Joyful Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Heat it Up

60 min - Practice


Heat it up with this “bootcamp”-style spicy practice. We begin by moving through a creative sequence strengthening the core and finding mobility in upper body, activate the glutes, hips, and legs in challenging standing balancing poses, and playing in Side Crow before settling into seated stretches to release and integrate. You will feel strong and focused.
What You'll Need: Mat

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So nice to catch this wave with you! Gorgeous day here in Ottawa : ) Thank you, Wade!
I enjoy your class.  Great! Thank you.  Masako
Your warm energy and clear instructions make for an awesome practice! Thanks so much!
Wonderful lead in to the eagle.  Like your ending message. Great class.
This is one of the most well structured flows I have experienced in a long time. Thank you!
Masako thank you so much- so glad you are enjoying it!
Brian great to hear from you and so happy you are feeling the 'Joy' from this series! Thanks for practicing with me!
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Hi Christel Thank you thank you. How did your eagle feel?!? Fly Yogi Fly ahahah
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Phoebe oh this is so great to hear! I really enjoy planning these and finding ways to make peak poses accessible. Thanks for the really kind words! 
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Hi Kate - So good to know you got to float and flow with me! Chicago and Ottawa are both having an amazing summer finale! May it last atleast another month!
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