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Joyful Flow

Season 1

These practices were recorded LIVE Wednesday mornings from July 2nd to August 20th, 2020.


Danielle K
Wade's flows make me smile and feel good from the inside out!  Uplifting, truly a joyful yoga practice.  Thank you Wade!
Danielle this message made my day! So glad you are feeling how transformative and uplifting yoga can be!!
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I really enjoyed season 1, will there by a season 2?
Kira Sloane
Christina, we sure hope so! Meanwhile, Wade is a part of our online New Year's LIVE Retreat line up. Kicks off January 4th. Watch for sign up details. xo Kira
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Christina So glad you enjoyed it! Yes to what Kira said!
I hope so :) 
Dagmar V
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Started yoga in the first lockdown, sure helpt both mentally and physically. Wade thank you, you sure make yoga fun 😉
Hi Dagmar V well the lockdown had some good outcomes = getting you to yoga!! So glad you are joining us and having fun along with me!!

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