Body of Breath Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 1

Constructive Rest

10 min - Practice


We are already breathing beautifully. This simple, breathing awareness exercise is designed to help us observe and connect more deeply with our breath. Zubin, with Juna’s help, demonstrates how we might witness the breath in our belly, side waist, and collarbones to find a deep ease. While you don't need anything, Zubin show how a strap can help the legs relax and an eye pillow can help provide reference for the breath in the belly. Juna uses a blanket under her head for comfort.
What You'll Need: Blanket, Strap


love this breath attention so much!!!
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Thank you for this guided breathing. I loved to place my hand onto the belly, chest and collarbone, it really brings the awareness into the area. The strap around my thighs felt so good, I could release my legs and hips. I placed a bolster under my thighs, straped them and straighten my legs. That felt wonderful.
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Love the simplicity of this approach. My personal experience is that applying too much "technique" to the breath can create a great deal of tension - the opposite of "prana - ayama" - releasing the restrictions on the breath. Thank you!

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