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Season 1 - Episode 8

Root and Bloom

60 min - Practice


Seek and ease into the tight spots in the shoulders and neck before we move gently through standing asanas. We close with a meditation on surrender and gratitude. You will feel soft and connected.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Dear Kira, Thank you for your sweet encouragement and gentle guidance. So fun to reconnect with the Swamp Monster too.
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Many pearls of wisdom here...I could listen to your teachings all day 🌻 thankful to you Kira for making everything brighter 🌞❤️🙏🏻
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I feel so supported in your practice . Thank you
Geraldina, makes me so happy! xok
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Wow this practice was amazing!! So beautiful. An opportunity to connect with intimacy to all there is. . . I love that! Thank you so much
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Laura LOVE! Thank you for being here. xok
Thank you very much for this beautiful practice, Kira! Kind regards!
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Sandra Ž, hello there! Hope you had a wonderful weekend. xok
Hoorah: I “get” gooey in the neck. Also, I so appreciate from a literary perspective how you use metaphors  throughout for our rooting and blooming. Joe Pesci in the house again!  And much love for all these neat tricks, so applicable to cycling—arm and leg wiggling, ear relaxation, shoulder drops, and yada yada yada… Thanks so much for the life wisdom. I have had a tumultuous year and I always feel like this is therapy for my heart. Namaste  D
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David G- yes, gooey in the neck is clutch! Sending LOVE. xok

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