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Season 6 - Episode 8

Mantra and Movement

40 min - Practice


We link mantra and movement in this practice designed to inspire and awaken the breath and the heart space. Moving through some familiar shapes, we explore standing postures, twists, and deep heart opening poses.

See attached PDF with mantra to go along with this practice.

What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)


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How do you own and welcome back. I'm really excited to share this practice with you today. We're going to begin to infuse together some mantra into our movement. So the shapes I've chosen today are if you've been practicing with me there I won't call them easy per se but they're familiar they're very familiar we have blocks and we have blankets to keep things more useful for you if you need but the focus will be on the mantra itself. Now the mantra is a lovely mouthful of words but when we utilize them in the practice I'm only going to take a few of the words to keep it simple and you may have some form whether it's written or you just can memorize it the whole mantra will be accessible for you so that you can work with infusing it at home or just chant it at home. It's a lovely mantra and it's a mantra that is to the heart from the heart. So my true nature is in the heart and the heart is my true nature and I am the bliss in the heart and the heart that I am is in reality this unending bliss of openness so very beautiful mantra to awaken our hearts and to awaken each other and when we're with the breath we're with that which breathes us so mantra is another way to tap into the breath source as we color it with sound so it's one of my favorite practices and I'm really happy to share it with you. I'm going to run through it with the harmonium so you can hear a little bit of the melody and and just maybe listen to it and maybe kind of dive into a couple of the few of the words if they're familiar and then from there we'll stand up and we'll begin our practice. So the words are before I even start playing atma, atma, hrdaye, hrdayam, mayi, aham, amritay, amritam, anandam, brahmani. So I know it sounds like a mouthful but we're going to break it down and particularly when we start the asana practice we'll just pick a couple phrases and then we'll keep it really simple okay. So I'll start with the harmonium just so we get a sense of rhythm and you can close your eyes here and just receive the mantra, receive the sound. Don't even have to worry or think about memorizing it. We can start with the sound of om together. Nice big breath in. Atma, hrdaye, hrdayam, mayi, aham, amritay, amritam, anandam, brahmani, amritay, amritam, anandam, brahmani. Atma, hrdaye, hrdayam, mayi, aham, amritay, amritam, amritam, amritay, amritam, anandam, brahmani. Atma, hrdaye, hrdayam, mayi, amritay, amritay, amritay, amritam, anandam, brahmani, amritay, amritay, amritay, amritay, amritay, amritay, amritay, amritay, amritay, amritay. Please, with the eyes closed, just take a few moments to be with what breathes you.

To settle into the place of the heart, your true nature, is to love and be loved, to experience love, connectedness, wholeness. Can find your thumb and index fingers touching and please let the palms face up so you are receptive here and relax the shoulders, let the spine lengthen. Without dropping the head, just let the chin soften in towards the throat a little bit so the back of the neck is long. I'm going to breathe in and I'm simply going to chant Atma Hurdai on the exhale. I'm going to take another breath in and then the second part will be Hurdai Yam Mayi.

So this is the two phrases we're going to use for our practice today. Let's take a nice breath in. Atma Hurdai, breathing in, Hurdai Yam Mayi. So on the exhale we chant together this time, breath in, Atma Hurdai. Breathing in, Hurdai Yam Mayi.

And one more time, breath in, Atma Hurdai and inhale, Hurdai Yam Mayi. And just notice how you feel. If your eyes are closed you can begin to open the eyes. As we go a little further into the practice we may add a couple more words and what this will do is create an elongation of the exhale to take us a little deeper. So that will come a little bit later, we'll see how that goes.

So let's start standing up. So standing nice and tall, we're going to take a little very simple vinyasa if you will here. Again incorporating the sound. So I'm just going to show you what's going to happen here. I'm going to breathe the arms up and again it's on the exhale we'll take the mantra.

Atma Hurdai, bend the knees touching the floor and then sweeping the arms up on the inhale a little arching back. And then on the exhale the arms come halfway down, Hurdai Yam Mayi, palms flip up, elbows in on the inhale and then the prayer, Atma Hurdai, again breathing in, Atma Hurdai, Hurdai Yam Mayi, Atma Hurdai. So really simple, very sweet, nothing to think about. This is a time where we need to free our minds, the self from the tight control of the mind. So this is where you get to let go and not think about what you're doing right or wrong.

Even if you don't have the mantra down, just move with me and listen. So big breath in, arms wide, Atma Hurdai, Hurdai Yam Mayi, Atma Hurdai. One more, big breath in, Atma Hurdai, Hurdai Yam Mayi, Atma Hurdai. Take a couple of breathing here, the whole body breathing with you, for you, breath moving through you completely, and then letting the hands soften to the side. Okay so we're going to actually do a little round of sun salutations here and you can add the mantra on the exhale, okay?

Keeping things pretty basic, I'll even bring the blocks over onto the mat so my hands can land there and keep it nice and easeful. Alright from here we're going to breathe in, lifting the arms as you exhale with the mantra, bring the prayer through center, all the way down, Atma Hurdai, palms pressed down, right leg back, look up, and on the exhale downward facing dog, Hurdai Yam Mayi, come forward and soften your knees to the floor, look up on the breath in, and then child's pose, Atma Hurdai, hips reaching back, come onto the hands and knees, look up, downward facing dog, Hurdai Yam Mayi, step the right foot forward, look up, and then bring the left foot forward, Atma, folding forward, Hurdai, and then rising all the way up, Urdva Hastasana, bring the palms to the center, Hurdai Yam Mayi, and left side, big breath in, folding forward, Uttanasana, Atma Hurdai, left leg back, gently look up, exhale, Hurdai Yam Mayi, right leg back into downward facing dog, drop your knees to the floor, look up, and then hips back, and child's pose, Atma Hurdai, come onto the hands and knees, look up, and then downward facing dog, Hurdai Yam Mayi, let the heels sink back and down, bring the left foot forward as you breathe in, look up, and then bring the back foot forward, Atma Hurdai, Uttanasana, and then all the way up, bring the palms together, Hurdai Yam Mayi. Okay, how was that for you? I hope that was good. It's a fun little adventure weaving the sound into mantras. Some people really love it, some people ain't, but I encourage you to try it, you know, pick a word that resonates with you. It doesn't have to be this mantra per se. So we're going to create a little flow, and then there's certain times during the flow and practice that I'm going to just hold us, and we will breathe together using mantra on the exhale. Okay, so from here, just standing tall, Tadasana, and you're going to take a big breath in, reach the arms up, and then folding forward. We won't use any mantra here just for a little bit, just going to step the right leg back and lift the chest. You can quietly repeat the mantra to yourself on each exhale, and that will create a nice equal flow of breath, actually. Downward-facing dog. Take a little breath in, come forward, drop your knees, and then just come through a little child's pose for a moment. Inhale into the hands and knees, and downward-facing dog from there. Good. Let's lift the right leg. We can take it high and point to the tips of your toes. Press the heels of the hand onto the block, and then a big exhale to step the foot forward. You've got warrior one, so spiral the back foot down, and then reach the arms up, and then from here, exhale the arms nice and wide, and then inhale to lengthen. Take the arms above your head. We're going to come forward into Prasadrita Padottanasana. Hands are going to come down. We're going to take a couple breaths here, and this is where we're going to utilize the mantra. So, breath into a flat back, and then let the crown of the head go. Atma-herd-hay-ay. Lift up halfway. Herd-ay-am-ay-ee. Letting the head go. One more time, breath in. Atma-herd-hay-ay. Nice release. Take the hips over to the side. Spiral around, and this time, bring that right leg back with herd-ay-am-ayee into downward-facing dog.

Little pause there. Left side. Left leg lifts on the breath in. Step it forward. As you breathe out, back heel to the floor, and then rise up. Virabhadrasana one. Let the hips sink here a little bit. Let the belly move up towards your heart, and then exhale warrior two. Shoulders and hips line. Take a nice breath in. Lengthen the left leg. Parallel your feet here. Look up, and then bring the palms to center, and then exhale down. So, weaving in the mantra. Flat back as you breathe in, and then lower the head. Atma-herd-hay-ay. Breath in, lifting up halfway. Herd-ay-am-ayee. Breathing in. Atma-herd-hay-ay. Inhale. Take the hips over to the left side. Spiral around. Downward-facing dog. Herd-ay-am-ayee. And take a little breath in. Come forward. Drop your knees, and child's pose. Just a nice big breath out here. And inhale into the hands and knees. Downward-facing dog as you breathe out. I'm going to take the right leg high on the breath in. Step it forward as you breathe out. Drop the back heel, and rise up as you breathe in. And again, exhale warrior two. Come through center. Parallel the feet. And this time with the mantra coming all the way down. Atma-herd-hay-ay. The full mantra. Herd-ay-am-ayee. Hips to the right. Low lunge. Left heel lifts. Downward-facing dog. Exhale. Atma-herd-ayee. Herd-ay-am-ayee. Really lengthening through that breath out. Left leg lifts on the breath in. Step it forward as you breathe out. Rise up on the inhale. And warrior two on the exhale. Lengthen the left leg. Parallel your feet. And exhale. Atma-herd-hay-ay. Herd-ay-am-ayee. Breathing in, lift up halfway. Take the hips to the left. Spiral around to the front. Downward-facing dog. Herd-ay-am-ayee. Atma-herd-ayee. Soften the knees down. Look up. And then child's pose. Exhale. Breath in onto the hands and knees. And downward-facing dog. Atma-herd-hayee. Herd-ay-am-ayee. Right foot forward. Warrior one. Now lengthen both of your legs. Bring your back foot in a little bit. And then catch your hands behind you. You can decide if you want to come into a reverse prayer or reach for your elbows or your wrists. Nice and long. Make sure there's space so you don't feel like you're on a tight rope here. Take a nice big breath in. And then coming forward. Atma-herd-hayee. Take a little breath in here. And one more time with the mantra. Herd-ay-am-ayee. Lift up halfway. And take a little twist. You can take your block inside of the right foot. Press down into that left hand. And then rising up to the right arm. Or just holding onto your hip. We'll take a little breath in here. And then on the exhale with the mantra. Atma-herd-hayee.

Hands come down. Gonna take both blocks here. Lift up. And then exhale. Atma-herd-hayee. Herd-ay-am-ayee. Gonna lower the blocks. Bend my right knee and bring the left knee outside of my right foot for a little seated twist. You're more than welcome to sit on a block if you like here. I'm gonna snuggle the knee into the chest. Breath in. And atma-herd-hayee. Herd-ay-am-ayee. I'm gonna take a little counter twist. Taking the hands over to the other side and breathing into the right side of the waist here. Let the head go. You can just quietly be here breathing in. Of course, you can use the mantra here for yourself. And then rising up. And lift up. Take the blocks in front. Slide the legs back into downward facing dog. Take the left leg forward. Warrior one. Breath in. Bring the back foot in and then lengthen through the front leg. Catch your hands. Take a breath in. Lean back. And then exhale. Coming forward. Atma-herd-hayee. Herd-ay-am-ayee. Nice breath in. Lifting up halfway. And again with the mantra on the exhale. Coming forward. Atma-herd-hayee. Herd-ay-am-ayee. Lift up halfway. Let's take the right hand down onto the block. I'm gonna bring my back foot in a little bit so I feel a little bit more stable. And then from there, lengthen the left arm up. Take a nice breath in. And then on the exhale. Atma-herd-hayee. Herd-ay-am-ayee. Breath in. And the hands gonna come down. Atma-herd-hayee. Herd-ay-am-ayee. Bend through the left knee and then take the right knee to the outside of your left foot. Use the block again underneath. And a little twist here. Snuggle the arm out in front of the leg. Take a breath in. And with the mantra. Atma-herd-hayee. Herd-ay-am-ayee. Breath in.

And again. Atma-herd-hayee. Herd-ay-am-ayee. Come through center. And on the exhale, take a little counter twist. And then reach for your blocks. Bring them to the front and step that left leg back. Downward facing dog. Soften the knees to the floor. And then from here, exhale, exhale. Child's pose. Okay, so we're gonna get rid of the blocks here. Push them to the side. And prepare for a little back bending. So I'm gonna encourage you to use your blanket today to rest the optimum. Right on there. Feels really nice. Backbends are gonna be fairly easeful or familiar. Alright, so untuck your back toes. Take your arms back behind you. I bring the thumb and index finger together. Create a little mudra there. A symbol of unity. And then as I breathe in, I'm gonna press the belly down and lift through the chest as I draw the shoulders back. And keep the tops of my feet connected to the earth there. Full breath in. And then as I lower down. And a big breath in to lift up. And exhale with the mudra. And then stay lifted here. Breathe in. And then we're gonna hold the pose and on the exhale, chant. So take a breath in and lift your legs. And then exhale. Lifting through the toes. Lift a little higher on the breath in and release. Okay, let's lift the chest on the inhale. This time as you exhale, if you can, begin to bend the knees and maybe catch the ankles. If you can't, keep your legs lengthening back. You can interlace your hands and reach the arm bones back, okay? But if you can, bend your knees and reach for the ankles. We'll take a breath in wherever you are. Point the toes back, if you're in Dhanurasana. And then exhale. Atma, hearday, heardayamayi. Release the ankles. Keep the arms and legs lifted. Breath in, everybody. And then exhale, release. Atma, heardayamayi. Hands down alongside the upper ribs there and then press down to lift through the chest. And then as you exhale, child's pose with the mantra. Atma, heardayamayi. And coming up to sit, just take a moment here, lengthening your spine. Relax the shoulders. Okay, I'm going to take the blanket, place it to the side and come to lie down. Make sure you have a block. And from here, feet to the floor. I'm going to breathe in, lift the hips and place the block underneath. As you can see, I have it on a little higher version. This is Papa Bear. We got Mama Bear and Baby Bear. So you can decide how deep you want to go. I'm feeling a little nice opening here with all the breathing. So I'm going a little higher.

And then I'm going to interlace my hands out in front of the block. Bring the shoulders underneath the back there. And then I'm engaging my arms, pressing down. The knuckles are moving towards my heels and enjoy the broadness across the front of the chest there. A nice smile across the upper chest. A couple of breathing in here. From here, I'm going to bring the knees in and up. And then as I exhale, legs lengthen. So you can quietly repeat the mantra here each time you exhale or together. You can do this a couple of times together. Breath in. Breathing in. On the exhale, bring the knees into the chest. And then from there, I'm going to take both legs down on the exhale. Breath in to lift the hips, remove the block from underneath you to the side. And then exhale, release the hips down. Let the knees draw in towards each other. And the hands can just rest around the belly. Maybe snuggle the knees into the chest. You can just soften from side to side a little bit. And then gently roll over to the right side. And coming up to sit. I'm going to extend the legs long. And then I'm going to bend the right leg, place it inside the inner left thigh. Now you can sit on your blanket here, create a little bit of lift, sitting right at the edge there, which will allow the hips to kind of feel supported. And then from the crease of the hip, allow you to move forward a little deeper. So a nice big breath in. And as we exhale and fold forward, we can chant the mantra. Inhale, look up. And exhale, hinging forward. Atma, heard, hai, heard, ayam, ai. Breath in to lift up halfway. And last one. Atma, heard, hai, am, heard, ayam, ai. I'm going to inhale the right arm behind you. Press into the right shin and then lift up as you breathe in. And then exhale with the mantra, lowering down. Atma, heard, hai, heard, ayam, ai. Bring the knee into the chest and we've got the other side. Extend the right leg, bring the left foot in. Let's lift the arms. Look up, full breath in. Draw the belly in and back as you hinge forward. Atma, heard, hai, heard, ayam, ai. Lifting, lengthening. And one more. Atma, heard, hai, heard, ayam, ai. And inhale. And take the left hand behind you. Press into the left shin. Reach up and arch back on the inhale. And then lowering down with the mantra. Atma, heard, hai, heard, hai, am, ai. Bring the knees together. Lengthen both legs long. I'm going to encourage you to bring your blocks underneath your knees for this one. Make sure the heels are resting on the floor. Hips are supported there with the blanket. Take a breath in with softly bent knees. Exhale, hinging forward. Atma, heard, hai, heard, ayam, ai. We'll take it up and repeat this two more times. Atma, heard, hai, heard, ayam, ai. Reaching up, reach out to the heels as you lift up and arch back a little bit and last time. Atma, heard, hai, heard, ayam, ai. Let's breathe in and up. And exhale the arms down with the mantra. Atma, heard, hai, heard, ayam, ai. And from here, please remove the blocks. And you can remove your blankets. And we're just going to come onto our backs right away from here. We're going to come to lie down. Allow the breath to be deep. You may silently repeat the mantra to yourself. And then at some point, right, the mantra just dissolves and becomes a part of you. Just enjoy the weight of the body sinking into the earth. Connecting with all other vibrations. The breath is completely free. And you're welcome to continue here in Shavasana for a little while or you're welcome to bend your knees, bring your feet to the floor, and let your knees soften in towards each other. Take the legs over to the right side. Right arm can extend and just make a little pillow for yourself here. And then pressing the left hand down to support lifting up to sit. And just coming into a comfortable cross-legged position, hands resting on the knees. Take the arms wide on the breath in. And then one more time with the mantra, we're just going to wrap the arms around us. Inhale the arms above the head, let the palms come together and the prayer will soften right to the center of the chest. Admahirdhaye, hirdhaye, admahirdhaye.

And you're welcome to continue here in Shavasana for a little while.


Jennifer E
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Thank you! What a beautiful class! It was so helpful to my anxiety this morning too - focused my mind. Tons of gratitude, Astrud!
Kate M
That's got to be challenging to cue! Body placement, breath, and mantra! I was thinking that I could start to work this dynamic in class with brahmari breath - so no words initially, just humming on the exhalation. Thank you for bringing us this beautiful calming practice! Movement-prayer-mantra : )
Diane C
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Thank you Astrud for this lovely class. I am very grateful to you. 
Jennifer Thank YOU Jennifer. Mantra has helped me for years. It soothes the soul and quiets my mind. It beautiful to merry Mantra and Movement!  Im so glad you found it helpful.
Hari Om..
Kate Hari Om Kate. Play with it! Use something simple like "SHANTHI" 3 times or "peace" or any other word, any language. Just be mindful of peoples breath capacity. Brahmari is a good start to incorporate sound for sure. Let me know how it goes. x
Diane Thank you for stopping by Diane. Im really glad it was a pleasant experience for you. 
Janna D
I wish there was a whole series of of mantra infused vinyasa classes.  thank you Astrud! 
Mariona F
Thank you so much Astrud, this class was so beautiful. Namaste
Melissa L
Wow! This was cool. I'd never done anything like this before. Made me feel like a tuning fork. Really felt the vibrations and oneness with the universe. Thanks Astrud!

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