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Season 1 - Episode 7

Joy and Self-Trust

60 min - Practice


Kira leads us through a joyful practice accessing our self-trust. We move through playful warmups and stretchy standing poses, closing with an extended seated meditation and mudra (seal) practice. You will feel buoyant and centered.
What You'll Need: Mat

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I loved that this practice was to prepare us for meditation, and that throughout the asanas you provided guidance in this direction. And the “payoff” as I call it, the sweet subtle meditation with mudra after the physical part of the practice, was sooo good. Happy Solstice! 🌞
Jenny , love knowing you are here. Happy Summer Solstice! May your day be bright and long! xok
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Love the guest appearance by your cat!
Hahah, Catherine! His name is MeYou.  xok
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Thank you for teaching!! Trust can be so hard!!
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Laura, yes!!! I obviously agree! xok
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Thanks for taking me a long on this adventure today! I could just hear you say “get to the mat”...and everything unfolded from there
Traci, wonderful wonderful wonderful! xok
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So beautiful, thank you.  My body, heart and soul feel opened and alive with energy.  For me this was the perfect pace and balance of subtle strength and release.  Heaven!
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Julia, makes me so happy. Thank you for sharing. Xok
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