Vibrant Flow Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Warm Up, Clear Out

60 min - Practice


Bring energy into the foundation of the legs and hips to release what needs to be cleared out. We create heat in Sun Salutes, challenge the core with Plank holds, then build the pace and energy in the legs with a lunge sequence, sinking into held standing postures. Explore Ustrasana and King Pigeon before an extended quad stretch in Virasana. You will feel grounded and open.
What You'll Need: Mat, Strap, Block

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Hi Rosemary, loving your practice all the way from Sydney's northern beaches, cheers, Paul and Sue.
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This was just simply perfect. Long luxurious holds that were somehow both strengthening and relaxing, combined with your rich, soothing voice made this hour fly by. I could have spent all afternoon with this one....
Very clearing, indeed! Thank you so much, again! 
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Thank you, thank you, Rosemary. _/\_ xo
So glad you felt that, Tara Nadia ! My pleasure and enjoy!
You are oh so welcome, Kate . Xxxo
Thank you, Paul and Sue! How fun that you're joining us from all the way around the world! It's a joy to have you. Be well. 
Ooooh, I love hearing that Jenny ! That's essentially what I was intending to create. Happy to know it was a joy for you. Be well. 
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Wonderful practice! Thank you!!
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Thank you Rosemary! You are just too good. I love the way you bring me in that stillness place! I love you're energy, always looking forward to your next class. Thank you
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