Joyful Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Liquid Flow

60 min - Practice


Lead from the heart and flow with the breath in this fluid practice. We move dynamically through a full body sequence, igniting the core and feeling into the connection between upper and lower body, finding ease in the hips, exploring the range of motion of the shoulders, and warming and strengthening the legs before playing with Compass Pose. You will feel steady and uplifted.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Hi Wade. Just what I needed today. Thank you! I've got an S/I injury (from a fall while backpacking) but oddly, was able to do almost everything.... in this practice.  I've not been able to make it "live" but go to the recordings later. Thank you so much for continuing to be here for us "even in the midst." Elissa 
Hi Elissa it's so great to hear from you! I'm glad you are still mobile after your energy, injuries in the summer time when we just want to be outside and explore are tough (especially now) So glad you could join Live or Recorded!! 
Hi Wade, I am really appreciating all your LIVE sessions and delight in hearing your cheery voice. I generally veer towards fast vinyasa flow classes and these more measured but nonetheless challenging classes are definitely making me pay attention to very important things like alignment and breath.  No scootching from one pose to another at great speed and 'cheating' frequently.......   Many thanks, Catherine x 

Catherine great to hear from you! Fast paced classes can be a lot of fun - feels like dancing sometimes! On the other hand, I'm so glad you are trying something new and seeing the benefit of a different approach... Both can really compliment each other!
Hi Wade, thank you for your inspiring lesson that i practice just now, 1 hour where your really could enjoy Time,  it lasted more that aspected for me, you make me apreciated Time today!
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HI Francesco I'm so glad you enjoyed it and were able to let go of 'time' it's such a great vacation for your mind when that happens in the practice!!
Hi Wade, thank you for this wonderful class. I enjoyed your classes. They are all very different. I like when a class has a theme. I like the idea of liquid flow. I would love to be like water, to be able to flow easily and find my way even if there are obstacles.
Hi Lina I feel you on that one and would love to flow more like water as well- lose the rigidity of life in our bodies and minds  especially during these times we are in. So glad you joined this one and are feeling all of the different flows!
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Amazing practice once again. Thank you! I did compass& full splits today!! Wi-hoo! Feeling so joyful& fabulous!
HI Phoebe F this is so great! I love witnessing the breakthroughs! Carry that same energy to the next challenge!

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