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Season 6 - Episode 3

Ocean of Devotion

45 min - Practice


Astrud guides us in a fluid hip-focused flow. We begin with a chant, Jai Ma, or victory to the mother before moving into our flow practice calling in the element of water and the divine feminine.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Such a nourishing practice and the transitions were seamless in the standing postures. It felt like moving through water...
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Jenny Im so glad it felt good on your body Jenny!  Our Yoga should be nourishing : ) Hari Om..
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Jai Ma! This was so beautiful. The sequencing was exquisite, so flowing... Jai Jai Ma.
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Came back today! Love this sequence! And last night I took the cool arm/twist sequence into the detention center as part of a yoga/meditation session with the "ladies inside". It was sweet.
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Kate Kate Oh Kate that's awesome to hear and what a great service your doing!
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Astrud we're a little gang of volunteers. It's a real gift to be able to go in and share the practice as we each understand it - but even more so, just to  "be, with". It's a gig that's helping me break down the false separation between "me, them" - in my mind.
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This is a wonderful hip opening flow and I felt energized afterwards - really nice!
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Kate So good to hear. This is the "real" Yoga, breaking down those barriers as you said -us and them!  Thank you once again for your work. 
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Michelle Im so happy to hear your body responded well and the rest was happy too. Thank you for sharing. Jai Ma!
Michelle Kramer it’s YOU!!!! Yay!!!! Ahh are you still living in England? 
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