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Season 1 - Episode 4

Listen Inwardly and Open

55 min - Practice


With the intention of turning our attention inward, we begin with a simple sequence of forward folds and side bends and slip into a Pratyahara practice to open the ears and prepare for meditation. Following meditation, we move into an easy floor practice to stretch the legs, hips and side body. You will feel spacious and soft.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket

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We're going to start in something like easy baddha khanasana, so kind of yin style. Let the soles of your feet come together about a foot and a half away from your groin and just kind of wobble a little bit. And you can see I have an advantage because I'm on this fluffy rug. I find that the softer the surfaces you're practicing on the softer you get. So inhale here and as you exhale, let a bit of a happen and just start to let yourself round over your feet.

Let your elbows bend a little bit. We're looking for that kind of like dull, slow, achy feeling in the low back and I like to wobble it a little bit side to side. I like to wobble it. That just helps me kind of get in the mood. Those might bend more and then if it feels okay on your neck, just start to let your head round.

Let your head round as you get heavy in the neck. We're looking for that stretch through the connective tissue. We're looking for that slow, easy stretch and even more essential here, right? Like one of the, one of the sweetnesses about starting your practice in a forward fold, in a bow, in an offering is it helps assist in an availability to something new. That dropping of the chin, that dropping of the head, the relaxing of what we already know is essential to the qualities of wonderment and amazement.

Most of you know that I've been kicking around with the Buddhists for a while now and I'm all up, I'm all up in the arms of this one particular text, the Seven Points of Mind Training. It's 59 slogans and the very first slogan, train in the preliminaries, but the very first of the four preliminaries is please sweetheart, be aware of the miracle of your life. So just a couple more moments, drop the head, let the back get long, please sweetheart, be aware of the miracle of your life. Okay, chin into the chest, let yourself slowly roll back up, nice. Find an easy Sukhasana like position, shin to shin, let your hands come behind you, turn your fingertips to point straight back to begin with as you wiggle your shoulders back and down.

This is easier in the wrists. Some of you it may feel natural to turn the fingertips to point towards your body as you wiggle your shoulders back and down and you're kind of playing with finding the shoulder blades underneath the ribs as you wobble up and this might be the perfect thing, keeping your chin dropped in is the best for your neck if you're not sure. If it would feel good, you can start to let your gaze come up towards the ceiling, letting your shoulders support you. A couple of you, it'll feel good to let your head drop back. Yeah, lead with your heart, let yourself come all the way back up and start to come forward.

Let your elbows come onto your knees and let a bit of a half. And as you start to come forward, again, it's this quality of offering, offering yourself towards the dear friend of you, let a bit of a happen. Some of you, this is enough. Some of you, it makes sense to walk your hands forward and wiggle on and get a little longer. You'll know you're forcing it if it feels like force.

It's really that obvious. As most of you know, one of the things we're endeavoring to hone in these easy yoga and meditation practices together is a sensitivity, a sensitivity to the truth of what is. Let's get a little sideways, so start to walk your hands over to a side. As you walk your hands over to a side, pause and kind of let that opposite hip get heavy. You'll feel it through that side and then continue on over.

Let the forearm on that side drop down and tip over. Circle that top arm in front of your face, up out and over. Let the elbow bend and like we do often, let that knee come to the elbow, kind of get round a little bit, and then re-extend, roll the hip away, reach the arm away, and then let that knee come to the elbow, and then reach it away, and do that a handful of times, knee to elbow, and reach, knee to elbow, and then reach. One more time like that, knee to elbow, and then reach, and feel that top lung. Like let your breath expand into that top lung, like feel your breath and your attention wiggle.

Yeah, and for the last couple of moments, become aware of the bottom lung. Let that help lengthen you. Really nice. Take a look down at the hand on the earth, let an inhale bring you all the way back up and pause. Let a bit of a happen, like enjoy the results.

Okay, nice. Switch the cross of the legs, the same idea, so you switch the cross of the legs, let the hands come behind you. Depending on your wrist, turning the wrists away from you is usually gentler, easier, less demanding, okay? However, if it feels okay, when you turn your wrist in towards you, it tends to create a more stable alter of those shoulder blades for the heart. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, this might be the perfect spot.

Stay right here as you allow the breath to help increase opportunity up and around the chest and the lungs. Keep the chin dropped in, or if it feels nice, start to let the gaze come up towards the ceiling and maybe for a couple of you, the head starts to drop back. Beautiful lead with the heart, let it come all the way up and same idea, lean forward, let the elbows find the knees, let a bit of a happen. Get heavy, yes, and then only as it feels good, start to continue your journey forward. And the quality, as we've been talking about, the quality of relationship here is one of interest in yourself.

When we approach the yoga asanas with a sense of getting something done, then the body reacts the same way all of us react when we sense somebody's trying to get something done on us. Let a bit of a happen. There's a natural resistance, nobody likes to be told what to do, let a happen. Drop your head a little bit, okay? So the very first preliminary of the very first slogan, sweetheart, please be aware of the miracle of your life.

The second preliminary, and please be aware of its temporary nature or impermanence. Nice, let it inhale, lift you up and start to walk already to the other side. Okay, let the forearm come down to the floor, like don't, let that opposite hip tip come up off the floor. Feel this top arm over and up, let the elbow bend, and then allow that knee and that elbow to come towards each other, and then re-reach them away. And then allow that knee and elbow to come towards each other, and then re-extend them away.

And continue like that, like back off a little bit, extend a little bit, back off a little bit, extend a little bit. Nice. Eventually, you're going to come into a spot that feels good to hold, hold, hold, but not, that doesn't mean rigid. Just stay in the shape and now become aware of something more subtle, like let your breath really move into the lung, especially this top one. Like allow your attention and your breath to expand, and then it might feel good to reach a little bit of awareness into the bottom lung.

Let that help you lengthen. Yeah, nice. Gorgeous. Take a look down at the hand on the earth, let an inhale bring it all the way back up, and pause, let a bit of a happen, and just enjoy the results of just this. And if that was all you needed, well, thanks for being here.

We're going to slip into a seated meditation now, but we're going to move through a pratyahara practice. Get yourself comfortable, I've got this nice little zafu that I've had for forever. Get yourself comfortable if sitting in a chair is better, putting your back up against your couch or your wall, do this, but on our way in towards the meditation, we like to move through a pratyahara practice, pratyahara, drawing the senses inward, and today we're going to do one of Nicole's favorites, and I forgot to start out with a big thank you to my team. It looks like I'm alone in this little blue room, I have a support team behind me making this work, Nicole, Julie, Elizabeth, and Alana today. So bring your thumb and your index finger up into your ears and begin to pull on your earlobes, just begin to pull them down, like tug, tug, and then start to make your way up the outer ear, known as the auricle, love that so much, uh-huh, pull, when you get to that spot spot, you know, the spot that if you were a Vulcan would be pointy, I like to turn my hands over and pull up, kind of get closer to the skull, you can't really do this wrong, just like be tender with it, like these ears are really useful, okay, we're going to work your way back down the ear, all the way down to the earlobe and pull, yeah, nice, beautiful, beautiful, okay, slow, let your hands release and just allow for a moment that feeling of like that, that warmth and that expansive quality in your ears, beautiful, now on our way in towards this meditation we're going to find something that's called Ramari, the, the, the B breath, so bring that heavier tongue to the upper, upper hard palate, so you're going to kind of flip it over, oh, so you can put her on her upper hard palate and we're going to take this in stages, even if you're already an expert and you know this breath, we'll take it in stages to make sure that we're on the same page, so with your tongue upper palate, close your mouth, close your eyes and allow yourself to make a B humming breath as you're ready, inhale, nice, do that again, so we get it, so inhale, inhale, inhale, nice, now we're going to add what is essentially kind of a obvious form of Pratyahara, you can bring, I like to kind of bring my ring and middle finger together and bring your thumbs, so step one, you're going to use your thumbs in your ears, you can either kind of use your thumb to kind of close the little flap on your ear in or you can actually just like snuggle your thumbs into your ears, I think it's like a way more of a fun ride if you really put your thumbs into your ears and then you're going to cover your eyelids gently, closed eyelids with your other fingers, this is one of those yoga things that if your kids catch you doing this they'll know you're a super freak, okay, once we do that then we're going to take three brahmari breaths together with the eyes gently kind of artificially foreshut and the ears closed, okay, this is a form of drawing the senses inward, okay let's do this together, you're in good company here, we're all doing it, okay, so you're ready inhale do it again and one last time and then we'll sit with it a little longer inhale let your hands relax down on your legs, it's like resting in the vibration of internal to you and then tune your awareness gently towards your left ear bring your left ear into your scope of awareness and allow your left ear to feel bigger, relax the tension around the temple and behind the ear move your attention down into the ear canal right to that little sweet membrane that little thin panic membrane so thin let that feel more transparent and let your inner left ear feel bigger like be aware of the inside of your ear let the jaw soften let the facial muscles around this area widen you might notice changes down through your throat and now maintaining a sense of the spaciousness of your ear hold that quality of spaciousness as you become aware of the movement of the breath in your left lung so there's a we're asking for a quality of sensitivity tuning towards a quality of inner listening nice and just gently relax the special effort required to do that and kind of rest in the effect sometimes it can feel nice to inhale deeply and exhale sigh and then we'll do the same on the other side so like so tenderly like what is said about us as humans is number one we crave affection but right after that we'll take attention so tuning your attention to the right ear if you can also have a quality of affection like a sense of wow thank you here again be aware of the miracle of your life and as you tune your awareness to your right ear now can you let the right ear feel bigger you just choose to relax some of the attention in the temple region or behind the ear just like notice if you slack your jaw to do that cheekbone relaxes and then allow like just feel like to sort of see how you can kind of draw your attention towards the ear canal right towards that tympanic membrane and just let that region feel thinner and more transparent and come into the inner ear canal and let this inner ear canal feel like almost like this inner cathedral let this area open maintain your attention on this as you drop down into the right lung so there's a quality of you you've maintained this sense of inner spacious listening and you're aware the movement of your breath in your right one yeah really nice that's the deliberateness of this practice and let's sit together in the results maybe an inhale and exhale that I happen to help land one of my new teachers John Dunn said like trust that the body knows how to sit feeling this quality of openness in the ears for soft palate dome.

And with sincerity. Can you gently thank your ears and all that's involved as it's a team effort in there, can you gently thank your ears and all the rest that is involved for the gift of hearing and even more useful. Super beautiful begin to allow your eyes to open if they've been closed might feel nice to inhale deeply and exhale everything and if we've hit your bus stop if you just want to get off here or continue to sit then thanks for being here but if you'd like to move a little bit then maybe start to free your legs a little bit of knee rubbing can sometimes feel really nice I'm going to move this cushion off to the side and then make your way onto all fours and again as I mentioned if it would feel good to have some padding underneath your knees then put it there place the heels of your palms underneath your shoulders knees underneath your hips no need to rush if you're still kind of coming out of that meditation just be in your own time eventually look at Cal let an inhale arch your body and let an exhale round your body and let an inhale arch your body and let an exhale round your body so this first preliminary right continue please sweetheart can you be aware of the precious miracle of your life and I should just let you all know if you haven't hung out with me for a while generally we translate all these texts as if we're talking amongst girlfriends so it kind of ends up being the girlfriend's guide to seven points of mind training okay let it come back to neutral a little easy side plank like we normally do so that right knee kind of finds its way under the pelvis right hand underneath the face extend back through the left foot spin onto the outer left edge and circle the left arm in front and up out and over let the elbow bend a little bit so it's a little bit more chill and then very similar to what we did in Sukhasana bend the back knee bring the elbow towards the knee and then reroute through that back foot and we do that again and then re-extend that a few times just because it just sort of like it helps reduce the rigidity and the sense that there's ever an end point okay eventually you're going to come into that extension and just like we did like wiggle and lengthen feel your ability to tune towards that top lung and and feel and express it with you feel your ability to breathe and feel this bottom lung and then feel your ability to open up the ears super nice let an inhale bring you back onto all fours maybe a little arch and a little round and then the other side left hand comes underneath the face left knee underneath the pelvis extend back through the right foot circle that right arm in front of the face up out and over let the right elbow bend and then bring the back knee towards that right elbow like kind of get round and then re-extend do that a few times like and let it be as weird as it needs to be to feel right for you okay there's as many ways to practice yoga as there are people practicing part of your job is to find out what that is for you okay eventually you're gonna come into what feels good and you're gonna allow your breath and your attention to fill this top lung and you're gonna allow your breath and attention to fill the bottom lung and then see if it makes sense see if you can find out how to open up your ears again gorgeous inhale here exhale windmill back down onto all fours let an inhale arch the body let an exhale round the body child's pose wiggle on back through let those hips find their way towards the heels forehead towards the earth eyes and then my friend Carrie Sims calls this puppy pose slide the hands forward let your hips come over the knees and then you kind of snuggle through the hands draw your sit bones back and let your heart hang most of us forehead towards the earth is where the action is some of you of the bend your variety it might be chin towards the earth but just casual yeah and to get out of it round your back curl the sit bones under draw the hands back under and round let an inhale bring you back to neutral and from neutral we're gonna find left leg pose tuck the toes under lift it through the backs of the legs wiggle back up through the heels now let a bit of a happen as those sit bones draw under slightly shoulders roll back and down and now what happens if you just open your ears a little bit yeah notice what happens through your neck and through your jaw and then as it would feel good let's find our way back into downward facing dog through the index knuckles as you lengthen in dog I like to bend one knee and then bend the other keep doing that I'm gonna take my hoodie off so I don't hit that microphone by accident a hoodie is non-regulation yoga video where around yoga anytime so taking advantage of being at my home breaking the rules a little bit yes okay nice from here now we're gonna make our way into a lunge okay so the the play here is we're gonna find that left foot all the way forward between the hands so as you start to find that left foot forward between the hands some of you it might not quite make it the first time just help it along wiggle on back through the back foot drop that knee down to the floor and now introduce yourself so I like to draw the hip back and sink it in and draw the hip back and sink it in and again if you wish you had some padding underneath that knee we'll take a moment to get it draw it back and sink it in do that a couple times just letting your body know you're coming and then toe heal that left foot out a little bit and sink in a little bit deeper and let a bit of a happen and and really like like let the right buttocks get heavy and then if it makes sense if the instruction of opening the ear hasn't made sense yet drop it but if it makes sense let the right ear open and can you can you listen to the right front thigh and all of us at some point in our life have had the opportunity have experienced the miracle of someone actually listening to us at least once and if you notice sometimes when someone's actually listening what's funny is suddenly there's no need to say anything okay so we're gonna make our way into pigeon so draw your hip back a little bit toe heal that left foot over until you come into your version of pigeon okay I'm gonna go back through the right foot if pigeons really not your back maybe roll onto your back for eye of the needle and now probably you can feel an opportunity through that left hip let a bit of a happen and instead of the usual kind of trying to make the help do something so to try to make the hip do something other than what it's doing can you open up your left ear soften the jaw just like you did to the left lung can you have an experience of literally just listening it just soften the belly and just be interested in what the left hip might have to communicate and some of you are gonna stay upright but for some of you it makes good sense to come forward a little bit we'll be here for about a minute or so if that helps you judge let a bit of a happen and this quality so whatever we give our attention to well it's our eyes our ears our hands our sense organs whatever we reach our sense organs towards takes from us it requires us okay and so pratyahara the drawing of the senses inward what the the purpose of it is it's essentially like stop the leaking you know because as we tune our senses inward then we it's nourishing a couple more beats yeah okay from here then slow that the hands come underneath the shoulders roll on back up now this is going to be kind of fancy you're going to turn to the right so you extend the right leg out and that left foot is gonna come to your inner thigh I'm gonna turn around so that you can see more clearly so you've kind of turned from the pigeon into poverty to John you sure sausana set up right hand comes out to the right leg circle the left arm in front of the face and soften the left elbow soften the right elbow and kind of like just sort of do the kind of like lean over a little bit like just let it be simple feel how you can kind of roll that left hip away and then feel how you can reach this left arm away and it's the same idea let your attention be in this left rib like feel that open feel how you can let the right ribs lengthen by finding your attention into those lungs and then soften and like listen like just relax a little bit and find out yeah so nice okay take a look down at that right foot and let an inhale bring you all the way back up and pause like side bending is generally so yummy okay we're gonna roll back through pigeon all the way back into downward facing dogs you're gonna tuck those back toes under and lift back up all the way back into downward facing dog and lengthen yes beautiful now we've got to find the lunge on the other side so for most of you it's going to be your it's gonna be your right leg yes set that right foot forward let that back knee bend if I'm on the wrong side I'm all turned around now in the little chicken coop so just make sure you're on the opposite side sink in and back up and sink in and back up and just like do this a few times like just like again what you know we talk about this a lot this is introducing yourself to the shape and then eventually it's gonna feel good to let a bit of a happen and you're gonna sink in a little bit more I like to toe heel the foot out to the side slightly and sometimes bring both hands on the inside I couldn't feel good to you and then again like the play is is you let the buttocks get heavy and you let the head drop it's that same quality of humility we were playing within that opening bada khanasana is that same quality of like surrender is one word that's a hard one for some of us to drop think of it more as like just like make yourself available offer this this Sanskrit word you get sacrificed to make sacred and just see what happens if with your awareness on what you may or may not be feeling in that front left side see what happens if you just open up your left ear yeah yeah gorgeous okay nice lean back and we're gonna make our way to pigeon on the other side toe heel that right foot over find this side pigeon and for me this side's a little bit funkier this is the side I got my new knee on so I'm gonna bend my back left knee it just allows me to be here let a bit of a happen it's the same thing like you've got an opportunity of a project in this right hip now and there's a lot of things we could talk about about external rotation and etc etc but can you find out how to just open up that right ear and can you listen to the hip yeah so again first preliminary please be aware of the miracle of your own life second preliminary please be aware that this is temporary impermanent in nature okay so stay upright or start to walk your hands forward third preliminary oh there is karma well I love that one let a bit of a happen and the fourth one the suffering is boundless easy in the eyes easy in the jaw let a bit of a couple more beats again the play here is to really see what happens when you change your internal landscape okay let your hands come underneath your shoulders roll on up and it's that same fancy move to rotate towards the back foot and come into the Prabhicha Janu sure saasana stance okay so the sole of the foot is towards the inner thigh and the other leg is extended let your left arm come down towards your left foot and then circle your right arm in front of the face and let your right elbow bend let it be casual here and then just feel your ability to roll that right hip down as you reach your right arm away and then relax and then roll the two away and then a couple more times and sometimes you might reach forwarders you do it because that can feel really nice and then sometimes you might reach back because that can feel really nice yes beautiful and then eventually you're gonna find a spot that feels good to kind of and hold is a terrible word but be with be in relationship with as you feel the right ribs like feel your ability to breathe into this right lung and feel your ability to access that left lung yes oh beautiful gorgeous ears open take a look down at that left leg and let an inhale bring you all the way back up and pause like sit in the hit of the side bend it's like yes same transition we're gonna roll through the shape of pigeon back to downward facing dog so roll over that right leg tuck the back left toes under step back downward facing dog lengthen and then let an inhale bring you forward into plank pose and as you exhale let your knees drop down and lower all the way down to the earth and make your way into what we usually call skinks pose forearms forward elbows I like to have my elbows just slightly ahead of my shoulders it just gives me more room you'll know what's best for you we go back through the legs until you find the right spot to kind of snuggle your pelvis in as you let your shoulders then they kind of just like I like to shrug like shrug drop down into the shoulders like and then roll your shoulders back and down a little bit and see if it makes sense to kind of just drag the forearms towards you as you drag your heart forward let a bit of a happen and just activate that little bit of a backbend yeah gooey up through the back of the neck and the jaw easier in the eyes nicely done and here you are in this backbend and there's a lot happening but can you find a way to open your ears at the same time yeah beautiful gorgeous okay inhale here exhale let your elbows go wide let your hands rest down underneath your face forehead on your hands wobble your knees a little side to side gorgeous beautiful let the legs come back behind you this time bring the hands underneath your shoulders face on the floor so let's find a locus pose squeeze your shoulders up around the ears roll them back and down and then just begin to pull your hands back as you drag your heart forward let a little bit of a yes maintain this as you bend your knees lift your thighs up off the floor and then so slowly begin to extend back through the legs sparkle your toes a little bit let a bit of a happen and now open your ears again and as you open your ears like notice what might become available yeah beautiful inhale here exhale lower land bring the hands underneath your face again bend your knees wobble the legs a little side to side super pretty super pretty let's do one more locus hands underneath your shoulders face on the floor let your shoulders roll up around your ears back and down and then little baby bit of attraction like pull your heart up yeah let a bit of a happen in the jaw bend the knees lift up through the thighs and then so slow let the legs extend back behind you and then remember to open up your ears gorgeous so nice inhale here exhale slower let it land elbows wide as the hands come underneath your face forehead on your hands bend the knees wobble the legs a little side to side beautiful now let the legs come back behind you and make like a blueberry pancake and gently roll over onto your back and once you come onto your back hug your knees into your chest and wall yes let the feet come down to the earth heels in line with the sit bones let's make our way into a bridge pose arms come down along your side turn your palms up big deliberate inhale exhale let a not only as you're ready inhale and as you exhale press into the feet draw your sit bones under let your hips come for like let your sit bones come towards your knees and pause soften the jaw let the ears be open if you're truly listening there'll be no like almost zero instinct to force root through the heels try your sit bones up a little bit more if you'd like now you can start to wiggle your shoulders underneath you some of you are going to be pinky side finger pressers some of you are going to be interlacers softer in the throat kinder in the eyes root through the feet a little bit and now couple more moments here again open up your ears and just see what wants to happen like see how when you're listening how the body kind of realigns so subtly there's this releasing of the grip through the base of the skull there's often a releasing of the grip through the throat okay up on the balls of the feet release your arms up to the sky roll on back down upper back mid back low back hips heels land arms come down along your side super nice right ankle up on top of left thigh roll the right hip away as you draw the left thigh in now this could be the perfect amount of depth for some of you this might be like exactly what the doctor ordered if it would feel good to make this more intense by either wrapping around behind the left thigh or up on top of the left shin please feel welcome let a bit of a hop and kind in the eyes and then like be aware of where the sensation is most likely in your right buttocks region and then let the ears open yeah yeah right like what do we do when we feel we're not being listened to I mean we try to talk louder usually we try to demand attention usually or the third option which is often the result is we just kind of shut down and stop communicating and what they found in in in fascial research kinder in the eyes what they found is when there is a lot of pain in the body what is actually the result is reduced communication the connective tissue atrophies and reduces so those painful relationships are usually the one where there is less communication so now release the hands wrap your right leg over your left tuck the right foot back behind the left foot release your arms up from the shoulders inhale here exhale bring everything over to the left so bring your right palm on top of your left palm organize and then circle your right arm back up over the top of your head and let your elbow bend so your shoulder blade has a chance let a bit of a you know when you see images of the Buddha usually he's depicted with these giant ears and while I might be wrong I'm pretty sure that what happened did not actually have giant ears pretty sure that that's representational that a couple more beats nice now to get out of here keep your knees over to the left release your right leg on top of your left leg and then unwind lead with your right leg let it come back wobble super nice and then from here hug the knees in just kind of like neutralize that and then other side left ankle up on top of the right thigh draw the right thigh in and again no hands might be where it's at for you might be enough of an opportunity and if it's already too much just bring the right foot down to the floor and just hold the left ankle up on top of the right thigh if it's appropriate for you to feel more catch around the back of the right thigh or on top of the right shin wobble yeah really nice let a bit of a half easier in the eyes and so we know this to be true right back to you know humans are naturally longing to feel connected and free and we are naturally designed to collaborate and so when there's disharmony when there's disconnect when there's like frustration and lack of communication we can't stand it on a certain level it drives us crazy all you have to do is pay attention to most of the relationships we obsess about are the ones where there's difficulty okay wrap your left leg over your right hook in bring everything over to the right now left palm on top of the right hand once you're there then circle this left arm all the way back and for me I like to bend my I like to bend the elbows so the shoulder lands like a bit easy kind in the eyes and like go to be aware of the intensity so we we look for tight spots the bodhisattva which is you know the person for whom this text I'm referring to is aimed the bodhisattva literally the suggestion is to pray for difficult people and difficult situations to find out if your practice is working so go to where you feel the sensation maybe it's through the buttocks the hip the back go to where the sensation is and instead of trying to make the sensation be other can you just like open up the left ear like just soften the grip in the left ear and see if that has an effect on the sensation you know the text speak about if we only surround ourselves by with people who think we're wonderful then we can get easily diluted thinking that we're quite good or even spiritual people okay keep the legs to the right unhook so that the left leg is just resting on the right and then lead with the left leg as you come on back okay nice hug the knees into the chest and wobble and I always think it feels good I mean I always think it feels good to do a little abdominal at the end it just sort of helps the fire so bring the knees to be right over your thighs so it's like you're sitting in a chair bring the heels of the palms up to where your your knees and thighs need now step one begin to let a bit of a happen so the navel comes back to your spine and then press knees into thighs and thighs into knees like create a sensation there what we're looking for is like this little small quiver deep down in the low belly and you might already have enough of it but if you want to add more let a bit of a happen and curl up as you press just like you mean it like you really have to press with your thighs so that if you moved your hands your knees would mush your face yes okay super nice let the feet come down to the floor and knees are bent let one leg extend let the other leg extend tuck your shoulder blades under a little bit let your palms open make deliberate inhale exhale let a do that again inhale exhale and let the head wobble a little bit side to side soft in the upper palate yeah let your left ear feel more open just tune into that and choose to be more spacious yes as the yogi endeavors to see and hear more clearly to perceive reality more accurately the suggestion over and over again from the sages across the aisles just try relaxing some of the tension okay let the right ear feel more open they just decide free will is debatable but feel how you can choose to relax a little bit more yeah beautiful the jaw is easy mouth is soft and so again if we've reached your bus stop you just want to stay here and linger rest just do so it's gonna happen next in this live stream as I'm gonna eventually suggest that we get up we're gonna eventually close our practice and if you'd like to stay and wave high stay you can wave high if not it's fine we're already connected that's what the sages say okay again stay here longer if you want otherwise big delivered in now exhale everything maybe the legs come together isn't it would maybe it would still get the stretch your arms over the top of your head bending the knees and letting yourself roll to the right with great tenderness allow yourself to press back up just pause in your seat pause in your seat delivered inhale exhale everything and as you let your hands find each other again this suggestion sweetheart please be aware of the precious miracle of your life


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Jenny, so good to be here together. LOVE!
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Susan R
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Another class I enjoyed .  I liked the bit on preliminary practices...
Kira Sloane
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Susan, they are rooted in the Lojong Teachings. Glad to be here together. xok
Christel B
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Some of my muscles are not so happy today,  so your gentle guidance to tune in and listen was most welcome.  Loved the bus stop analogy.
Kira Sloane
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Christel, LOVE! xok
Sandra Židan
Thanks for this beautiful practice, Kira! Regards!
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