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Season 1 - Episode 4

Listen Inwardly and Open

55 min - Practice


With the intention of turning our attention inward, we begin with a simple sequence of forward folds and side bends and slip into a Pratyahara practice to open the ears and prepare for meditation. Following meditation, we move into an easy floor practice to stretch the legs, hips and side body. You will feel spacious and soft.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket

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So sweet...I could listen to your pearls of wisdom all day...what a comfort this is 😌🙏🏻
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Jenny, so good to be here together. LOVE!
So very soothing and the perfect start to my stay-cation! I even left my hoodie on the whole time since it is still quite chilly here in eastern Washington❤️❤️
Oh, and “look, it’s Karma!” That’s my bird’s name. 🦜🦜
Catherine, love meeting Karma! What a great name! And yes, the natural pratyahara of a hoodie! xoK
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Another class I enjoyed .  I liked the bit on preliminary practices...
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Susan, they are rooted in the Lojong Teachings. Glad to be here together. xok
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Some of my muscles are not so happy today,  so your gentle guidance to tune in and listen was most welcome.  Loved the bus stop analogy.
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Christel, LOVE! xok
Thanks for this beautiful practice, Kira! Regards!
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