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Mindful Movement Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Day 5: Easeful

30 min - Practice


In Day 5 we sink deep into our hips with twists and hip openers, to help us soften and settle into seated meditation. Margi leads us in a 5-minute meditation connecting with the body on the mat, before quieting the mind with acceptance for what is.

For our homework today, Margi asks us to write down 15 things that nourish, sustain, and delight us.

What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket

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Sometimes I feel like I leave too many comments on Yoga Anytime ☺️, but since you asked...this program is right up my alley and I feel I am getting such a benefit from each class. The work is subtle, which feels perfect during these stressful times. I always learn new yoga tips and pearls of wisdom. Bonus: the geek in me loves homework! And making lists! So today I’m very happy 🤓👍
Jenny we love your engagement here!  Please keep in touch with us!

thank you. perfect way to start my day. I am going to work on the 15 things that delight me!
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The moments when I take a intentional breath, feel my feet and notice my thoughts has transformed my day. I am more grounded, more able to see the beauty and feel the expansiveness of the internal life. Wow
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It's Sunday afternoon and the best way to ease into the day with this graceful practice. Off the mat, I'll be thinking and writing  my 15 point gratitude list. Namaste 
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Hi Margi, I have just done the fifth day of the course, I was trying to hold off to give you feedback at the end but can't wait to say how this really resonates with me.  I came to the course having had a few anxious days and worn out, I found the gentle pace of the practice and meditation helped me get back in step.  and be kind to myself.
I also liked the homework off the mat which gave me grounding during my day.  Thank you so much am looking forward to next session xx
mary I am so happy to be supporting you. the course came out at a perfect time for many. these are times to be gentle as the anxiety of the world is so high. I'm with you! Margi
Glenford The gratitude list is important. Glad to be on the path together! Margi
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Martha Wow. What a lovely message. Make me so happy to be on this path with you! More important than ever to connect to ground and breath. Much love, Margi
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Fabian Yay! Did you do it? We sure need delight right now! margi
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