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Season 1 - Episode 2

What is Shamata Meditation

10 min - Special


Erin introduces us to the practice of Shamata meditation, and discusses the importance of technique, discipline, and community in a meditation practice, helping us cultivate equanimity and acceptance, and develop a greater sense of intimacy with oneself.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Jul 09, 2020
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super excited to start these meditations. thanks erin :)
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Great explanations, you've helped clarify a number of long-standing questions, thank you!
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How can we get that community that teacher that is so important and indispensable when meditating at home with this site? Is there a forum for that? You said Bouddha Darma and Sanda ?
Vanessa You're welcome ! I hope find them useful, thank you for watching :)
Lisa I am so happy to hear ! Thank you.
Catherine Thank you for your inquiry, as it is definitely a worthwhile one, in the age we are in now. I feel like the Yoga Anytime format is great for connection, community, and a concise way to be exposed to different teachers and methods that you can base your self practice around. I would also encourage looking into what is being offered locally if you're interested in in person connection. Thank you for watching and for your feedback.
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Hi Erin, In my last comment I addressed it to Debra… Just shows where my mind was somewhere out in the universe… Anyways this was a very good explanation of what this meditation is about and how it works… thank you so much! Please disregard my last comment about why were doing it this way… This episode explains and answers my question. I will be following you to deep in my meditation practice. Namaste
Brenda S I’m so happy to hear and thank you for practicing with me, it’s always a pleasure to share in this way. 

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