Slow Flow and Meditation Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 8

Wholehearted Flow

60 min - Practice


Stabilize, strengthen, and balance out the body in this whole-hearted flow. Start supine bringing energy into the hips, move into lunge sun salutes to heat the body, find space in the shoulders and neck in standing postures, and close with a seated Loving Kindness meditation. You will feel relaxed and resonant.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Really loving your live yoga classes. Thank you!
Hi Linda, I'm so glad to hear... thank you so much for joining me for these live classes. So grateful to be practicing together right now. Take good care! Love, Alana 
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The loving kindness meditation really touched into something in me today...perhaps it’s the time we find ourselves in now...I had a strong emotional reaction, literally shedding some tears, even while I’m typing this. This was not an adverse reaction, but rather a cathartic one; so as always thank you so much - from my heart to yours ❤️
Jenny, Thank you so much for sharing... I too had a strong emotional response during the meditation, shedding tears and feeling a wellspring of raw tenderness. To feel deeply is a gift. Breathing into sensations and exhaling to release. So grateful to be in Yoga together... here and now. Wishing you a deeply nourishing weekend. Love, Alana 
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Wonderful practice! Thank you very much, Alana!
Sandra, So glad you enjoyed this wholehearted practice. Thank you for joining me! Love, Alana 
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Wonderful way to begin the day!  Enjoyed the Qigong like goddess part. Appreciated your advice for clicking sounds and what one can do in response.  Also ending in kindness mediation was great. Aloha
Wonderful, Christel! So glad you enjoyed this practice. I am loving teaching these LIVE classes on Yoga Anytime. Wishing you an easeful week. Love, Alana 
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Ciao Alana and thank you again... these day I've being practising here and some how you too ☺
Ciao Silvia! Bellissima!! What a peaceful and expansive place to practice your Yoga! Wishing you a deeply nourishing and inspiring retreat. Love, Alana 
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