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Season 1 - Episode 6

Groovy Flow with Robert

60 min - Practice


Join Kira’s guest Robert Sidoti in this dynamic flow infused with positivity and gratitude. Challenge yourself in Fallen Triangle, Warrior 3, and core work to strengthen and lengthen the entire body. You will feel stable and energized.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Great class. Grounding, energizing, and peaceful.
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Loving the 1 hour sessions! From Vancouver Canada.
Hi Lina ! Thanks so much for your comment and for being here with us! 
Hey there Scott ! Love Vancouver! Thanks for letting me know you're here and practicing! Agreed about the 1 hour sessions - nice to have some time and space to cover all the bases :)) 'See' you again soon I hope! 
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More 1 hour sessions please Robert! Enjoying the practice here in Oxford, UK 
Hey there Eric !! So glad you're enjoying the 1 hour sessions - nice to have full and well rounded practices!  Shooting one today at 1:30 east coast time in US - if you can't make it, it'll be available on the YA site! Thanks for being here all the way from Oxford! 
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Great class Robert!  Thanks from Western MA.

Thanks Kira !! You’re very very welcome from Martha’s Vineyard - not too far away! I love Western Mass, lots of beautiful memories over the years :)) Thanks for being here!! 
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Thank you Robert just Wow !from Montreal
Hello Donna from Montreal!! Thank YOU for practicing with me, love to meet and practice with new 'friends' :) 
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