brings awareness to the many dimensions that make up our being. We become aware of sounds, physical sensations, the mind, our emotions, the breath, and the part of us that is unbound and infinite. You will feel aware.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Dec 01, 2019
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Welcome. I call this the multi-dimensional being yoga nidra practice. We're going to be on our backs for about 15 or 20 minutes, so it's worth setting up well so you can be both warm and comfortable. If you'd like to refer back to the tutorial about how to place your body in yoga nidra, that might be helpful before you continue on. As you're ready, you're going to come down onto your backs. I'm going to remain seated, but take your time to make yourself comfortable. You can unfold a blanket and place something under your head or under your knees and adjust your body, moving your heels a little wider than your hips, maybe turning your legs in and out and in and out a few times so they can fall into an open place. You can slide the arms a little bit away from the sides of the body, turning the palms to face up and allow the thumbs to be a little bit higher than the pinky fingers. Nestle the two shoulder blades underneath you just a little so they rest like two little teacup saucers under the lungs. Make any final adjustments to your body, maybe a little bobble head doll, moving your head a little bit until it finds its perfect positioning. You can close your eyes and take a few moments to soften the skin of the face, smoothing the brow, a little strip of real estate in between the eyebrows widening. Jaw soft, the lips might even part, tongue falling into the floor of the mouth behind the lower teeth. Take a nice deep breath in through the nose, maybe filling up more than you think you can, whole body breathes in. And exhale through an open mouth, sighing and deflating, feeling the body heavy, releasing more tension. Let's do that again, deep breath in, whole body expansive. And then exhale through an open mouth and sigh, releasing another layer of holding or efforting or trying. And then just allow the breath to move back into its unfust with version. And start to become aware of the sounds that you hear maybe from outside of the room or sounds close by. No need to judge them or try to worry about them or follow them. Just acknowledge the sounds that you can hear, the sound of my voice, the room around you. And just watch it rise and fall. And become aware of the physical sensation in your body. It might be a certain tightness, openness, a pattern of compensation, tension. Just trace the sensations that you know to be true in your physical body for just about a minute. Nothing to do, nothing to fix. Just awareness of the physical body. And almost like you can turn the channel, start to turn your attention towards your own breath without having to change the breath in any way. Just noting when you're inhaling and exhaling. Maybe the unique place in the body that you observe the breath. Just awareness of your breath.

Turning the channel again and becoming aware of your own mind. Without having to get the right answer, just note the state of the mind right now. Whether it's very willing to do these tasks or quite distracted. Maybe there's a certain repeating phrase or even an emotion, certain emotional coloring. Just simply awareness of the mind and emotions. As they surface and as they fall for just about a minute. Take the next time. And now become aware of the part of you that's been observing. The part of you that's observed, the sensations in the body, the transient movement of your breath, of thought, of emotion, the part of you that's remained unchanged, unbothered, unwavering, the part of you that is unbound, infinite potential, and as you identify with that part of you that is unchanging. You recognize that it's not limited to your own meat suit, but it is expansive, that it is interwoven and interconnected to the field of awareness in each of us and everything.

Let yourself move back into that recognition of your expansive stillness and connection. Let yourself move back into that recognition of your expansive stillness and connection. Let yourself move back into that recognition of your expansive stillness and connection. Let yourself move back into that recognition of your expansive stillness and connection. Let yourself move back into that recognition of your expansive stillness and connection.

Moving your attention back into your body. And now just to deepen the breath, and slide your tongue across your teeth and thumb over each fingertip, maybe turning your head gently side to side, might feel nice to reach the arms overhead and give yourself a moment to stretch. With no rush as you're ready, bending the knees, rolling over to one side and just curl up into a fetal position, taking a few moments there to honor your time and honor your practice, whatever experience born out of those practices. Keep your eyes closed or kind of hazy, press your hand into the floor and just guide yourself up lazily to a comfortable seat. You can take one hand over the other hand over the heart center, deeper breath in and around the heart.

As you feel ready, you could flutter the eyes open just a hazy gaze at one point on the floor. As you're ready, you can allow the rest of the room to come back into your focus. Thank you.


Kate M
1 person likes this.
I needed this today! Beautiful guided relaxation. It took me into the depths...
Kristin Leal
Kate So happy to hear this !
Tiffany B
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Have been having anxiety present as constriction in my throat chakra and this practice helped me drop below it ... grateful! 
Kristin Leal
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Tiffany so happy to hear that the practice was helpful in returning you to yourself:) Thanks for practicing with me
Rachel S
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Thank you. That was lovely.
Kristin Leal
1 person likes this.
Thanks for practicing with me and for sharing your kind words Rachel 
Rosanna S
1 person likes this.
Like Tiffany, I've been experiencing anxiety, felt in my throat and heart. This practice gave me a glimpse of the source and some release. Thank you for offering your teachings here!
Kristin Leal
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Rosanna thanks for sharing that! I'm so happy that you are here and that we can share practices in the virtual space that help us remember who we really are! Especially in these wild times:)
Charlotte M
My first ever exploration of a Nidra practice, and it won't be the last. I do wonder if I'm the only one a bit reluctant to 'wake up' returning to the physical body...?
Kristin Leal
Oh welcome Charlotte !! So happy you are here!  I sometimes don't want to come back to my physical body too:)
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