Joyful Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Key to Balance

60 min - Practice


Keep breathing, keep smiling, keep playing in this challenging and fun practice focused on balancing. We begin with opening seated postures and breathing exercises, then bring the energy up the spine, and activate the core and leg muscles for stability during Side Planks, Warrior 3, and Dancer Pose. You will feel joyful and centered.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Yes! An hour of twisting and balancing really helps one to feel aligned and think clearly. Perfect for this humid summer day šŸ’„
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HiĀ Jenny! Humid here too, we are on the same page! So glad you felt the balance and clarity!!
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The first photos of our FIRST GRAND BABY came through during this practice!!!!! Joy, Light, overflowing Abundance ---- LOVE!!! (And it was a really great sequence!)
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Thank you! I've loved some variations of poses like the twisted child pose, the low lunge to side plank and warrior 3 with interlaced fingers. Not the same old balance poses and it's great!
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This was fun and challenging a little with the full splits! Iā€™m 57 and havenā€™t done full splits s for many years (still didnā€™t todayšŸ˜‚). You are an awesome instructor. Thank you.ā¤ļø
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enjoyed this practice!
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HiĀ ToniaĀ so glad you were going for it and its never to late for those of us that are AARP applicants we still keep rocking it right? I'm with you!! just had a bday :@Ā 
HiĀ LinaĀ that was a journey wasn't it! so glad you have an adventurous spirit and were going for it...Covid has inspired my creative juices and hope it's not scary people ahahah!
FabianĀ thanks for joining me and the YA crew!
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Wow congratulationsĀ KateĀ this is great news!!!
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