Dynamic Flow Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 6

Embracing Stillness

60 min - Practice


Give yourself permission to slow down and embrace stillness in this yin-focused practice. We connect to the breath, and move slowly and gently through restorative poses to access the “places of interest” that are accessed only through deeper body-opening work. You will feel relaxed and spacious.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Thanks for the stretch. Better than cocktail hour. Now time to make din din
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Oh yeah! This is my kind of practice these days...can we just do this every week until 2020 is over? 😉. Seriously though, it feels so important to move the body in a deep but relaxed way during these unsettled times, and this hit the spot.
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Wow. I’ve stretched so much I’ve grown an inch. 😁
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perfect friday morning practice  :))
The 'yoga cocktail hour' - could be a new offering Lauri :)) 
Yay Jenny !! So happy you felt this to be beneficial and what you needed - it was exactly what I personally needed, have to honor that as often as possible! You're awesome, I'm so grateful to know you're continuing to practice here with me/us! 
Everyone wants to be a little taller don't they Leesa ? Well maybe not if you consider yourself 'too tall' - otherwise, let's stretch and get taller (or at the least let's slow the shrinking) haha Thanks for being here and sharing!! 
Awesome to hear Fabian !! Maybe a good Saturday morning practice too :)) 
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Yes, I can confirm it works great for a Saturday morning too. As well as live on Tuesday. I accidentally did this one twice this week. But hey, why not?
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Wonderful just to stretch and get all the stuck energy out.
Enjoyed the swiveling scorpion. Thanks Robert.
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