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Season 1 - Episode 9

Fluid Flow with Rosemary

60 min - Practice


Hear the breath and let the rest fall away. Join Kira’s guest Rosemary in this strengthening flow, warming and opening with sun salutes, exploring holds in standing poses, moving into heart opening, and closing with a sweet restorative pose. You will feel nourished and held.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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This is our last episode in Season 1 of the Kira M. Friend Show and we have a super special treat today. We're going to be going across town over to our dear friend Rosemary Garrison and just to give a special shout out to Rosemary's mom who's in the house today along with so many other friends. We all love Rosemary's grace and poise. Let's go to Rosemary now. Oh, welcome everyone.

It is such a joy to be here with all of you. Thanks for showing up to share the practice and thank you Kira and Yoga anytime for making it happen. Oh my gosh, it's a it's a big team effort. So Rosemary, thank you so much for being here and just just to connect around what we've all been going through. What's been the most difficult thing about this homestay?

I miss my people, wish I could hug my people. And then at the same time, what's been the most surprising delight? Good question. I'm loving the subtlety, the subtlety of awareness that's coming through with so much stillness and space and I'm, my dad especially will appreciate this. I'm really discovering a deepening love for ice cream.

Okay, I have to ask you what your favorite ice cream flavor is. I can't resist that. Okay. Most recently it's McConnell's sweet cream and cookie. So good.

Okay. Tell us a little bit about what we're going to be practicing today with you. Yeah, we're going to be moving through like a really fluid flow, standing poses, obviously some sun salutes to warm us up. And then once we're kind of open and warm, we're going to move into some heart opening and then we'll close with a really sweet, deep restorative pause. Oh, sounds delicious.

Can't wait to practice with you. Thank you so much Rosemary. Thank you. All right, everyone. Thank you again for being here.

Let's dive right in. Comfortable seat, rest your hands wherever you'd like, soft gaze or close the eyes. Let's take a few cleansing breaths to kind of shed those initial layers. So through the nose, a really big inhale, go ahead and open your mouth and exhale. Just let it go.

Yeah, a couple more like that. Really big inhale, expand in all directions. Feel the breath. And then open the mouth. Exhale.

Release. Okay. Once again, big inhale, fill it up and open the mouth, let it go. Find a deep, full, steady breath in and out through the nose. Just another moment of stillness here to drop in, to transition, feeling all points of contact with the earth, feeling the length of the spine and letting your shoulders soften down the back.

And just for a moment here, I want to acknowledge what we're all living in, living through. It's not news, of course, to any of you, but I feel just a moment of recognition, of honoring. It sometimes helps the nervous system regulate, settle, right? We're all here together. Let's draw the hands to prayer at the heart center and open together with the sound of omen.

I really like to remind us that though we may not be able to hear one another, we are energetically connected and we are joining our voices. So exhale, empty it all out. And then together through the nose. Let's take a big inhale. Just another moment of stillness, dropping into your own personal intention for the practice.

Anything at all you want to offer up, clear out, or maybe welcome in. This is setting that tone. And then as you're ready, float the eyes open, let's take a big inhale and reach the arms out and up, interlace the fingers and exhale. Press the palms to the sky. Keep the core strong and then start to lift from the back of your heart up and through just the beginnings of a backbend through that upper torso and lift the gaze as you lift the heart.

Offer it all up. Stay for a big inhale and then go ahead and exhale, rock it forward. Let's come up onto the hands and the knees. Spread the fingers wide, root through base of thumb and first finger, moving into some cakau to warm the spine. With the inhale, lifting the tailbone, lifting the heart and the gaze, slide the shoulder blades down the back.

And then as you exhale, round the back, draw the belly to the spine, release the weight of the head. Again together, big inhale, lift, tailbone, heart, gaze. And as you exhale, rounding the spine, just let it ripple. Again together, inhale, heart rising. And as you exhale, round, lifting belly to spine, surrender the weight of the head, soft through neck and jaw.

Take a couple more at your own pace and bring any variations into it, right? Just trust your own body. Facing the head, soft through the neck, spiral the spine, whatever you need. And then when you're ready, draw it back to neutral. Take a big inhale, tuck your toes and then exhale, press it up and back, downward facing dog, Adho Mukeshwanasana.

Let's give this five breaths, just ease in. What's going on in the backs of the legs this morning or this afternoon or this evening depending on where you are in the wide world. So stretching it out through the hamstring muscles, through the calf muscles, continuing to warm and lengthen the spine, another breath or two here. Easing in. All right, find some stillness in your dog and then leading with the heart.

As you inhale, let's ripple forward into plank pose. Nice and easy at first, exhale, lower the knees to the earth. Keep the elbows hugging in, come all the way down. Gentle Cobra. Inhale, lift the heart, melt the shoulders.

And with your exhale, just ease back to the earth. We warm slowly, intentionally. Inhale up to hands and knees, tuck your toes, exhale, go back to your down dog. Take a moment and then a couple more cycles, inhale, rippling forward, plank pose. This time as you exhale, you might stay with knees.

You might shift to Chaturanga halfway or all the way to the earth. With your inhale, rise, cobra or up dog. And then with your exhale, take it all the way back, downward facing dog. Just a moment here, gather the energy. And then one more cycle, just warm it all up.

Inhale, ripple forward, exhale, lower as you choose, inhale, cobra or up dog. And exhale all the way back, downward facing dog. Let's take another cleansing breath here together through the nose, breathe it in and go ahead and open the mouth, exhale, let it go. Looking for every opportunity to release and let go these days. From here, nice and easy with your next inhale, walking the feet forward to the front of your mat.

Take your time. And as you arrive, take the feet about hips distance, soft bend in the knees, hands can drop, they can hold the elbows. You might sway a little, you've got three or four breaths for anything you need. Neck and jaw stay soft. Mind stay soft, just letting it go.

If you're swaying, sway to center, if you have any bind, release it and then keep that gentle bend in the knees slowly as you inhale, rolling all the way up to stand. And as you arrive, exhale, roll the shoulders down the back, shake it out a little bit, let it go. Heel, toe the feet together, take the hands to prayer at your heart center. Just take one grounding breath here through the nose, inhale, through the nose, exhale. All right, with the inhale, sweep the arms out and up.

With your exhale, bow out and down strong through your center, we're coming right back up on the inhale, rise to stand and reach beyond the fingertips, really fluid spine. Exhale to bow. And again, right back up, inhale to rise. Exhale out and down, all the way up, inhale, getting lost in the flow, again, exhale, bow. Last cycle, inhale all the way up, reaching it out.

And this time, exhale out and down, deep fold. Here we go through Surya A, inhale halfway, root the hands, hop or step into your plank pose, lower knees or chaturanga, inhale, cobra or upward facing dog. Exhale all the way back, downward facing dog, a full five breaths, enjoy it. Just kind of settle into it. Feel the shoulders rolling away from the ears.

Feel the sit bones reaching to the sky and the heels descending towards the earth, doesn't matter if they touch, just energetically reaching down. You have one more breath. And then at the bottom of your exhale, take a soft bend in the knees, hop or simply step back to the front of the mat, long spine, inhale to lengthen it halfway. And exhale, bow and fold. Long through your center, flat back, inhale all the way up, reaching it out.

And then exhale, hands to prayer, heart center. Two more cycles, inhale to rise, exhale, bow, inhaling halfway, reach out through the heart and then root the hands, hop or step it back with the exhale, lower knees or chaturanga, or maybe you skip the vinyasa from time to time, right, always tuning in, listening to what serves. Find that down dog, five full breaths, easing into the back body, letting the repetition of the opening sun salutes become a very brief meditation for the body, getting lost in that rhythm, three, good, two. Bottom of your exhale, soft bend in the knees, hop or step front of the mat. As you arrive, inhale, long spine, send the heart way, way out.

And then exhale, deepen into the fold, all the way up on the inhale, reaching up and out, exhale, draw the hands, the energy down to heart center. Once again, inhale, reach and rise, exhale, bow out and down, long spine, inhale, come halfway up. And with your exhale, root the hands, hop or step it back, optional vinyasa, lower knees or chaturanga, or just skip it, inhale, lift, cobra or up dog. And exhale all the way back, downward facing dog, five breaths, deepening, letting yourself really land in the body, settle in for the practice. And in so doing, as much as possible, just kind of let the rest begin to fall away, at least for now, just this.

All right, as you're ready, you're going to keep the upper body really strong, hands pressing deep into the earth. With your inhale, take your right leg up to the sky, and with your exhale, open the hip, bend the knee, give this a breath or two, just kind of checking into the outer right hip and the back of the left leg, continues to open, then inhale, reach it straight up. And with your exhale, take the right knee outside of the right elbow, pull the belly to the spine, inhale, reach it back to the sky. And with your exhale, need a left elbow, belly to spine, inhale, reach it up. And then exhale, step the right foot forward between the hands, simple twist, root your left hand, inhale, reach, right arm up, wide open through the heart, slide the shoulder blades down the back, just wringing it all out on the inside.

Stay for your inhale, and then exhale, release right hand down, lower the back knee, legs and core are strong, inhale to rise, low lunge, and then just settle in, breath into the left hip flexors, spine tall, take a big inhale, and then we'll add the arms as you exhale, draw them out to the sides, bending at the elbows, lift from the back of the heart, up and through, offer it, offer it, offer it, three, two, good, tall spine, inhale, rise. Then with your exhale, release hands to the earth slowly, start to draw the hips back, lengthen the right leg, aradhana manasana, hands on blocks or books, if handstrings are tight, let's take a little flow here, inhale, rise, and then exhale, deep and into the fold, again inhale, rise, lengthen, exhale, maybe slightly deeper, no effort, just let it happen, inhale again, rise, and exhale, deep and stay here for one breath and stillness, good slowly, inhale, guide the hips forward, bending that front knee, tuck the back toes lift the back knee, step straight into plank and just pause, belly to spine, inhale, your choice, exhale through the vinyasa or let it go, knees are chaturanga, inhale, cobra up dog, exhale, take it all the way back, downward facing dog, take one breath here, home to center, and again, inhale, let's take the left leg to the sky, with your exhale, and the hip bending the knee, give it a moment or two, how's that outer left hip feeling this morning, good, and then inhale, reach it up, as you exhale, take the knee outside of the left elbow, belly to spine, inhale, let it rise, exhale, knee outside right elbow, good, inhale, reach it up, with the exhale, step the left foot forward between the hands, simple twist, right hand grounding, inhale, reach, left arm up, spiral, and internally wring it all out, there's so much going on inside these days, use the twist, clear it, open it up, one more full inhale, and then exhale, release, left hand down, lower the back knee, you can always pad it if you'd like, low lunge, strong through the center, inhale rise, arms up, ease into it for a moment, breathing into the right hip flexors, keep rising through the deep belly, and then a big inhale, and exhale, ease the arms out to the sides, lifting from the back of the heart up and through, offer it away, three, clear the breath, two, strong foundation, inhale, just draw it straight up, and then exhale, release, hands to the earth, draw your hips straight back, lengthen the left leg, arada, hanuman, second side, inhale, reach through your heart, and exhale, deep bend, yeah, a little flow here, inhale just halfway, exhale, release a little deeper, spine is really fluid, moving like a wave, inhale, rise, and exhale, back into your fold and then just pause here for one full breath, yeah, as you're ready, inhale, come forward, lifting that front knee, and then exhale, tuck the back toes, lift the back knee, we step straight back into plank, pause on the inhale, belly to spine, exhale, lower knees or chaturanga, inhale, cobra, up dog, exhale, take it all the way back down, we're facing dog, beautiful work, take a moment or two here, back to breath and center, letting it go, opening the mouth, letting out a sigh, flutter the lips, anytime, wherever you need to clear, right, from here we're gonna keep the feet where they are and with your next exhale walk your hands to the back of your mat, take an easy forward fold for a moment, just let it be supple, let it go, and then heel toe the feet together, take a deep bend in the knees and inhale, scoop it up, utkatasana, chair pose, fierce pose, right, belly draws in and up and pulls back, supporting the low back, sit down into it, super strong through legs and glute muscles and breathe, gaze where your neck is happy, straight ahead or up to the sky, three, two, keep all this as you exhale, reach back, interlace the fingers, feel heart rising and exhale, fold, you can always grab a towel or a strap or whatever you have handy if the full bind doesn't feel quite right and then just be with it, breathe into the shoulders, breathe into the neck and the jaw, anywhere you feel the stickiness, let the breath move it, good, okay, with the next inhale deep bend in the knees, scoop it back up into utkatasana, exhale sit as deeply as feels wise and then press through the feet, inhale all the way up, exhale open arms, open heart, offer it away, let it go, inhale reach it up and then exhale bow, go right back down into your fold, beautiful, halfway inhale, exhale walk the hands back to the front of the mat, if you want to keep rolling through the vinyasa go for it, if you don't, don't trust the body, we're going to meet in down dog, take a breath or two, alright here we go, inhale right leg to the sky, exhale open the hip and the knee, inhale back up, exhale right knee outside right elbow, inhale take it back to the sky, exhale right knee outside left elbow, inhale back to the sky, with your exhale step the right foot forward between the hands, spin the back heel down pause, let's build this slowly with a ton of strength, root the feet into the earth especially that back heel, fire up through the legs, reach out through the heart, spine is super tall and belly is drawing up to the spine, keep all of that intact and engaged, then inhale rise, warrior one, viruddhasana A, beautiful, really strong, be in it, you've got about five breaths, you know the pose, make your own subtle adjustments, deepening, softening, engaging, three, enjoy it, two, now big inhale and with your exhale reach it back, interlace your fingers, then inhale lift all the way up the front body and with your exhale fold, humble warrior, devotional warrior, arms go up and over, anchor through the back heel, continue to breathe into the shoulders, three, two, and legs stay super strong pressing through the feet, inhale take it all the way back up, we're going to keep it moving, exhale release hands to the earth, inhale right leg goes back to the sky, exhale open the hip bend the knee again, inhale to rise, exhale knee outside right elbow, build that strength, inhale reach it up again, exhale knee outside left elbow, inhale rise, exhale step right foot forward again, spin the back heel down directly back into warrior one, inhale up, exhale reach it back again, inhale heart rising, exhale deep into your fold, come on back up, inhale warrior one and exhale wide open warrior two, finding stillness descending from shoulders through tailbone, lifting from belly through heart, holding steady be with the breath, one more breath, keep the foundation as you're ready on your inhale reverse, reaching it back, just go as far as feels good, extending out through the right fingertips, breathing into the side body, very slowly as you inhale lengthen your right leg, keep it active, pressing through the foot, reaching back through the fingertips, feel the space you're creating in that right side body and then continue to create length there even as you inhale rise and exhale extend out and down, any placement of the right hand and then reach left arm to the sky, extending out, there's a little softening in that left side body, just releasing down, all right, we've got a full 10 breaths in triangle this morning, you can take this anywhere you'd like, listen in and see what feels good, holding steady in the classic pose, maybe circling the arm, maybe a bind, you can even lift it up into half moon, follow your own flow, about five more breaths, enjoy it, three, two, you just stay with it as long as you like, when you're ready we're going to meet in warrior two, we float up, you float back depending on where you are, settle back in, reconnect with your inhale reverse, reach it back, keep it really fluid, with your exhale release, hands to the earth, step back into plank pose, take the vinyasa if you want it, skip it if you don't, listening to your own energy, trusting what you feel for, we meet in down dog, give it a breath, and here we go, second side, inhale left leg to the sky, exhale open the hip and the knee, inhale back up, exhale knee outside, left elbow so strong, inhale to rise, exhale knee outside, right elbow, inhale rise, this time exhale step it forward, just pause, spin the back heel down, build it slowly and intelligently, root the back heel, really strong through foundation, feel the spine lengthening, the back muscles turning on, the belly drawing in and up, keep all that intact, inhale rise, warrior one, second side, and again you've got those full five breaths, be in it, enjoy it, making those subtle internal adjustments, know the pose, you know your body, good, big inhale let the heart lift a little, as you exhale reach it back, interlace, take your other thumb on top, shift the patterning, inhale heart lifting, exhale bow it forward, yeah, devotional warrior, ground that back heel, breathe into the shoulders, let whatever is stuck in there start to dissolve, one more breath, and as you're ready here we go, inhale reach it back up, warrior one, exhale release hands to the earth, inhale left leg back to the sky, exhale open the hip and the knee, inhale reach, exhale knee outside left elbow, inhale rise, exhale knee outside right elbow, inhale rise, exhale step it forward, root the back heel directly back into warrior one, inhale reach, exhale reach it back and interlace, inhale heart rising, exhale fold it forward, come back up inhale warrior one, exhale wide open, warrior two, saddle down into it, find strength and stillness, here the breath let the rest fall away, three, two, steady foundation big inhale reverse float it back, breathe into the side body, create space and opening and possibility, alright nice and easy with strength inhale slowly start to lengthen the left leg, press the foot deep into the earth, keep actively extending through the left fingertips, feel that space you're creating, try to sustain some of it even as you inhale rise and exhale extend out and down triangle second side establish it, feel into it, know what you know about the pose, yeah and then take it anywhere you'd like, the arm circles or binds maybe rising the half moon maybe just holding steady, about five more breaths, just this, again no rush as you're ready, we've meet in warrior two, float it up, float it back, find a moment here and then inhale reverse reaching it back with the exhale release hands to the earth step it back into your plank pose lower knees or chaturanga dandasana, inhale cobra or up dog, exhale all the way back downward facing dog, so strong beautiful work give the body a moment, breath or two here again and again coming home to your center letting the rest fall away, alright here we go again building on that flow as you're ready inhale reach right leg to the sky, exhale opening the hip, inhale take it back up, exhale knee outside of the right elbow, inhale rise, exhale knee outside of left elbow, inhale rise, exhale step right foot forward, spin the back heel down, inhale warrior one come on up, exhale reach it back, interlace bind, inhale heart rising, exhale fold forward, come back up on the inhale warrior one, exhale directly open warrior two, big inhale reverse, reach it back and from here on the exhale come directly into side angle, form to thigh or hand to earth, meet it wherever it wants to be, yeah and we'll give this a full 10 breaths, so maybe you start with one variation and after two or three or six or seven breaths there's a little more space, maybe the hand comes down, maybe it shifts to a bind, half bind, be with it five, four, three, two, good, re-engage through legs and center for your transition unwinding as you're ready, inhale to warrior two, exhale reverse again, keep it fluid, stay for a big inhale and then exhale release hands to the earth, pause here, spin the back heel up, lower the back knee down, walk the right foot out a little hands inside for lizard and of course you can take this anywhere you'd like, right knee hugs in or opens out, stay on the hands or release to the forearms, meet it in your own body, see what's there, send the breath into any resistance, good, breathing five, if you're feeling four you can even add right hand holding left foot, taking that quad stretch, three, good, two, alright we want to unravel from this really mindfully, if you have the foot gently let it go and then from your upper body back in and up, take the hands either side of the front foot, tuck your back toes, lift your back knee, super strong core, inhale right leg goes back to the sky and then exhale open the hip bend the knee, take anything you feel for here, shake it out, flip it open if it's a part of your practice, just circle the leg or come home straight to down dog, you've got a few breaths to play and then of course if you want the vinyasa between sides take it and if you don't, don't, in a moment or two we meet in down dog, diving back into the river, inhale left leg up, exhale open the hip bend the knee, inhale to rise, exhale on the outside left elbow, build that strength, inhale reach it back up, exhale on the outside right elbow, inhale to rise again, exhale step left foot forward, spin the back heel down, inhale warrior one, exhale reach it back interlace, inhale heart opening, exhale into your fold, right back up, inhale rise lift the heart, exhale open it warrior two, big inhale reverse reaching it back and with the exhale directly into side angle form to thigh, hand to earth, your variation and again full 10 breaths using the heat we generate from the deeper, faster, more rapid aspects of the practice to move into these moments of stillness to discover what's there, maybe shifting the variation after three or seven breaths, maybe not, just explore it in your own body, anchoring that right heel extending out through the whole length of the right side body, rolling the rib cage open, couple more breaths, unravel as you're ready, we meet in warrior two, big inhale rise, exhale reverse, stay for a big inhale here and then exhale hands all the way to the earth and just pause, spin the back heel up, lower the back knee down, lizard pose, hands inside, be really kind to that knee, you can hug it in or open it out, you can stay on the hands or melt to forearms and elbows, good see what's there, could be a whole different story on this side, maybe just maybe left hand back for right foot adding the quad stretch, more breaths, okay again we unwind from this really slowly if you have the foot gently let it go, from your fold inhale walk the upper body back in and up and then exhale take the hands either side of the front foot again, tuck the back toes, lift the back knee from the center, inhale reach, left leg floats up, exhale open the hip bend the knee, your choice, flip it open, shake it out, circle it around, have some fun with it, we'll just meet in down dog in three or four breaths, you get there in any way you desire, good and then when you do find your down dog if you feel for a vinyasa here to kind of wash it away come with me, inhale forward to plank if you don't stay where you are, exhale lower knees are chaturanga, inhale heart rising, exhale draw back downward facing dog, excellent big inhale and with your exhale release your knees to the earth sink your hips to your heels, child's pose, these can be together or wide, arms can reach out or draw back just personal preference and then melt all the way down, yeah if it's comfortable for you in child's pose maybe spin the palms open, I love this feels like an offering and an opportunity to receive anything you want to clear out imagine just sending up and away through your open hands and anything you might want to cultivate or welcome in receiving through your palms, yeah a couple more breaths here, stay in child as long as you'd like always and then spin the palms down to the earth with your inhale lift your hands and your knees and then exhale just a neutral spine for a moment here make sure the knees are under the hips if they were wide and child's, okay right into the back of the heart anahatasana big inhale and then exhale walk the arms out to keep the legs kind of active the sit bones drawing back the counter movement to the extension of the upper body resting on the forehead or the chin maybe heart center itself touches down maybe not doesn't matter okay and then bring some awareness right between the shoulder blades into the back of the heart yeah and you soften there three good with your exhale just stay low and slide back like the hips get super super heavy and just sink towards the heels a couple breaths in child's to let that integrate and again stay there as long as you'd like when you're ready inhale float back to your hands and your knees exhale tuck your toes and press it up and back down dog just for the transition to pigeon inhale lift the right leg it's the space and then exhale guide right knee right shin forward please please please support right hip glute area grab a pillow a sweatshirt whatever you have handy slide it under there if you'd like yeah or if you really want a totally different hip over this today this morning this evening wherever you are take it okay modify your in pigeon tall spine inhale and then exhale just walk it out and down yeah give this your full awareness right with a lot of compassion and curiosity kind of explore the sensations in the body here allowing whatever arises and then just breathing into it about five more breath okay you're loving the hip opening and you know you need a little more of it you just want a little bit more of it stay there as long as you'd like when you're ready walk the upper body back in and up exhale tuck the back toes lift the back knee on your inhale you're going to sweep the right leg back to the sky just to give it a little moment of release shake it out let it go maybe roll through the vinyasa between sides and maybe not your body knows when you feel ready inhale reach left leg up exhale pigeon the second side or the hip opener of your choice support that left hip glute area as much as you'd like we want it making contact with something and then once you're rooted super super tall spine take a big inhale lift the heart and exhale walk it out and down yeah and what's there moving awareness and breath through the body letting it gradually open just by showing up really just by taking the pose by being present by breathing in it all starts to shift little by little couple more breath again you can stand this side as long as you'd like when you're ready inhale walk it back in and up and then exhale tuck the back toes lift the back knee super strong through the core inhale left leg goes to the sky and with your exhale whatever you need shake it out a little circle it around a little we meet in down dog pause here if you'd like or one last vinyasa washing it all the way inhale ripple it forward into plank exhale to lower inhale let the heart rise melt the shoulders and exhale back downward facing dog all right let's come all the way through to set bottom of the exhale soft bend in the knees hop or simply step and then here we go we're rolling all the way down onto the back if you have a block move it towards the back of the mat just make sure it's within arms reach and then ease to the earth when you land hug your knees in towards your chest and just rock the body a little side to side okay so the whole practice essentially serves the strengthening of the center but just to touch into the core a little bit before we backbend you're going to pick up the feet knees bent just like you're sitting in a classic chair okay then feel a slight drawing in and up of the tailbone engaging the belly hands press into the thighs thighs press back into the hands and you keep this super gentle if you'd like or you can really actively press we're just doing one cycle here we go five lifting head and shoulders if you'd like four good belly in and out let it tremble three two and really alongside the body nice work breathe into the belly inhale and let it go okay three backbends they can be super restorative and gentle or really deep and expansive it's really up to you stick the first one together root through the feet scoop the hips and lift up yeah if you do have a block this morning and you'd like a more restorative backbend please slide it under the sacrum give yourself support all right you want to clasp and bind the hands crawl the shoulders under feel free breathing three two if you're on the block maybe you just stay there otherwise gently release melting top to bottom spine back to the earth take a breath here rising up again stay with bridge or plant the hands under the shoulders take a moment really connect with all points of contact with the earth all four corners of the feet palms rooting down then as you're ready press deep into the earth to rise high up into the heavens inhale lift and breathe right into the heart center five wide open front body four three very slowly especially if you're all the way up tuck chin to chest back of the head upper back and then all the way down from top to bottom spine beautiful pause for a moment gather the energy third and final backbend bridge or urban on your asana rise as you're ready big inhale float it up make it an offering yeah maybe send it out to someone you know love someone you miss someone who needs a little extra goodness and energy and strength this morning this evening all the moments yeah one more breath and then let's release come on down okay two options here if there's any tenderness in your low back feet wide knees drop in okay it can be really sweet otherwise souped about a canal the soles of the feet together knees fall out to the sides right hand the heart left hand to belly soft knees or maybe what are the eyes close kill the rise and fall of your breath imagine it moving through the body like a gentle river clearing out many obstacles many stuck places yeah and then draw the knees together hug your legs in towards your chest rocking the body a little side we're gonna twist to the left first right knees together either leg on top ease legs hips to the left and reach right arm out to the right breathing down into low back and sacrum the twisting of course countering the deep back bending but also again serving to ring things out internally another breath or two here yeah and then gently slowly inhale draw the knees back up to center move the hips over to the left just a little bit and then if the legs were cross switch it out take the other leg on top let them fall to the right yeah and reach the left arm out to the left the neck of course is part of the spine so to twist through the whole length of the spine gently let the gaze follow the left finger tips yeah breathe into low back and sacrum slowing it down clearing it out a couple more breath okay okay then with the inhale we draw it back to center nice and easy with your exhale hug the knees in towards the chest and rock yourself side to side okay here sweet sweet moment to close checking in with your body what's your all-time favorite restorative posture moving towards that now right if it's comfortable if you're close to a spacious wall maybe legs up the wall with little support under the sacrum if you love Supta Baddha Konasana you can return there maybe with blankets or pillows tucked under the knees yeah if you do have a block or a really hardy book you can take that supported inversion block under sacrum and legs rising yeah you can't get this wrong just follow the feeling and move into any final posture that feels the most nourishing right again we are all navigating so much we are all holding and integrating and processing so much we look for every opportunity to support ourselves to find more resource nourishment to let our nervous system settle and recover find that restorative posture and then let yourself drop into it and gently and lovingly move your awareness through your body and notice if you're holding anywhere even just subtly and maybe let it go maybe not but maybe let it go release any unnecessary gripping or efforting drop back and let the ujjayi breath go and just settle into your own natural breath rhythm few more moments here bathing your whole body in the ears and light and warmth okay so if you're really really yummy in your restorative pose you might stay there through shavasana that is a okay you'll know you don't have to think about it at all your body will know and if now or at any point you want to gently ease out of it into a more traditional final rest of course feel free if you'd like to support your shavasana blanket pillows bolsters if you have them under your knees or cover the body or cover the eyes or all of the above and then just letting the legs roll open letting the arms rest alongside the body palms roll open and again surrendering the weight of the body down into the earth and releasing wherever it feels safe and good really and then maybe bring that river back into the mind's eye maybe you're floating upon it maybe you're lying on its banks and as you relax and surrender imagine the healing energy of the water's flow moving through physically and energetically loosening up and moving out anything that may be lodged inside very very gently just take an inhale together through the nose gently hold and open the mouth exhale let it go and let yourself breath no way, space. Not at all. We have never seen this before in my life. No.

We have exuberantana never gon die susas now. You don't need to be content. Always. If you have a desire to remain and show asana, please do so. Let's sink into the magic.

When you are ready, gently drawing the awareness back, deepening the breath. And then inhaling, reaching the arms up and over, extending out through the fingers and the toes, and then exhaling, bending the knees, feet to the earth. And then you can roll to either side or feel good. Maybe you want to stay there, just resting your head on that bottom arm for a moment. When you feel ready, guiding yourself all the way back up to a comfortable seat, support the sit bones if you'd like, soft gaze or close the eyes.

And we'll sit together for just a moment, awareness following the breath, letting the rest fall away, just this. Sustaining, not soft gaze or keeping the eyes closed, draw your hands to prayer at your heart center, gathering the energy of the practice and offering it up and out for the benefit of all beings everywhere. Exhale, empty it, together through the nose, a big inhale. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm going to work this morning, namaste.


Jenny S
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This was the perfect practice. The asanas with long holds really got into all the nooks and crannies and felt terrific. Then, the restorative pose of choice and savasana brought me into a complete sense of ease. Your speaking voice is just so soothing. Loved it. ❤️
Brian M
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That was an amazing practice! Wonderfully intense! Thank you!!
Rosemary Garrison
Thank you, Jenny . I am so grateful for your feedback. And happy that it felt good in your body! Much love to you. 
Rosemary Garrison
Thanks, Brian ! So glad you enjoyed it. 
Kate M
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You are an angel, a "bearer of light". May we all allow this. Such a privilege to be guided by you. Love.
Rosemary Garrison
Oh, Kate , thank  you with all my heart. This means so much. Be well. Much love. 
Kate M
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Barbra A
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Beautiful flow.  I feel fantastic and it's been a long time since I could say that.  Blessings and thank you.
Rosemary Garrison
Ohhhh, I hear you, Barbra . I'm so glad you felt fantastic. Be well. 
David G-
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Rosemary, two nights ago all the teachers went for drinks after graduation. I could only stay for a short bit, and before I left, I hugged a few people. It was the first time it felt natural during this Covid life. Your opening comments choked me up too. 

Now, for some Namaste. The flow was just so much fun. I always get swept away, especially with the vinyassas. Loved the 10 second pauses, especially in triangle. So much gratitude that I can move and learn and metta with you here on Yoga Anytime, and soon on Zoom. 

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