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Season 1 - Episode 5

Simple Breath Awareness 3

10 min - Practice


We allow the breath to draw us deeper inward while examining the relationship of breath, attention, and prana or life force.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Love these so much Kira. Your attention to detail, your sparkle, your love for us, and your choice of outfit. xoxo Always an inspiration. 
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This really took me in deep. I could totally feel the breath moving in the nostrils - it wasn't just imagination. A brilliant exercise to illustrate the precept of "where attention goes, prana flows." Thank you KIra. So beautiful. 
Lydia Zamorano! Missing you. 
Kate! This is one of my main go-tos. Even works in the dentist's chair! xok
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Kira,  Thanks for this series!  Also thanks for the live practice from your studio today. Felt good practicing with you live!
Joanne! That was so much fun. Thank you for being with us! xok
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Was halfway through a relatively vigorous practice elsewhere on YA and just felt my energy kind of sliding... I really needed a long savasana, and to hear your voice! So sweet...
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Nice and relaxing meditation! Thanks, Kira!
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Sandra, thank you for being here and making these practice come to life. xok

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