Dynamic Flow Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 8

Heart Opening Flow

60 min - Practice


Open the heart and strengthen the back through safe, repeatable back bending sequences. We start in a low flow exploring Camel Pose, move into standing balancing postures building into Dancer, before grounding the spine in sweet restorative moments. You will feel a sense of contentment and gratitude.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Great variation of reclining pidgeon.
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So uplifting and inspiring - thank you! 
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great season. thanks Robert

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Thanks!!  Enjoyed this class!!
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Great class! This is the first time I do Camel Pose at the beginning of the class. I have always done it towards the end of a class. The teachers I had during my teacher training seemed to say that you have to be well warmed up to do this opening. Maybe it's a misconception. Anyway, it felt good the way it was introduced into the flow.
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Thank you for your energy and genuine warmth- Nam
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happy Friday :))
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Loved this class. I plan on completing all of your classes. =) 
Glad you liked that variation of pigeon Brigitte M - feels so good when you find the ‘right’ angle/position! 
Feeling uplifted and inspired sounds good to me Charlotte M :)) So happy you felt those feelings and were here with us! 
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