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Season 1 - Episode 6

Groovy Flow with Robert

60 min - Practice


Join Kira’s guest Robert Sidoti in this dynamic flow infused with positivity and gratitude. Challenge yourself in Fallen Triangle, Warrior 3, and core work to strengthen and lengthen the entire body. You will feel stable and energized.
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Welcome to this episode of The Yoga Show with Kira and friends and we've got a really special friend we're going to practice with today. Robert and I have known each other it feels like forever. So let's go see Robert Sedoti and Martha's Vineyard now. Hey everybody, can you see me? So stoked to be here Kira. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for having me and everyone I saw in the chat there so cool. If you didn't make a little chat I still see you there. So yes. Oh Robert, we're really grateful for you making this happen this morning. Thank you so much. Yes. So just really like what's been the most difficult thing for you during this homestay quarantine time? I think it's been trying to find that balance. I guess it's a quality problem to have you know it's like trying to find a balance between using all of this time to fill with like projects and it's like filling the time and also realizing like this is really amazing it's amazing opportunity to slow down some introspection some reflection contemplation so that's been that's been difficult for me. So it sounds like as you answered that it sounds like you also kind of gave like maybe what's been the most surprising like both this trying to fill the time but also this opportunity. Yeah it's been an incredible and amazing opportunity for me I mean honestly I know a lot of people are struggling and I feel that for me this has kind of been an ideal opportunity having just purchased a home and it needs lots of love and I'm here to do it and I can do it so yeah it's sort of been a beautiful balance for sure and you know what's been surprisingly incredible about it is the quality time with with Larissa the people I care about that I'm actually able to see and you know sleeping in and not feeling like you just got to get up and charge the day you know so it's been a real step back from that kind of living. Wow little jealous of that so tell us a little bit about what our practice is going to be today set us up for success. Yeah yeah so I mean some of you if not all of you whether it's been live or through yoga anytime or retreat or whatever you've practiced with me possibly so you know you know what I like to do you know I like to move slow and deliberate so there's going to be some effort on your part a little bit of challenge some necessary stretching because I just feel so nice some mobility for all the joints a little bit of core work because we all love that right so yeah yeah that'll that'll be it and who knows who knows what else maybe we'll break out some kettlebells and dumbbells. No we're not gonna do it. Always always here to surprise us Robert okay we can't wait to practice with you go to it. All right thanks Kira all right everybody wow wow I can't I'm not gonna get into it but this is such an amazing gift to be practicing with all of you and all of your nooks and living rooms and patios and kitchens I don't know maybe you're in your bathroom I have no idea right but we have the technology to do this and this is this is awesome so without further ado we're gonna spend just a couple of moments on our back I'll stay seated because I'm gonna read a very sort of like just a nice little quote that I think can set set you into your practice so go ahead and lie down on your back don't go to sleep don't get too comfortable but lie down make yourself comfortable so that you can rest your hands on your body and take a few deep breaths and begin to ground so right ground settle in maybe even close your eyes if you're next to somebody I know a couple of people are practicing together maybe there's some like laughter and nervous energy whatever you know just do your best have some fun hidden under my mat is this really nice quote that I think can be relevant for just the times we're in as well as moments that will sort of reveal themselves throughout the practice it is not word for word but it is a thought by Gary Zukav so it goes a little something like this well before we start why don't you just take a nice big deep clearing breath so breathe in as fully as you can and exhale everything out right we can do that and sometimes that can help us to arrive alright so here it goes you can't control what emotion you're going to feel in the moment or the circumstance is thrown at you but you can choose what you're going to what you're going to or how you're going to feel let me start that over I'm sorry you can't control what emotion you're going to feel in the moment but you can choose what you're going to shoot all right I'm gonna lose this and I'm just gonna kind of freewheel it and then we'll get started so we have shit that happens in our lives right circumstances feelings come up and we can't necessarily choose them but what we can do is choose how we respond rather than react right we've got old stories and narratives that sort of urge us or prompt us into sort of reaction mode which is usually from that frightened weakened place in ourselves of anger and frustration and resentment and all of that right and if that's your first initial hit maybe what Gary Zukav says is feel it for a moment acknowledge it and then this is my favorite part about this is within you and myself there is the best part of ourselves right all of our best qualities you know call it whatever you'd like the light peruse of whatever but it holds love and compassion and forgiveness and just in awe of life right so if you act from that place it would be hard to react any other way anger frustration all that easy that's a kind of easy and quick so within you you've got that power right the more we access that the more the other places right the frustration the anger that they lose their power they lose their power and then we start to reside in that place of love and compassion and all the things I just mentioned so I hope that makes sense to you it reveals itself in our practice and in life in general so I may touch on it through the practice so hopefully that resonated total fail on the writing out of the thing but close your eyes take a deep breath again if any of that resonated with you take it in let it sit marinate a little bit draw your knees into your body stretch out the low back a little bit rock a little left rock a little right forward and back do some circles massage the low back side body and we'll approach all of these postures movements part of the sequence the breath as if you really care deeply about yourself right so it's a self-care to the like hundredth degree all right once you've got that why don't you rock and roll all the way up to sit and we'll meet now I'll meet and start to move with you hands and knees all right get that quote out of here all right so once we meet in hands and knees push back into child's pose and as you push back into child's pose that might require a little bit of an exhale to create some space anytime a big exhale feels necessary go for it come into tabletop on the breath in on the breath out keep the arms straight drop the hips down see how the low back feels for a moment you can drop the hips to the right and the left just kind of see how that area of the body is is feeling right can be a little little tight and we'll bend the arms now so bend at the elbows and drop the thighs the waist the belly so it's like this reverse cobra upward dog inhale up for a little cobra and I will reverse it cobra straighten the arms if that's available to you and exhale all the way back into child's pose this little sequence here is nice for stretching and the joint so come back into your table on the breath in keep the arms straight as long as you can breath out lower yourself down nice little groovy slow pace pull the shoulders back inhale up for a little cobra mellow up dog and all the way back into child's pose if child's pose isn't really for you you can always hang in puppy pose that's kind of a nice option let's go two more rounds with that breathe in and throughout the practice breathe out lower down if you need to modify just something isn't quite right for you that's really up to you so inhale I'll do my best all the way to child's pose to offer options modifications good the more you tune in to how it feels the more you will be able to figure out what's right what's wrong tabletop breath in breath out lower yourself down release the tension in the neck inhale your way back up and exhale last child's pose take three or four breaths here at the most just maybe reach out as far as you can through the fingertips and as far back as you can through the hips residing in a place where you can take those nice deep satisfying breaths you can still you know you're not so stressed in the pose that your mind is all you know tense okay cat cow tabletop bring your knees a little more hip width and below the hips inhale arch the back pull the shoulders back lift the gaze gently and exhale round out your back so you get that nice rounded spine that flexed spine inhale you release the core lift the tailbone pull the chest through exhale round let's go two more maybe three more on your own you know you might want to add some like circular or customized movements you know the more you drop your hips to the left and to the right you know just seek out more feels right we're here take advantage of this time take good quality care of yourself all right curl the toes under lift the knees and press up for the first downward dog now I like to get the queuing for downward dog at plank so you come into plank pose stack the shoulders and elbows over the wrists feet stay about hip width somewhere around here would be ideal I think if you soften the knees push your seat up high in your chest back towards your toes keep a soft bend in the knees if that feels better for your back or your hamstrings pedal it out walk it out throw your hips from side to side if that feels good it's that constant sort of attention to detail so there's the combination of attention to detail so that you know some mind awareness mental awareness but also just kind of letting things go and letting things happen and unfold not forcing few more breaths just to kind of warm up a little bit if my breath throughout the practice ever seems contrary to what I'm queuing you it's because sometimes it's a little difficult to do all of it all right but I'll do my best now come into table all right one of my favorite poses my back will be for to you for this shoot the right leg back slide it over to the left side of the mat slide the left foot over so it's gonna give you some balance ground your right heel and reach really long through that right arm so you feel like you're grounding through the right foot and reaching out through the right fingertips so you get that full side body stretch and then what feels nice is if you do some big circular motions in the right shoulder so you've got the stretch in the shoulder the space the blood flow the heat you're creating and that left arm is the stability the breath all right little core fun here so step stacking the left knee under the hip left hand under the elbow and shoulder lift the right foot up drive through the right heel so this might be a nice place where you stay or take the right hand behind the head or the fingertips to the temple and draw the right knee toward the right elbow so you get a little oblique side body action here boom good inhale extend out exhale inhale exhale nice and when you push out through that foot push through the heel and squeeze that glute out as much as you can exhale for four exhale three exhale to exhale one left glute might be feeling it boom bend the right leg pull the right foot toward the right heel toward your seat and then pull the shoulder open as much as you can on that right side so a little bit of a back bend quad stretch nice now it's a nice little sweep around right foot sweeps around to the front side of the mat low crescent lunge back knee down send the hips forward arms reach up nice and high for the first part of this low lunge first of all make sure your back feels all right take the right hand to the right thigh and reach that left arm nice and high take a little side bend over to the right nice that whole left channel opening up and then bring it back to center reach back behind you grab your fingers however you can class open up the chest draw the hips forward if your low back does not allow that get a little more of a neutral 90 90 set up in those legs so we're still just kind of warming into the practice so take your time be patient enjoy the ride good release the arms high breathe in that little half split combo here just to warm up the hamstrings on the right so push the hips back and then back into your low lunge so you move back and forth with your breath as if you are warming your body up for some activity yoga perhaps good back and forth you might exhale into the portion of either one of these poses that feels like man that needs some attention and the breath can be like a nice nice hit of attention okay bring it back into the lunge curl the back toes and lift the left knee spinal twist with the lunge rotate strong through the trunk of the body keep that left quad working ground into the right heel and open up and twist and you come to this place in the pose where hopefully you can breathe hopefully your mind is free of tension and negativity and you can really just kind of embrace like I don't care where you are in the pose you could have gone to sleep for all I care just breathe be grateful for what you have I actually care if you want to sleep right now it'd be kind of bump all right let's shoot back into downward dog walk it out a little bit yeah man I went to sleep during your practice you bored the heck out of me plank pose breathe in nice and strong for this first one or all of them use your knees lower yourself all the way down on the exhale point the toes back slide the hands back by the low ribs lift the chest breathe in little baby Cobra action breathe out tabletop downward dog nicely done let's do that three more times but with a little pace inhale into plank good quality alignment exhale lower yourself down inhale little Cobra action this time all the way to downward dog use those strong arms and shoulders of yours good two more breathe in plank pose this time you can lower down halfway if you'd like inhale upward facing or Cobra exhale downward facing one more time enjoy the ride my friends so good to be able to move exhale lower inhale upward exhale downward bring the knees back down shoot the left leg back right foot over and it's that nice long stretch side stretch big circular motions through that left shoulder maybe bent or straight up to you good you can stay with this if that core thing didn't really feel good for you otherwise hands behind left hand behind your head left leg lifts core nice and strong drive through that left heel when you do that you can feel the glute really activate all right now about seven is what we did on the other side so we'll do it here exhale boom one exhale two exhale three exhale four exhale five good job exhale six exhale seven extend bend and grab pull the heel toward the seat maintain good strengthen that right arm and then all the chest maybe push the foot into the left hand for that kind of side plank half wheel kind of pose all right sweep the left foot around to the front of the mat nice and soft once you get your low lunge positioning reach the arms up nice and high left hand on the left thigh reach the right arm up side bend over to the left keep that investigation going you know I'm only gonna offer a fraction of what you possibly could feel reach the arms back behind you clasp open breathe lean into it if you'd like open the chest good work arms up breathe in hands down and then back and forth just like little movements back and forth straightening and bending your left leg if an area lunge or straight or somewhere in between feels like it needs more attention do it give it stay here oh man hammies are tight all right last one into the lunge curl the back toes lift the right knee lengthen the spine lift the chest a little bit and rotate open there we go so it's crazy I love this I don't even know where you are I know some of you are here on the island some of you are in Massachusetts California Ohio I saw London I don't know Europe wherever but I so appreciate you being here with me it's so cool I love that you can like we can all be doing this together all right bring the left hand down let's this time step the right foot up to meet the left forward fold good work so far half-lift inhale breath in there breath out come up again halfway straighten the right leg bend the left lock the left arm on the inside of that left leg for like leverage okay right leg strong and straight lift the chest and rotate open to the right this one's got multiple bennies I think all right switch it up left leg straight and strong right leg bent just to give you some freedom lengthen the spine and rotate can't believe I totally failed that quote hopefully you got a little little bit of it you can message me later and let me know good left arm down okay now rise all the way up take a big breath in open up arms reach up take a little exaggerate the right side and the left side like you're climbing a rope or something whatever you need to do just to get some extra space up through the left right side and then both hands at the center of your body inhale bring the arms up overhead and exhale forward and downtown half-lift breathe in breathe out walk back into plank pose lower yourself down on the exhale inhale upward dog exhale downward dog right leg lifts let's put a little bend in that or big bend in the right leg and peel the hip open feel the hip open come up onto the right fingertips maybe you get a little more space maybe even circulate through that right hip socket breathe some positivity into these spaces tell you it works now square off the hips right knee to the right elbow or higher exhale inhale it back up down the middle main street inhale and over to the left stay with me back heel down over to the right arm shoot the right leg out what's up lower the hips a little bit straight right leg bent left and then push up through the hips nice lower the hips try to get a little lift in the right foot sweep it back around and up right leg lifts inhale need a nose exhale down the middle and step all right a little spacious stance relax the arms out exhale everything soft bend in the back knee to rise to high crescent launch we've landed nice arms strong overhead chest open take a quality breath in exhale the hands to the mat shoot back into plank and pause knees no knees push up no push up three of them inhale lower one inhale lower exhale to inhale lower exhale three good job pause here breathe in exhale lower yourself down to your degree inhale upward pull the shoulders back get that complimentary stretch downward facing dog whoa nice ground the right foot lift the left bend the left open the hip come up on the left fingertips possibly where's the effort where's the stretch tension the intensity and the freedom square left knee left arm outside possibly hip stay square push the ground away inhale it back up down the main street inhale over to the right spin the back heel down bend it shoot the left leg out lower the hips a little bit just to rise back up reach the right arm up and back behind you make sure your left shoulder is healthy oh good lower spin it back up then around left leg lifts breathe in need a nose only to step position yourself so get grounded first make sure you can breathe inhale to rise nice again for a moment here this you yourself if you're by yourself or with your group whatever it is just take a moment to check in she got the breath dialed in the old mind okay breathe in reach the arms high breathe out hands to the mat plank optional not optional three push-ups or hold plank a lot of value to plank exhale to exhale three pause breathe in breathe out lower yourself down inhale upward and exhale downward nice here's another place you can check in for three breaths embrace where you are like I don't say that just as like a cliched yoga you know term really embrace where you are don't feel like you've got to catch up keep up got a bum knee you don't feel as strong as you normally do doesn't matter right it does not matter to keep showing up keep doing the work tiptoe hop step float strut to the front of the mat inhale half-lift fold exhale rise up inhale thank you very much for this breath and exhale this is a thank you very much to myself for having the interest to take care of myself right I mean that too so pause here let's go again breathe in reach up and back breathe out forward and down breathe in half-lift good for the spine breathe out walk back into plank pause now shoot your heels to the right I like to stagger you can stack you can bring a knee down if you'd like side plank hold it's empowering whether you have a knee down or whether you don't even do it but you're like mentally preparing yourself for this it's an empowering pose to just think about or to actually lift and hold yourself up let's try the other side heels to the left make sure your elbow is stacked over the wrist and your shoulder as well good job hips lifting getting some oblique left side oblique work using your legs to help you stabilize fortifying your mind with strength and positivity good back into plank okay now lower yourself down upward inhale downward exhale right leg lifts breathe in three knee to nose down the middle if you know you don't want to do it go ahead and step up and meet in high lunge exhale one nice brace in the court who race the core three and step space ground breath rise for this one we're going to do a little combo okay so let's make sure I don't go out of frame combo is high lunge so you want to look forward for this and you're going to bring the arms up overhead and step and balance onto your right leg as you bring your left knee high stay here long enough for you to get there okay now you're gonna bend the right leg hands to the heart and move back into a warrior three that could be your warrior three right here even your toes down or you lock out that back leg lift the chest lengthen the spine wobble a little bit that's good okay you're gonna gently come back into your high lunge boom rise inhale exhale left knee high back into your warrior three little soft bend in that knee get out of that joint steady the gaze wobbling is so good actually step back high lunge breathe in one more round and core tight strong glutes on that right side lengthen out now warrior three your way use a wall right I got a wall right here boom I got no shame in that good good job now bend the right leg a little bit and bring the fingertips toward the floor or onto the floor for a little standing split release the back of the head don't worry about how high or low your left leg is focus on like that strength and stretch your feelings to that right leg release the back of your head and then on the next exhale bring the left foot down so nice half lift breathe in lengthen the spine push those hips back stay here straighten the right bend the left twist to the right switch sides left leg straight right leg bend rotate open very nice exhale fold rise up breathe in breathe out hands to heart breathe in reach up and back breathe out forward fold breathe in half lift breathe out plank pose lowering down breath in open and strong across the upper body and downward dog exhale you go right leg lifts breathe in knee toward the nose one out of three inhale exhale two exhale three stay here push the earth away so you've got cat pose in your shoulder blades step the right foot through back heel down warrior one when you're ready so important real quick back foot 45 degrees so don't open that back toe because in the hip opens and then I ask you to turn and it's a it's not a good thing turn your left toes 45 degrees or so that way your left hip will come forward nice and easy rise up warrior one put through the heavy through the right drive a stake into the ground there nice right arm under the left eagle arms good press those elbows nice and close together pull the upper back part release the arms high breathe in and slide that back foot back a little bit open up for warrior two there we go see the difference warrior two hips open back foot open much more open warrior one is closed there we go arms open I'll take a make sure you're doing all right there okay warrior two it's a strong badass pose I love it we're gonna come into triangle pose now okay so straighten that right leg put a little keep a little bend in it you could even shorten your stance a tiny bit right around there now reach long through the right arm stretching long through the right side of the body right fingertips to the shin ankle block floor left arm high use your feet like crazy it's really everything about these standing poses well almost every pose the more active your feet the more stability you're going to have more muscle engagement bend the right leg peaceful reach up through the right arm left arm to your low back reach up reach up reach up extended side angle right forearm on the right thigh boom try not to collapse left arm high and then a little side bend on that I like to imagine somewhere in the middle right where my rib cage is like I'm trying to rip it apart and stretch the fabric all of the skin by pushing into the outer edge of my back foot reaching long through the fingertips left hand to the hip right legs working it's got to work still here for half moon come out of it a little bit find your focal point shorten your stance a little bit I'm gonna put myself in the middle of the mat here it's a single legs balancing pose reach out through the right arm you can stay here you can eventually bring the right fingertips toward the floor onto the floor if you'd like left arm or left leg is parallel with the floor or if you need it lower or if it feels better higher left arm can be high doing great stay with it stay with it good bend the right leg warrior two good job piece of cake reverse warrior breathe in breathe out windmill the arms down back into your plank pose okay take your feet a little wider so as wide as the mat hold strong through the core lean to the left hand just a bit try not to move your hips too much and tap your right your left shoulder with your right hand but now the opposite but but but but back and forth little sway is okay stability right core stability it's in your thighs it's in your hamstrings your glutes now feet back toward hip width forearm plank is this slow and groovy yeah I think so okay forearm side plank so take that right forearm parallel with the front of the mat heels over to the left or right sorry and left this gives the wrist a little bit of a break while we're still tackling the core and doing good work there most of the body health comes from the core I think always focus on the core good sweep it around but it's not a zillion crunches we're looking for we're looking for stability throughout the core we'll do something in just a short bit that works on one of my favorites good switch it back to forearm plank walk back up onto your hands downward dog good job all essential work right all essential you get the necessary stretching all that strength we all need need elbow or need a nose three times one exhale to exhale three push the ground away step warrior one nice short ish stance okay right away into eagle arms left arm under the right okay find that bind good work cross the feet spread the toes push into the heels the outer edges stay long enough to get the bennies get all the feels all right now release reach up inhale and warrior to sorry my back is to you but it goes roll the shoulders up and back pull the shoulder blades toward one another so you get that upper back stabilization take a reverse and as you're coming up into reverse start to maybe straighten out the left leg shorten the stance if you'd like and reach long to the left side of the body for triangle oh sometimes man sometimes this pose for me feels like garbage and sometimes it feels like it does now and it feels kind of perfect back into reverse breathe in extended side angle left forearm rest gently on the thigh if you have other poses that go deeper or like minimize by all means right arm high and then put that extension on it that good long right arm stretch ground into the outer edge of that back foot okay now you're going to come out of it a little bit straighten the left leg a bit shorten your stance if you'd like get your focal point use a wall I just used a wall so that you knew it was okay to use a wall left fingertips toward the floor if not on the floor right hand on the hip and then drive through the right heel like we did earlier in the practice so you feel like the right butt cheek area your glutes are firing hold breathe right arm can rise then the left leg step back gracefully for your two good now we're gonna do a wide leg forward fold so why don't I turn around there we go that's much better so both legs wide toes pointing in the same direction put a soft bend in your knees push your hips back chest forward and release you can take both hands over to the left you get a more of a single left leg stretch you bring them over to the right for a right leg stretch back over to center up on your fingertips long spine rotate open to the right right arm high good and over to the other side left arm high one more to the right keep the spine long core engaged bring it on back down shoot over to a side lunge to the right side lunge to the left good go as low as you'd like you can do this with your hands as I'm doing or you can do this without your hands so you're a little more like strength-based here if you do it this way make sure you're driving through the heel of the foot that you're pushing out of good job back to center and fold for a little relief three breaths I'm gonna restructure myself to where I was so what up okay from forward fold walk yourself back to the front of the mat to the left foot step back into downward dog battle it out walk it out okay last plank type thing okay you can do this from your knees or not or you not do it at all but you're gonna hold plank and I want you to deliberately and slowly and groovy right knee right elbow left knee left elbow good 9 8 8 7 7 6 6 5 5 4 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 pause and plank breathe in and exhale all the way down reach your arms back behind you clasp or not I'm not going to class I'm gonna let my legs rise from locust pose shoulders open neutral head and neck strong back body and hands to the floor underneath your shoulders back by your ribs breath in cobra maybe one last up doggy doggy dog down back into child or puppy pose the recovery moment nestle in and tuck into this pose for like five more breaths all right so we're on there the tail end here hour flies by when you're having fun which I totally love this I could go much longer but respect your time take another two breaths so hopefully what you're feeling here is a good combination of strength flexibility you know mindset focus breathing so it's a well-balanced experience you know hey come on up to or out of child's pose and let's come on to our seat and once you get on your seat why don't you run down to your back all right onto your back take the right knee in extend your left leg out so you get this single leg stretch and hopefully with these offerings there's time for you while you're doing the work as it is work and it's challenging you're able to have these little moments and flashes switch to the left with contemplation you know like some reflection what this time has been like for you really difficult or easy or stressed or you know whatever it is but just to at least be able to have the time and space to ponder in the most healthy way okay extend the left leg out but keep it up off the mat some of you know exactly where we're going with this right knee hugs in now lift your shoulders and your upper back up off the mat you can lower your left leg down if that clicks your hip a little bit keep it up up to you now fingertips to your temples okay that way we don't yank on our neck keep your head neutral and draw your left elbow in the direction of your right knee good that's one right to left one two two keep going three three we're going to twenty four four keep your feet active five five six six groovy seven seven eight eight nine you want the core you got to do the work ten ten eleven eleven starting to feel it right now for sure twelve thirteen thirteen fourteen fourteen fifteen fifteen sixteen sixteen stay strong 17 17 18 18 19 19 20 20 yes ah that feels and hurts so good okay this one's a little we want to take the hip flexors out of it so it's kind of gonna feel like a little crunch but it's just way more like about isolating the abdominals so you can take the hands to your temples again or across your chest and shoulders only ten because these start to get a little annoying on your exhale lift your chest and chin to the ceiling feel it feel it feel it give yourself a little extra burst up tops it's like a little two-parter two three four five ah six seven eight nine ten okay my friends this one was I was talking about earlier this is the dead bug or dying bug this is about genuine core stability so you want these low ribs to draw down in your core to feel like it's working right even right now okay so if you take your arms up toward the ceiling your legs 90 degrees all right this is a nice way to start some mental exercise also take your left leg shoot it straight out and reach the right arm back good while you're doing it the key right here is to ground and stabilize to the core and exhale back right leg left arm okay that's like progression one which if you do it right ha fire in the hole or you lift the shoulders up oh man okay now you know the core is activated now you roll like that left leg right arm so choose between the two we'll go five from here and one one two if you're like a you know SEAL team Navy up person and you want to straighten your legs that's also a good way what do we add we'll call it three three four four and five oh yes so if you don't feel those at all you're either doing this stuff every day or you might not be doing it correct but either way you're doing it so we're all good lift up for bridge so press the hips up with your feet about hip width you can interlace your hands underneath you if you'd like I kind of prefer to keep the palms facing up and walk the shoulder blades underneath me and you get that from the center of your chest and upper body this nice big spacious feeling and all the work we did in the abdominals with all the flexing now there's the complimentary stretch that I love keep your knees hip like you're holding on to a block or some kind of small exercise ball okay roll down one vertebrae at a time if you can okay two hundred burpees ready just kidding right right leg over your left thigh point your right toes up draw the legs in towards you you can just use your core to get the feel the pigeon half pigeon feel you can take your hands behind your hamstring of the left leg or around your left shin whatever you choose try to pull the shoulders and head down you're doing great I don't know what the weather is like for you where you are I have this thing within me you know if it's sunny out I always feel like like panicked you know I've got to get out and like you know enjoy it but for me now here it's raining out still so this is this is perfect I'm really happy to share this time with you guys okay the transition keep the shape your legs are in give or take left foot down slide your hips over to the right and take you can cross into Eagle wrap or a half Eagle wrap partial whatever you want to call it take your arms out wide and take a spinal twist maybe we'll feel a little relief in the low back exhaling toward the tension that's in general in life right we feel tension and we go to that source within ourselves that place of love compassion in awe of everything life and we exhale and we remind ourselves that reacting in that way of that weakened or frightened state within ourselves might not be the answer so sometimes a pause and exhale and a reminder so helpful bring it back out okay let's try the other side left foot over the right lift the right foot up start to feel the pigeon tension the pigeon stretch grab hold of the right hamstring or the right shin the right shin just so you know isn't like extra points or you're not gonna get an A for that right you probably if you really need to hold on to the hamstring there's your A plus because you've decided against what you may have thought is the ultimate progression the correct right you gotta like honor where and what's available sometimes we can be in these stretches and just suffering the whole way it's sort of counterproductive possibly you can stay here longer if you'd like let me come into that twist so right foot down cross that left leg over the right full eagle wrap partial shift the hips over to the left arms out wide you use your legs to get that spinal twist full eagle wrap for me and from what I've heard other men just to give you some insight this is not the most pleasurable binds up quite a bit you have some extra awareness in there okay release back to center why don't you take some windshield wiper movements just to kind of like follow up on that twist we just did and this is gradually going to take us toward relaxation and I can't believe it an hour is almost gone so obviously you're at home right and you can say I'm done when we go into relaxation and do some more postures and mess around maybe you're feeling energized or you can join me as I start to move you into relaxation so you can draw the bottoms of your feet together with your knees out wide if you have a pillow around or a blanket or something that you know you're just gonna nestle in for a while do that all right but if your hands standing or head standing or doing any of that you know go for it okay so choose the position in your body where you feel most relaxed it allows you to relax take a deep deep deep wholesome fresh abundant breath in exhale with your mouth open and you can feel that release it's just medicine man it's so good sometimes it just if you we allow it you know it feels good to be alive it feels good no matter what the circumstances you know I know I can control a certain amount within myself within my day my surroundings I'll do just that always if you're lying down continue to lie down I'm going to come up to sit I'm lying down your body is relaxed breath has gone to just sort of an automatic mode in and out comfortably body's heavy like no right you've done enough for now one hour of movement is good so if you're resting drop in release all the tension in your body if something valuable came up in your mind and your contemplation your ponderings worth investigating more sit with that open up breath open up the heart everything everything everything go if you'd like to join me you can rock and roll right up to sit as we do a quick little closeout so as I've said a couple times already this whole technology world and state we're in this is incredible to be able to connect with all of you around the world wherever you are so I genuinely from a bottom of my heart appreciate you like taking the time to drop in and check in and practice with me so until next time have a beautiful day night week namaste peace love


Lina S
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Great class. Grounding, energizing, and peaceful.
Scott M
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Loving the 1 hour sessions! From Vancouver Canada.
Robert Sidoti
Hi Lina ! Thanks so much for your comment and for being here with us! 
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Scott ! Love Vancouver! Thanks for letting me know you're here and practicing! Agreed about the 1 hour sessions - nice to have some time and space to cover all the bases :)) 'See' you again soon I hope! 
Eric M
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More 1 hour sessions please Robert! Enjoying the practice here in Oxford, UK 
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Eric !! So glad you're enjoying the 1 hour sessions - nice to have full and well rounded practices!  Shooting one today at 1:30 east coast time in US - if you can't make it, it'll be available on the YA site! Thanks for being here all the way from Oxford! 
Kira C
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Great class Robert!  Thanks from Western MA.

Robert Sidoti
Thanks Kira !! You’re very very welcome from Martha’s Vineyard - not too far away! I love Western Mass, lots of beautiful memories over the years :)) Thanks for being here!! 
Donna L
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Thank you Robert just Wow !from Montreal
Robert Sidoti
Hello Donna from Montreal!! Thank YOU for practicing with me, love to meet and practice with new 'friends' :) 
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