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Season 1 - Episode 3

Creating a Container

5 min - Talk


Erin guides us in how to create a container for our practice. She discusses the seat, possible props, the posture, the physical space in which you set up your practice, as well as setting an intention for your practice.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Jul 09, 2020
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Hello and welcome. In this first episode, we're going to talk about creating the container for your practice. Let's start with our seat. I'm sitting on a yoga blanket. You can sit on any type of blanket, carpet, rug, really anything that creates some padding for your ankles so that you can sit comfortably for a period of time. I'm sitting on a meditation cushion. This is called a Zafu. It can be any height. Ideally, what you're looking for is the correct alignment between your hips and your knees. You want your knees to be lower than your hips. I have a small blanket underneath my right knee because without it, my right knee is lower than my left knee. To create balance between both sides, I use this blanket. The posture. I have both hands on my legs, which creates an upright spine. My shoulders are relaxed. I feel balance between both legs and my head is over my shoulders. When we fall into this posture, ideally, the meditative state becomes available to us. That's why we emphasize finding this equanimity in our posture at the very beginning of the practice. Let's talk about the outer container for your practice. Ideally, you want to find a space in your home that feels contained, that feels quiet, and that feels safe. I like to leave my phone outside of the room so I don't have any distractions. I'll use a clock to time my practice. Really, what you're looking for is a container where you can drop into a more subtle state of being and not have to worry about any distractions. I like to practice at the beginning and at the end of the day, but if I skip a practice or I forget or I'm busy, I'm not hard on myself. The idea is to be consistent yet gentle. As we're building this muscle of internal awareness, it's very normal for there to be inconsistency. However, if we keep showing up to ourselves on a regular basis, we'll begin to notice a shift, which brings me to your intention to come into practice. I invite you to reflect on why you feel drawn to practice. Are you looking for more clarity of mind, more emotional calm, more focus? Whatever your intention may be, I invite you to reflect upon that and really bring that into the center of your practice in each session. Thank you so much for joining me on this journey. I look forward to beginning. Namaste.


The container metaphor is very useful. I can see why this meditation is best done morning and night, when life is quieter.

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