Vibrant Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Deep, Sweet Flow

60 min - Practice


Join Rosemary for a spicier, mindful practice. Flow through Sun Salutes, investigating how repetition allows a meditative quality in the movements. Explore longer holds and challenging transitions in a heating standing flow, find deep twists to wring it all out, and then unwind and integrate with forward folds. You will feel strong and focused.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Dear Rosemary,
I really did feel like I literally melted onto and melded with the floor at the end of this most wonderful session! Thank you so much - it was good for me to push my stamina a bit to get through and the sensation of  stronglightness (haha thats how it felt!)as I lay in savasanah was like a blessing!
Have a beautiful day
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This felt so good in my body/mind. Invigorating and at the same time, so comforting and healing. Thank you for this  gift.
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Thank you for this beautiful practice!
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What a beautiful practice thank you so much!!
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An amazing practice with the right combo of intensity and sweetness! Thank you!!
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Rosemary, you always hit it outta the park! Thank you for the slower, mindful pace, perfect for going within and going home; I am one. Love the heat, I feel like a phoenix reborn. Thank you!
Thank you, Michelle ! I love "stronglightness" ! What a beautiful way to feel. Brava for challenging yourself. And thank you so much for showing up so whole heartedly. Much love. 
Thank you, Kate . It is oh so nourishing to hear from you... and to know we are sharing the practice far and wide. More love. 
You're welcome, Tetyana ! Thank you for sharing in it with us. 
Thank you, Laura ! I'm so happy you enjoyed. Be well and much love. 
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