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Season 2 - Episode 2

Magically Supported

60 min - Practice


Clear out that which keeps you from being supported. Move through easy stretches and slow Warrior Dances, then soften into Malasana, Horse, and Bridge before settling into your meditation.
What You'll Need: Mat

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 Greetings Kira!
So very grateful for another wonderful start to my  Saturday- "self realization is a group effort" - I will ponder that all day! So beautiful to share these sessions - funnily enough yesterday I pulled out my old Mr. Schiffman  Backyard series DVDS - I sometimes get an overwhelming urge to hear his voice and laugh - and I was struck by the similar vibe you folks are creating  in your own spaces - just wonderful!
Have a beautiful day
loveandpeace, now as always!xxx
Michelle, Schiffmann’s backyard series was so radical and groundbreaking! I’m gonna have to download those again cuz I don’t have a DVD player anywhere.  So happy to be here together. Love. 
Absolutely -  and the cat´s adorable!it was weird cos I cant remember the last time I watched them and when I put them into laptop- nothing happened ! Haha - DVDS are so last century babe- I did manage to download a media player and ---bliss! I also watched the Freedomstyle  with Schiffmnan and friends and hey Kira - is that a sweet young you in pretty bunches? The soundtrack (in the days before playlists!) is just brilliant too
Time to get on the mat .....
Have a beautiful day!
Michelle! Yes, that's me! Hahah. I loved those days so much. Practicing with Schiffmann created such a wide stable foundation. His generosity permeates my whole being.  Happy you are here!! xok
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I think at this point it’s a given that I absolutely loved this practice lol...❤️🕸🕷🙏🏻
Jenny LOVE! YOU! xok
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This was blissful and delightful. I love your invisible friends. I really appreciated the invitation to experience the post-shimmy bliss through the practice, and having time to feel into it. Thank you to you and all your friends, Kira!
Ali, LOVE! So happy you are here. xok
This was great- like a beautiful poetry! Thanks, Kira! Kind regards!
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Sandra Ž, so happy to see you here today. xo

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