Dynamic Flow Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 7

Steady Uplifting Flow

60 min - Practice


Let's do what works, what’s repeatable and sustainable. Robert leads us on a fluid, well-rounded practice exploring flexibility, mobility, and breath work through familiar shapes, opening and strengthening the back and core, and playing into Wheel Pose. You will feel strong and uplifted.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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All right, so welcome. My name is Robert Sedoti, as some of you may know. Last week, we shoot these consecutively here from my home here, I mentioned that last week's practice was episode five. It was actually technically on the site episode six. So this is technically episode seven, but our sixth practice together, if that makes sense. Maybe too much information. Either way, regardless of numbers, this is another opportunity to practice a full one-hour dynamic flow. So this last week was kind of chill. We moved towards stillness, towards stretching toward like, we just need to chill out a little bit. This week, I've been thinking about just like a full well-rounded practice that rings or stays true to the intro that I mentioned. Flexibility, strength, mobility, breath work, right? Be cool. It's all good. It's all good. So let's have some fun and move our bodies. And yeah, that's about it. So without further ado, we will make our way onto our mat onto hands and knees and tabletop child's pose. So keep it, you know, like when I do these, I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel. Okay. A lot of the things will be similar. There's some new characters in the cast, but it's generally like, let's do what works. Let's stick with what's reasonable, repeatable, and sustainable. All right. So with that said, again, tabletop, longer intro than I planned. Keep your block nearby. And yeah, just push the hips back with your knees wide. I'm going to go a little narrow today. Point your toes back, push back into a little child's pose.

Try to reach the arms out long in front of you. Find your breath, right? Track it down. You can bring your hands a little closer to your knees. If you'd like, maybe even stack your hands or fists, placing your forehead down, kind of wobble a little bit side to side just to kind of, you know, work your way gently into zip practice, practice yoga practice. Definitely not a perfect practice. If it were, you probably would not be here because you would already perfected it. Okay. We will revisit this. We're going to go through one of my favorite little openings. Okay. The first part of the opening is tabletop hands below the right out in front of the shoulders. You can take your knees a little wider and your big toes to touch. The first part is really just to let the hips drop forward. Keep your arms straight. So your low back will kind of indicate how far your hips go. But when you come forward like this, try to pull, regardless of how far you go, pull the shoulders back and lift the chest up. Maybe find some space in your neck. So draw those shoulders down away from your neck and your ears as much as you can. And just kind of drop the hips from side to side. Begin to feel it out. Again, track the breath. Follow the breath. Be one with the breath, my friend. Be the breath. Okay. Push back into a little child's pose. It doesn't have to be a big one, just a little one, just to kind of feel it out. Blend it. And then one breath all the way through table. So breathe in, drop the hips, pull the chest through and exhale all the way back to your child's pose. Breathe in through your nose, table, up dog. It's like a lazy, just getting warmed up dog. Exhale child's pose. Inhale right back to where we were. Exhale child's pose. Three more. Breathe in and breathe out. Breathe out the mouth if that creates more space. Breathe in and breathe out. Last one like that. Inhale through the nose and exhale. Let's add to that. Breathe in all the way back to where we were. Bend your elbows, lower yourself down. Exhale. Good. Inhale. Straighten those arms, lift the chest, back up into that little up dog and back into your child's pose. Exhale. A lot of moving pieces here. Back into the up dog. Breathe in, breathe out, lower yourself down. Pull those elbows back, shoulders down.

Use your upper arm strength, right? Your triceps, your shoulders to lift up. Squeeze, like pause here for a second. Really straighten out those arms and squeeze the back of your upper arms. Those are your triceps. So you get that full engagement there. And then exhale back into your child's pose. One more like that. Inhale into that. That back bend, upward position. Oh, yes. Lower down. Exhale. Inhale, lift up, squeeze out those arms and all the way back. Okay. Tabletop. Okay. You're going to do this cool little move here that I just absolutely love. So it's like a downward dog where you lift your right leg up and open the hip and the left leg, but you're going to stay just like this. So lift your right leg up as high as you can and begin to open the hip. And maybe you want to curl the back toes. You want to open that hip up and come onto the right fingertips. Like you're trying to tap the right toes back on the other side of you. And then you reach that right arm up alongside your ear of overhead. It's a big, generous side stretch. Okay, good. And then you bring that right knee back down. Similar to those little scorpion things we did last week if you were here. So lift the left leg up, open the hip like you would a downward dog, right? And then lift those fingertips up, left fingertips, and place that left foot back behind you and reach the left arm up. Oh, man. You can stretch your left leg out a little bit more. So it's that big side stretch. Get a little, I know I get super tight through here. Let's do one more on each side. Bring the left knee down. Right leg is bent. It pushes up, pushed through the heel. Open up the hip. Come on to the right fingertips. Tap the right foot down and reach the right arm long. It's like a side plank and extended side angle posture. Bring the right knee back down with the left leg bent. Lift, lift, lift. Feel the hip open. That left hip starts to really open up. Ground the back foot way back behind you. Take that left arm, reach it up, and then stretch. Was that clear? Stretch.

Nice. Bring the left hand down, the left knee down. Take a cat cow or two. Breathe in. Breathe out into cat pose. Round out your back. Stretch. Breathe in. Arch the back. Pull the shoulders back. Heart forward. Exhale. Round out the back. I want you to stay right here. Push the ground away as much as you can. Okay. You're going to feel your shoulders broaden across your back, your shoulder blades as well. Pull your belly up. Round your back as much as you can. Gazing towards your thighs. Push, push, push, push. Now remember when we do our knee to elbows and things and I say it's a similar move as cat pose. This is it right here. Okay. Good. Back into a flat back. Make sure your fingers are spread out nice and wide. Curl your toes. Push your butt back a little bit. Stretch those toes out. Those neglected little digits back there. And then lift your knees up. Push your butt back even more. Chest towards your thighs. And then lift up into downward facing dog where you individually press one heel down at a time. You walk it out. It's like you're taking like a really slow motion stroll. Just kind of moon walking on the mat, but in place moon walking. Wow. That was huge back way back when. Stretch nice again, right? So keep be one with the breath. Focus on the breath. Track the breath. Send the breath to those tight areas in the body. Let's walk forward to the front of the mat and come up onto your fingertips so the ground comes a little bit higher. Okay. Soft bend in the knees. Slide the hands up the shins toward the knees. Flatten out that beautiful back of yours, that spine, that strong core. Exhale, fold forward and down. Again, breathe in half lift. Stay right here with that gorgeous spine, right? Straight, strong, long. Stretch your right leg long. Straighten it. Bend your left leg. Now twist and turn open to the right. Right arm reaches up nice and high and you turn your body open. How's your breath? Your overall attitude. Let's work a positive attitude into the mix here. Bend your right leg straight in the left. Wedge that right forearm into that right knee. So you have something to kind of like work with there and then turn your chest open and bring that left arm high. You're in this posture here. It's a beautiful opportunity to breathe. Bring yourself back down into a forward fold. Roll up to stand, mindful of your back. Bring the arms up overhead. Take that big stretch. Inhale. Exhale, forward bend. Breath in half lift. Breath out palms to the mat. Walk yourself back into plank pose. Organize, situate, shoulders over elbows, elbows over wrists. Use your knees if you prefer. Let's lower ourselves down all the way for this first one. Put your toes back. Lift on the breath in the chest. Slide forward and up. Start to feel the mid back working a little back. It's a little attention there. Push through the arms a little bit more if you'd like. And let's come all the way back to tabletop. Curl the toes under downward facing dog. Perfect. Perfect. Just like we designed it. Let's walk forward all the way up to the front of the mat. Half lift, breath in, strong, gorgeous spine. Fold. Exhale. Breathe in, arms out wide. Reach up and exhale.

The hands track to the chest, to the heart. That's one sun sal. Bring the arms down, reach out and up. Let's move toward another one. Exhale, forward and down. Stretch the body out. Inhale, nice and long in the spine. Exhale, bend the knees, plant the palms, walk back into plank. And let's lower down right away on the exhale. Maybe an upward dog this time. Breathe in. Pull those shoulders back. Lift the heart. If you've chosen cobra pose, perfect. Perfect choice. Downward dog, up and back. Support the choices you make by feeling good about them. Not feeling like they're lesser than or even more than anything. Feel good about the choice. The choice was yours. You took it and it was right for you in that moment. Let's walk forward. Breath in, half lift. Fold, exhale. Rise up, breathe in. Reach the arms overhead and exhale hands to heart. One more time, just like that. Breathe in, arms up. Breathe out. Breath in, half lift. Breath out, walk back into your plank pose. Choose your lowering. Choose your back bend. Straighten those arms if you're an upward dog. Downward facing dog, exhale. So you're generating heat through the movement, but you're generating heat, that internal heat with breathing, right? So keep the breath alive. Okay, let's add a leg up here. So push the left heel toward the mat, lift your right leg up, bend the right leg and open that hip up. Come up onto the right fingertips even. Spill, open that hip. Remember, we just did this from that tabletop position. So if you feel like it, bring that right foot back behind you. Boom. Stretch your left leg out. Push through your right heel to lift up and reach the right arm up and back behind you. Left arm doing all the work to keep you up. So be mindful of that left shoulder. Okay, lower the hips a little bit. Resituate the legs and bring yourself back up into that three-legged dog with the hips square. Exhale, knee to the elbow or a little bit higher. Remember, cat pose. Push the ground away. Spread those shoulder blades. Spread those wings. Lift up high in the left big toe and step the right foot forward. Good. Let's straighten and bend the right leg a few times. Drop down into the lunge as you bend your right leg. Lift the hips, straighten out the right leg. You can incorporate cat cow here. So when you come into the lunge, you can get a little extension in the spine. And as you straighten out the right leg, you can get a little more flexion in the spine, meaning more cat pose. Nice. Now back into a good strong lunge pose. Level the hips out. Ground the left hand or fingertips are up on a block. And turn and twist open to the right. Super strong pose here. Ground the left arm. Ground the right foot. Push the left heel back. And now turn open. Right arm high. Core is nice and strong and activated. You can bring your right arm toward the front of your mat, palm facing down like a side stretch option. You can also bring your left knee down and reach the right hand back as if you're trying to touch that back leg or back foot. Open up the chest. Good. Back up into the twist. Turn open, open, open. Right hand back down. Step back into downward dog. Take a clearing breath. Inhale. Exhale. Clear, clear, clear. Okay. You're going to move back into your plank pose. We'll come through again. Plank on the breath in. Breath out. Lower yourself down. Be strong here. Upward inhale.

Keep the spine strong. Pull those shoulders back. Lift the heart and downward facing dog. Nice. Now ground the right heel toward the mat. So you feel like your right leg is gotten. It's got some like stability. Lift your left leg up. Bend it. Open your hip. Explore, investigate. Yes. Come up high on the left fingertips as an option. Now, if it's interesting to you, bend that right leg a little bit. Step with control the left foot back behind you. Point your right toes or right leg straight and then blast off. Lift those hips up. Reach the left arm up and back behind you. Palm facing down. Oh, man. Strength. Little mobility. Some flexibility. I told you we were going to do it all. Lift up. Open. Okay. Lower.

Adjust that right leg again. Lift the left leg up, up, up, up, up. Need to that left oboe or higher. Remember to get that cat pose in the upper back and arms. Come up high on those right big toe. Step the left foot forward. Whoo. Right. Nice. Now straighten and bend a few times. Straighten and bend, meaning bend your left leg. Drop that right knee down a little bit. Lift the chest. Begin to explore these two big areas here. Your hamstrings and your hips. Coordinating the movement with your breathing as always. Roaming around through these spaces, seeing where like, you know, you've got those little stiff spots, neglected or overused. We all have them. And with just a little bit of tip here, a little bit of lean here, you're going to find more, more little nuggets to open up or to strengthen. Okay. Now we're going to open up into that twist now. So ground the right arm, left leg, bam, strong, 90 degrees, ground your left foot firmly. Tone up, tune up, brace the core and then turn open to the left. Turn your chest, your ribs, rotate. Don't let your left knee fade out. Keep the knee over the ankle and left arm high. Right arm is, right hand is on the mat, on the fingertips, on a block. Rotate twist. Okay. You can remember what I said before on the other side, reach the left arm, palm facing down, way up toward the front of your mat. Then if you drop that right knee, reach the left arm back like you're trying to grab hold of the foot, but we're not going to grab it right now. Just opening up that front of the body, your shoulders specifically on the left side. Good. Left arm back down. Lift that back knee. Step back into downward dog. Readjust, realign. Breathe. Okay. Right leg up. Keep the hips nice and square. Big fan of these movements because I know they work. So we're going to do five right knee to right elbow. Exhale. Inhale high with the leg. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Four. Inhale. Exhale. Five and step. Good. Fingertips first just to kind of wiggle around and get our alignment. Right foot toward the right edge, left foot toward the left edge of the mat. Hands up on your thigh and then eventually proud and strong and tall in this high crescent lunge. Soft in the shoulders. Nice. Okay. With that left side stretch thigh hip flexors, go ahead and take that little side bend over to the right. Right hand can rest on the thigh. Left arm reaching up and over to see if you can emphasize or exaggerate. Bring more flavor to that left side. Perfect. I love it. Love it. Love it. Love it. Back to square right arm under the left way up high up above in the left upper left arm. Eagle, eagle bind, eagle wrap. So walk your right foot toward the left palm. Gotta work hard here in that right side. Pull the elbows away from the body and then lift those elbows up a little bit. Grab a little back band. When you lose the breath, just acknowledge it within yourself. Oh man, I haven't been paying attention, but I am now. You bring it back. Release the arms, circle them high on the breath in, breath out, hands to the mat. Step into plank pose. Exhale, lower yourself down. Inhale, back bend. Strong. Exhale, downward dog. Left leg lifts, hip height or so. Knee toward the elbow on the left side. Squeeze it in, engage that core, push the earth away, push the ground away, whatever it is. Inhale, send it back up. Exhale number two. Inhale up. Exhale, three. Exhale, four. Exhale, five and step. Good. Keep that left foot on the left side of the mat, right foot on the right. Hands up on the thigh just for a little balance and stability. And then maybe rise. Okay. So make sure you've got your balance first. Appropriate degree of stretch in the quad and hip flexor on the right. And then managing that low back compression. Okay. So if it feels too much, bend that back knee and drop the tailbone down a little bit. Take the right arm, take that side bend, side stretch. Let's call it the yummy, potentially. It might not feel yummy for you, but I feel like it's just like, yes. Open that right arm up a little bit more, send it over to the left. Perfect. Now take the left arm under the right eagle arms. So your left palm fingers crawl toward that right palm and you find elbows pressing toward one another, pulling away from your body and lifting. Steady gaze, fluid, spacious breath. Try to keep your back heel lifted straight up. Left knee stacked over the left ankle. Core engaged. Release the arms. Inhale them high. Exhale the hands to the mat. Plank pose. Pause and plank here. So if you needed to take a few moments to get there, here we are. We're right here. Send your heels over to the right. Stack up on your right arm for side plank. Perfect opportunity for you to make the choice to bring your right knee down. It gives you some support, right? Or you keep those legs stretched out. Squeeze those thighs together so the legs become one unit and you lift those hips a little higher. Open the chest up. Let's try the other side. Left arm to the mat. Heels. I like to just kind of send them over to the left without stacking. Make sure your left arm is good. Right arm reaching. Hips lifting.

Breath moving. Glue those inner thighs together. Squeeze them so the legs become a little bit more like one unit. Open up. Right arm down. On your exhale, lower down. Your desired level. Inhale. Push up. Strong arms. Exhale. Downward dog. Land and take a breath. Take a bow. Okay. Look forward. Let's try a little hop up there, okay? Look forward. I like to come under my fingertips. Do that if you can. It brings the ground up a little bit. On your exhale, bend your knees and jump your feet up to the front of the mat. Inhale. Half lift. Breath in. Fold. Exhale. Rise up. Breathe in. And breathe out. Hands to your heart. Good. Roll your shoulders up and back a couple of times. Let your arms come down along by your side. Take a moment to catch your breath, so to speak. Bring it all back to center. In through the nose. Out through the nose or the mouth. Up to you. Always in through the nose if you can. And exhale. One more time. In through the nose. And exhale. Now inhale just like you were. Arms up overhead. And exhale forward and down. Breath in. Half lift. Breath out. Maybe you even jump back this time. Plant the palms. Jump back and lower. Upward position. Downward position. Good. Right leg lifts. Inhale. Right knee to the right elbow. Exhale. Inhale the right leg up. Exhale knee to the elbow and step. Open the back foot for your one. Breath in. Take those arms nice and wide. Open the chest up. Feel free to clasp your hands behind your back to emphasize that opening across the chest and shoulders. Keep pushing into the feet as I'm always instructing. The power begins in the feet. The ground. The ground. The ground. Nice. Bring the arms up overhead.

And then another eagle wrap. Right arm under the left. Right fingertips to the left palm. You may have gotten in there a little easier this time. Body's starting to open up. Warm up. Or maybe it's just a little more sweaty and you can kind of like slide in. So warrior one with eagle arms. Come back to the breath. Release eagle arms and open up into warrior two. Step that left foot back. Get a nice generous stance here. Left leg is straight. Right leg is bent. Maybe toward even 90 degrees. Now bring the right forearm on top. So warrior two. But really it was a set up for extension. Right forearm on top of the right thigh. But not shoulder to ear. It's not shoulder to ear pose. So keep the shoulder away from the ear. A lot of space. Now take that left shoulder and chest and open it up a little bit and pull that right hip back a bit. Firm through the belly. Rooted through the feet. Now left arm high. Now you can leave your right arm there or bring your right fingertips down toward the ground. Space. Right. This one's a perfect example of a lot of flexibility. Some mobility and definitely strength. Right. Now take that left palm. Turn it toward the front of your mat facing down. Try this. Bring the right arm. Yeah. Like you're holding that big beach ball. Now your right leg is just like, say what? Say what do you want me to do? Oh boy. Good. Now take that beach ball up high. Straighten the front. Tiny bit. Keep that beach ball there, right? Straighten the front leg. Unlock it just a tiny bit. Triangle pose with the beach ball. So it's like a pulling of the right hip back. Arms reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach. Very nice. Keep that left shoulder open. Pull the right shoulder forward. Now bring the right hand toward the ground or your shin and the left arm high. You can almost like rest a little more into that triangle pose. Okay. Bend the right leg. Reverse. Reach up and back. Inhale. Peaceful. And on your exhale, let's bring the hands down to the mat. Slide that right foot back. Not actually slide, but lift it back into plank. Hold. Pause. Side plank on the right again. Heels over to the right. Left arm flows high. Bring the right knee down for support. This isn't just a trick, right? Side plank is not just a tricky pose. It is a pose that involves a lot of effort, a lot of mindful kind of engagement. So there's value here and there's purpose. Left arm down.

Back, wrist, elbow, shoulder, fingers spread out wide in that left hand. So you have an even platform foundation. Right arm high. Hips lifting. Right hand down to join the left on your exhale. Lower yourself down to your chosen level. Good. Inhale for your back bend. Straighten out the arms if you're an up dog and downward dog to your downward dog. You go. Take a moment here and downward dog just to give yourself a little momentary check-in. Like here I am now. Okay. Ground the right foot, meaning like create stability in the right leg. Lift your left leg. One time knee to elbow. Send it back up. I lied. You get two because you're going to step now. Left foot forward. Beautiful. Shorten the stance a tiny bit. Ground the back foot. Rise up for warrior one. Okay. It's called adjust the tank top pose. Reach the arms up. Once you get your root down through the feet, through the legs, bring it all up through the core. Left arm under the right. Eagle arms. Get that eagle gaze, that locked in gaze. Once you have eagle arms, reach the elbows away from the body. Lift them up a little bit. Grab that little back bend. Shifts up your gaze a little bit too, so it makes it just a tiny bit more challenging. Requires more of your attention, which I love that piece. Really nice. Release the arms. Slide the right foot or walk it or step it back. Okay. So this is like that warrior two position. Bring the left forearm down on that left thigh. Okay. Left leg is bent 90 degrees toward 90 degrees. Now bring that left hip back a little bit. Right hip forward. Just a snooge. Then the right arm comes high and the right palm faces the ground and you extend forward that right arm right alongside your ear. Turn the chest open a little bit more. Keep firing and grounding through the feet. You can bring your left fingertips down toward the floor or a block if you'd like. Right arm high. So many options here. And then you can hold that imaginary beach ball. Leg strength, core strength, team effort here. Open up the chest. Open up the chest. Oh yes. Lift back up with that beach ball. Straighten the front leg. Shorten your stance just a tiny bit. Bend the left leg a little micro bend and then pull the left hip back and come into triangle pose with that beach ball. Keep turning your body open as much as you can. Nice. Stay steady and committed in the core. Bring now the left fingertips down to the left shin and the right arm high for your standard triangle pose. Open yourself up here. Bend the left leg. Reverse your warrior. Reach up and back. In the inhale. Peaceful. Bring some peace and length up that left side of your body. On your exhale, frame the left foot with both hands. Step it back into your plank pose and come down to forearm plank for a moment. Good. If you feel a little fatigued or you're like, what dude, are you serious? Forearm plank. Bring the knees down. Give yourself a little assist. Otherwise keep those knees lifted. Shoulders over the elbows. I want you to get that cat pose action again. Okay? So push your elbows firmly into the mat to stretch out those shoulder blades. Draw your tailbone back toward your heels and your pubic bone up and engage your core just that much more. We're going to hold another 30 seconds.

Right? We've got to do the work. We've got to do the work. If we want to feel good, have good posture, right? Feel strong, capable, overall healthy and movement is a big part of it and breathing is a humongous part of it. Bring your knees down, your thighs down, your waist down and your belly down. Sphinx pose. Nicely done. Okay. So lift the chest up, pull the shoulders back a little bit, lower yourself down. We're going to do those little shoulder openings, uh, scorpion moves. Okay. So what you're going to do is stretch your left arm out, reach your right arm up or right arm, your right leg, bend it and rotate over to the left and stretch out that left shoulder a bit. And then you're going to slide over to the right, lift the left leg up, tap those left toes back behind the right leg and push into that right shoulder safely. Nice. Now come back over to center and try the other side. Be sure to get both options here. So you're really sliding into that left arm, right foot, tap back behind you. Okay. One more over to the right. Open up, get back over to center. Take the hands behind your head. Okay. Now push the head into the hands, pull the elbows up toward the ceiling, lift the chest up on the breath and exhale down. Nine more. Inhale up. Exhale down. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale to lift. Exhale. Three more. Inhale to lift. Exhale. Inhale to lift. You've got this. Exhale. Last one. Breathe in. Lift. Stay lifted. Sweep your arms back behind you. Palms facing down. Lift your legs, push your hips down into the mat and lift up for locus pose. Also known as like we just took flight and are just floating, but we've got effort here. We're using our back body here to hold ourself up and you're mindful of your low back. Open the chest. Open the shoulders. Stay lifted. Bring the hands into cobra up dog position. Drop the legs down. Lift the chest a little more and exhale back into child's pose with your knees.

Slowly close. Stretch out that low back. In through the nose. Out through the nose or the mouth. Good job. Come forward back into your table. Okay. You're going to come onto our seat now. I can't believe how fast time flies. I mean, time flies when you're having fun, right? Is that what they say? But I was like, wow, can't believe. So let's make the best use of the final time we have here. Okay. Core. Even though I've been working the core the whole time, some specific core work is nice. So start first by taking the hands behind the hamstrings, lean back a little bit, pull the shoulders back and lift the legs. Okay. Cross your right ankle over the left. So your legs are pretty like now one unit. Bring the arms out in front of you and hold boat pose and, or maybe we do five rotations on each side. So with balance, reach the hands over to the left. Like you're taking a block, place it down, then lift the block up and rotate over to the right and then over to the left and then over to the right and then over to the left to the right to the left. Nice. To the right to the left. That's five. Keep the legs lifted, but undo the lock. Bring your hands alongside like out from your hips, fingers pointing forward or slightly open. Now straighten the legs out. Then on the exhale, pull the knees up and in into a pike. 10 times. Exhale two. Exhale three. Exhale four. Exhale five. Exhale six. Point your toes, engage your legs seven, eight, nine, 10. Good job. Now place yourself on your mat where when you roll down, we're going to roll down the length of the mat. So sit up tall, meet your arms forward, rock your chin and roll down from your butt to your low back to the mid back and you slowly lower down. Nice. Good job. That's not all my friends. So bend the left leg, take your left arm out to the side. Okay. What you're going to do here is actually bring the right arm out to the side. My bad. You can bring the left arm up back behind you. This is a little limb, limb lift core thing here. So let's keep it simple to start. Reach the right leg up and the left hand reaches up toward the right outside of the right ankle. 10 times inhale, reach up and back. Exhale four. Exhale five. Exhale six. Exhale seven. Nicely done. Exhale eight. Exhale nine. Exhale 10. Switch sides. Now the left arm comes out, right arm reaches back behind you and you extend the left leg out and up. So start with the left leg up and reach the right arm up, lift your head, lift your shoulders and there's like the finish right there. Boom. You should feel that in the core. Now inhale, lower the leg, reach the arm back. Exhale two. Exhale three. Exhale four. Exhale five. Keep that left leg engaged by pressing through the feet. Six. Exhale seven. Exhale eight. Exhale nine. Exhale 10. Beautiful. Now the feet are below the knees. Okay. I can see you. Not really, but you know, I'm with you. I got your back, my friend. Now the feet are below the knees. Get these robot arms to start. Okay. So palm, fingers spread out and you're just pushing through the elbows and triceps as you lift your hips. Now push a little extra through the arms to walk your shoulders, your shoulder blades as close to one another as you can. Okay. Now let the hands rest on the body or palms facing up alongside your mat or on your mat. Walk your feet a little closer together. Shoot the left leg straight out in line with the right. Now push through your right heel quite a bit. Reach your right arm up and back as you exhale. Actually both arms. I'm sorry. Let's start over. Bridge pose, right? Feet below the knees, hips lifted. Now the arms are here. You're going to extend your left leg out. Okay. So you got to really work through that right side. Okay. Straight out active through the toes. Now reach your arms back overhead now. Okay. On the exhale, lift the left leg and reach the arms straight up. Good. Inhale down. Exhale up. Nine. Exhale. Eight.

Exhale. Seven. Right leg is working. Six. Keep lifting through the hips. Five. Four. Push through that right heel. Three. Two. One. Left foot down. Keep those arms up. Let's see what it feels like on the left side. You may be totally stronger on the other side. Right leg shoots straight out. Boom. Okay. Now reach the right arm up or right leg up. There's reach up. Now lower the right leg. Lower the arms. Exhale. Nine. Exhale. Eight. Keep pushing through that left foot. Seven. Six. Five. A little exercisey, I know, but worth it. Four. Good. Three. Keep lifting those hips. Two. Push as strong as you can through that left foot. One and right foot down. Arms come down and you roll slowly out.

Next level bridge. That was next level. We're not going into next level bridge. Take your feet wide, as wide as the mat. Windshield wiper your legs over to the right. Take your right ankle on top of your left thigh and reach your left arm up and back behind you. Create a little side stretch, side bend. One of these times we should do like a three hour. Alright, let's not go crazy. Maybe like a two, two and a half hour class. That'd be fun. We can really get into a lot of different things and really take our time to breathe and warm up, cool down, come back out to center. Maybe over the winter, right? Maybe we have more time. Legs come over to the left, left ankle on top of the right thigh. Get that stretch there through that right hip. Then reach the right arm up and back. Good. Strength, flexibility, mobility, breathing. All of it's important. The breath is really right. The more you understand the breath, the more you research it and the more practice you give it, you really do understand it's like the foundation of our health. We can really manage our health through our breath pretty well. Come back out. Okay, we got that little stretch in. Now take happy baby, bend the knees, in toward the body. Okay, you can stay right here. Or take your hands in between your thighs, palms facing forward, but then turn your palms out and wrap your fingers around your shins just below your knees and then let the knees drop out. So your arms are straight and it's really just the fingers that are wrapped around the shins that are holding the legs kind of passively. So it's a more kind of passive, relaxing, happy baby. Okay, if you desire a little more, let's say tension or flavor, slide the hands up the shins toward the ankles, toward the outer edges of the feet and track your feet up over your knees. Make sure you can still ground your back and keep your neck long and breathe well more importantly. Make sure always in the postures you can breathe well. It's like an indication generally if it's like kind of too much. Too much exertion, you hold your breath, too much stress and tension, right? We already have enough of that. Okay, bring yourself back down, feet down to the mat. Okay, so we have a little time. Let's see what it feels like today. Now you can do and choose bridge pose, but maybe, right? We've really worked the core, the arms, everything has been pretty well balanced. Let's try a wheel pose, okay? And I'll describe it and teach it as best I possibly can. So the first move is here, right? And you know, if bridge is already really challenging for you, wheel's going to be way more. So right away, you know, you know what, maybe I'll just I'll stay with bridge today. Or if your arms or shoulders have issues, right? It's going to be challenging. So you can take your palms up and then reach back behind you, like basically like so, right? So your left fingertips, your whole left palm is down and your right palm and your fingertips are pointing toward the heads of your shoulders. Now make sure you can get your palms down firmly and then draw those elbows toward one another suction cup or screw those hands in between pushing through your feet and pushing through your hands. Push up to rest gently on your head. This is where you can make some adjustments here, okay? Or even stay if it doesn't bother your neck. So tailbone extends through, you have a posterior tuck and you have a little glute activation. Screw the hands in, okay? Now I even like to lift my heels to push up into wheel. Good. Push the chest back. Push the hips up. If you bring the heels down, it just kind of limits a little bit of my mobility personally. So I can lift those heels and try to extend my arms as straight as I can get them. Breathe. Coming down, you're going to drop the heels safely, the back of the head and the upper back and shoulders.

Now you're basically in bridge and you roll slowly out. Nice. So whether you were in bridge or wheel, we've rolled out and I'd like you to feel content and satisfied, okay? Sentosha contentment, right? So if bridge pose, you're like, oh man, I want to do wheel, but it's just too much right now. Just be patient. You know, maybe you'll be able to do it someday. Bridge is still a fantastic pose to do, right? To be able to do any of it as a gift. Okay. Draw the bottoms of your feet together. Take a momentary pause. Knees out wide. So a little passive bada konasana, right? Bound angle pose. Let your hands rest gently on your inner thighs. Stay here if you'd like, or draw the right leg in and extend the left leg out. So sometimes it's nice to offer something that just is like, just chill out. Just take, you have full permission to chill. You don't have to do what's next, which is a spinal twist. So the right leg draws in, bring the right foot down for a moment, slide your hips over to the right. Okay. Take the right arm out to the side, right knee in, and then twist that right knee across your body as far as it will go. And as you're bringing that right leg across your body, use your left hand to guide it, to assist it, but reach far open with that right arm and shoulder. So you get the counter twist there of the full experience. A little low back hip release possibly. How's your breath? Okay. You can stay there as long as you'd like because you're in your own space. You can do whatever you want. You can also revisit this a little bit later. Extend the right leg out right away. Go ahead and shift your hips to the left, pull the left knee in and over to the right, and then extend that left arm out wide. So as you're drawing the left leg across your body into the right, you're reaching the left arm out to the side as far as it will go. Try to stay like spread out on the upper back, shoulder blades broad and stretched out. Take one more breath here.

Exhale, let it all go. Back to center. Wiggle yourself back to the center of your mat. And maybe even take these little, like, right on the low back. If you lift your low back, your hips up just a little bit and let your low back kind of, you know, land heavily on the floor. Do that a couple of times. Just kind of releases tension in the sacrum and the low back. So it's just, there's a little like vibration. You can do that as long as you'd like. Any kind of jumping and shaking of the body, right, is generally a pretty good thing for the bones and skin and tension. So just shake up anything. You can do it a little more vigorously. And then like just a little massage from side to side. Back to the feet together or the legs long. So feet together, knees out wide, or stretch your legs out. Stretch your whole body out. Bring your hands to the front of your body so you can, arms rest alongside your body, palms facing up. This is where we'll take a final relaxation also known as corpse pose shavasana. So you start the practice one way, right? You enter, you practice, you move, you breathe. And then the way I like to view this corpse pose is that then you kind of like die off for a moment. And this new fresh energy, this new fresh perspective, new moment in time. So if there's any worthwhile thought to entertain, go for it, or let everything kind of drift and float. Close your practice off in a positive, relaxed manner. Let the breath flow evenly on its own or you guide your breath. So I want to encourage you right now to stay lying down. If you've already got up and you're gone and you're busy, great. I hope you had a great practice. If you're still lying down, take this opportunity to lie down for as few minutes as you, as long as you'd like. When you roll up to stand or sit, sorry, I was like floating myself for a few moments there. So if you're joining me seated, nice to see you again. If you're lying down, continue to lie down. Close your eyes and take a couple moments, either one word or a short phrase or a longer paragraph to close your practice out in a meaningful, intentional way. That's very like personal to you. You can bring your hands to your chest, to your heart, to the center of your body. And I will close with just gratitude as always. It's a real meaningful thing for me to be able to do this, to share with you. So I thank you for being here. Namaste, peace, Aloha, Shalom. May the force be with you. Namaste.


Laura M
1 person likes this.
So good!! Thank you!!
Robert Sidoti
Thank YOU Laura !! I appreciate you practicing with me here! 
Lina S
1 person likes this.
I've really enjoyed the combination of asanas, the fluidity. Thank you!
Eric M
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I’m totally up for a 3 hour version of this! Bring it on!
Robert Sidoti
So good to hear Lina !! Thanks so much for being here and practicing with us all! 
Robert Sidoti
Hey there Eric !! Maybe I’ll have a discussion with the ‘higher ups’ and see if that’s possible! I honestly would love to offer it! Have a great day friend. 
Olivier G
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Hey I’m all in for the 3 hours too ! Thanks you so much for making those practices fun ! 🙏🏼
Francesca Venturini
Thank you! I found myself in a very deep work. Felt like water moving trough the whole body!!
Robert Sidoti
Good to hear Olivier G :)) I'll see what I can do! I'm glad you're enjoying the practices!! 
Robert Sidoti
Wow Francesca V - Awesome to hear this, thanks so much for sharing!! I want to feel like water moving through my body too - sounds great! 
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