The Bhakti Show Artwork
Season 6 - Episode 8

Mantra and Movement

40 min - Practice


We link mantra and movement in this practice designed to inspire and awaken the breath and the heart space. Moving through some familiar shapes, we explore standing postures, twists, and deep heart opening poses.

See attached PDF with mantra to go along with this practice.

What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)


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Thank you! What a beautiful class! It was so helpful to my anxiety this morning too - focused my mind. Tons of gratitude, Astrud!
That's got to be challenging to cue! Body placement, breath, and mantra! I was thinking that I could start to work this dynamic in class with brahmari breath - so no words initially, just humming on the exhalation. Thank you for bringing us this beautiful calming practice! Movement-prayer-mantra : )
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Thank you Astrud for this lovely class. I am very grateful to you. 
Jennifer Thank YOU Jennifer. Mantra has helped me for years. It soothes the soul and quiets my mind. It beautiful to merry Mantra and Movement!  Im so glad you found it helpful.
Hari Om..
Kate Hari Om Kate. Play with it! Use something simple like "SHANTHI" 3 times or "peace" or any other word, any language. Just be mindful of peoples breath capacity. Brahmari is a good start to incorporate sound for sure. Let me know how it goes. x
Diane Thank you for stopping by Diane. Im really glad it was a pleasant experience for you. 
I wish there was a whole series of of mantra infused vinyasa classes.  thank you Astrud! 
Thank you so much Astrud, this class was so beautiful. Namaste
Wow! This was cool. I'd never done anything like this before. Made me feel like a tuning fork. Really felt the vibrations and oneness with the universe. Thanks Astrud!

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