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Season 1 - Episode 3

Open Hands, Open Heart

50 min - Practice


We focus energetically on the hands and their connection to the heart. We start standing to shake out the tension, move slowly through Lunges, modified Side Planks, Sphinx, and Locust to help prepare us for a seated meditation, finding the mudra of No Fear, Abhaya. You will feel open and at ease.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket


So good to 'see' you ~ Namaste

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Elizabeth! Wow! So wonderful to see you!!! xok
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The focus on the hands here reminds me of an episode in your recent meditation cool to feel the palms tingling with life force.  The subtle sense of pranayama between the hands brought to mind holding a beloved animal companion - and as if on cue, there was your beautiful black kitty friend!  I too have a beautiful fluffy black cat in my life whom wanders in and out of my room when I practice yoga with you - ah synchronicity ✨✨✨
Jenny, yes! what is your cat's name?? xok
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My best friend named her for me:  "Ebony"...but she of course has a million nicknames! I mostly call her "Ebbie" or "Mrs. Ebbs".  What's your fur baby's name?
Jenny, his name is MeYou because that is what his meow sounded like when he was a kitten, and yes, a million nicknames.
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Thank you from Norway! I really enjoy your classes
Hi there Cecilie! Thank you for being here! xok
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Looking forward to another class tomorrow :)
Susan! Special treat! Tomorrow is with Margi Young, who is amazing. You can register here. xo K 
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