Dynamic Flow Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 9

Core-Focused Vinyasa Flow

60 min - Practice


Enjoy the ride toward better health and a stronger body. Robert leads a full body experience on your mat, beginning with connecting to your breath, then leading into a sequence to engage the core. We make space in twists and back bends, explore strengthening, balancing, and stabilizing in familiar standing poses, and enjoy sweet recovery moments to find comfort and ease. You will feel strong and uplifted.
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Hey there, welcome to yoga anytime. This is the final episode of season two dynamic flow with me Robert Sedoti. I'm super stoked that you're here. Thanks for being here, whether it's this class or all of them leading up till now. You probably have a sense of what I like to do, how I like to move. If you've done a lot of the videos, we're going to do a little bit more of that today. Strengthening the core, stretching the necessary areas, strengthening the body, focusing on the breath, right? So roll out your mat. I don't have any props, but if you'd like to bring whatever props you're comfortable with, get them now, make your space comfortable. And we're going to start lying down on our backs. All right. So that might mean a little bit of core work to start. I don't know. I'm just saying maybe it might. So, okay. So lying down on your little magic carpet, a place you're either arriving for the very first time or a place you come too often. Either way, don't worry about perfection. Don't worry about doing everything correct. Just see if you can find a good balance between doing the good work, right? Just enjoying time within your, your body, your mind, your breath. Why don't we bring the bottom to the feet together and let the knees kind of fold out to the side for a few moments as we kind of touch in with the breathing. You can place your hands on your body, stretch the back of your neck out, maybe by lifting the head, tucking the chin, and then placing the head back down. That way the back of the neck is nice and long. So place your hands right where the bottom of your rib cage is, right where your rib cage might meet the diaphragm and upper belly. Start to breathe through your nose, right? Want to be a nose breather here. So inhale through the nose and exhale through the nose. Okay. Inhale through the nose, expand the belly, the rib cage, and exhale through the nose. Keep going with the breath as I continue to give you some cues. So as you're inhaling, it's important to inflate, expand the front of your body, yes, but also feel into expanding the side body as well as the back. So the full lower portion of your torso is really expansive on the breath in and relaxes on the breath out. Inhale, expand forward out to the sides and through the back, and exhale, again, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out. Draw your knees into your body. Okay. So hold on to your shins, or if you can grab hold of your hamstrings, whatever holding place feels a little more doable or comfortable, and draw the knees in and rock a little side to side. Start to feel out the low back, the mid back, how your knees feel as they're bent, flexed, roll your ankles, your toes. You can take your knees out wide, opening the hips a little bit, maybe even create, put your hands on top of your knees and create some circular motion through your low back and your hips. Do that a couple times one way and then reverse it the other way. So the thought of the day, the thought of this practice would be that there is no magic pill for overall health and wellness, right? It's generally like a package, a package of priorities, what you eat, what you ingest in your body, how you move, you know, lots of water, sleep. So let's not look for the magic pill. Let's not look for a quick fix. Let's look for consistency and commitment for longevity and sustainability and mastery of the body and mastery of taking good care of yourself. Hug the right leg in, extend the left leg out and see if you can also like enjoy the ride, right? Enjoy the ride toward better health, toward a stronger body. So your left leg is actually lifted up off of the mat, starting to squeeze the quadricep muscles of the left leg and push through the heel. Give a good squeeze of that right knee in. Okay, switch it up. Shoot that right leg out and hug the left knee in. So when you're pushing through that right leg, whether it's this position or any other movement on our back, as we will explore more, push through the heel or push through your toes. Okay.

Both are going to add, get the feather off my foot, add some muscular quality to the leg. Okay. So it's, it's engaged and it's connected to your hip, through your core, through your glutes, through the rest of your body. Okay. Bring that right leg back in, extend the left leg out, lift your head and shoulders up and you start to engage the core a little bit. Okay. We'll go for about 30 seconds with this simple yet very doable, well, simple and doable yet very effective exercise, right? And you can take your hands behind your head if you'd like, instead of the shins, remember to point through the toes or drive through the heels, lift the shoulder blades up. The more you lift your shoulder blades up, the more you feel your core engaged, the more you may even like shake and tremble a little bit. That's good. That's always a good feeling. Or it's not a good feeling because you have a sort of maybe a negative mindset around it. Like, Oh, I'm shaking. I'm so weak. No, I'm shaking. I'm like a little outside of my comfort zone. I'm challenging myself. I'm doing a little work. Nice. Okay. Relax for a moment. Draw the legs in and straight up. Take the hands underneath your low back or like right around where your low back and butt meet or under your butt head down or head and shoulders up, push through your elbows, point through the heels or the toes. Inhale the legs down as far as you can without hurting your back. Exhale, lift up 10 times. Inhale down. Exhale up. Inhale down. Exhale up. Let's call that five, six. Good. Seven, eight. Keep lifting that upper back nine and 10. Keep the legs high. Relax down for a moment. Okay. Now we're going to do these kind of alternate reaches. Okay. So you can do this on your back without even lifting your head and kind of reach right hand toward the left pinky toe, left hand toward the right pinky toe, or you can lift your head, lift your shoulders and go for about 30 seconds. I have it kind of timed in my mind, timed on my wrist watch. That's an old school way of saying watch, right? My wrist watch. Point through your toes or your heels. Good. So this is just like another way to stay engaged in the core, contract the abdominals. Good. 15 seconds in, reaching opposite sides. So you get a little gentle rotation here. So just tuning up the core. I'm offering these because I do these daily every other day. Come on, let's be real. And I believe in them. I believe in like a little bit hard work in the midsection. Three, two, one. Bring the feet down. Good legs bent feet below the hips. Lift your hips. Now for this bridge, what I want you to do is bend your arms like robot arms, right? So you're, you're pretty connected to your, from your elbows to your shoulders in between there are your triceps, right? You shimmy and walk your shoulder blades toward one another. Keep your legs pretty, you know, aligned with your hips and drive the hips up. You may even lift your heels for a little extra like hip extension, right? You might feel your waistline open up a little bit more. Just explore where you can find more space. You might like, you know, the more curious you are in the movement, the more you can find these little nuggets of space that needs some tending to keep the hips up, but drop the heels down. Okay. We're going to do this little move that I love quite a bit. So you're going to lower down, keep the arms the way they are. The next time you lift your hips, you're going to reach your right arm up and back toward the left shoulder, but way back. So lift the hips and drive up onto that left arm, lower down, lift and reach not the left arm up and back behind you. Good. Reach like you're trying to find something way back behind you. Lower down. So there's neutral bridge, right? Lift up, push back, lower down, lift up and stretch back. Good. Lift the hips. So you get the bridge quality, but you also get just a little more core work. You get some hip extension, some twisting. Let's do two more on each side. One, one, two, two, back to bridge, press up, open up that beautiful bod of yours, stretch, slowly lower down a little more core for you. You're welcome in advance. Left ankle over the right thigh. Now you're going to take the left arm, facing up, keep it up, up off of the ground. So that's actually activated right hand behind your head for about 30 seconds, right elbow toward the left knee. Good. Exhale up and over. Exhale up. Exhale up. Good. Let's go another five, four, three, two, one, switch it up right on over to the other side, right ankle on top of the left thigh. So this is like that recline pigeon, right? So if you're like, I don't really want to do the core. I'm going to do that stretch. Go for it. It's your practice. Left hand behind the head, right arm reaching out. All right. Now remember, exhale, engage the core to up, lift up and rotate about 30 seconds. Good. Try not to yank on the head. The hand is there more as support. Let's do five more. Five. Good. Four, three, two, and one. Nicely done. Now we're going to shoot those legs up one more time. We're going to give a little lower, a little shout out to the lower abdominals. Now the way I like to do this is we set the legs up and bend the legs. Now the hands are alongside your body. Okay. I like to place the fingertips alongside the body. All right. Keeps the palms up, gives me a little more height. Now the idea would be to push into my hands, use my lower abdominals to straighten the legs and lift my low back up off of the mat. So it might look like this. Let's do this for 30 seconds. If this one doesn't work for you, we've done about four other versions of core work. Choose one that works for you. Maybe leg lifts. Maybe you want to work through some bicycles. Good. Exhaling up halfway there. Good. Starting to feel it for sure.

Ah, three, two, and one. Ah, bent legs feet as wide as the mat. Now last little thing before we start to move onward from our back, little windshield wipers from side to side, but take your arms into this like field goal shape. So when you bring your legs over to the right, reach the left arm, like stretch it up and back, similar to what we were doing with those bridge lifts and reaches. So you have that whole stretch to the left side. Then you cruise to the other side, he kneels knees to the left, right arm reaching up and back. One more to the side, right side, left, knees to the left side, right. Awesome. Good. Good. Now you're going to rock right on up onto your hands and knees, head into the plant pose that you haven't seen that one, or maybe you have actually. Okay. Let's go right into our forearm plank. So we're continuing with the core effort. All right. So onto your elbows and that full stretched out forearm plank, we're going to go for one minute. Let me check the old wristwatch. Okay. Push the heels back, engage through those quadricep muscles, right? Your thigh muscles, pull the shoulders away from the ears, soft in the hands, soft in the face, pull up through those lower abdominals. If you have any, you know, a word or a phrase, a string of words that's helpful in reminding you of why you need to do this, why it's important for you to hold on just a little bit longer or work through to that uncomfortable place. Maybe you really are trying to get stronger for whatever your purpose is, right? Or maybe it's just so personal. So make it personal and have that with you at all times. Five, four, three, two, one. Bring yourself down to your knees. Last thing here, up onto your hands in full plank. Now for one minute at wristwatch, there we go. Right knee, left knee, right, left, right, left, good old fashioned mountain climbers. So one of the points of this is to kind of fire up the core, light it up so that later on in the practice, this practice and others, sorry, Mike Pack deriving in the old waistline, is that you're familiar with that feeling of the core lit up, turned on, engaged. Where are we at here? Get halfway through. Exhale, exhale, exhale, exhale. Oh yeah, 10 seconds, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Place the knees down softly. Take the knees kind of wide and push your hips back. Take a momentary pause in a child's pose or maybe even like a on your elbows in between child's and puppy pose. Nice. Okay. Come back into your tabletop.

Move through cat cow, right? Inhale, pull your shoulders back, draw your chest forward and your butt up. Your core should feel pretty like lazy at this point. Now exhale, pull the belly up, round out your back, puff out that upper back quite a bit. Exhaling there. Exhale and exhale. Yeah. Exhale back to a neutral back. Okay. Like downward dog, where we lift our right leg up and open the hip, we're going to do that from table. So it looks a little like this. Lift your right bent, right leg up. Now peel the hip open, slide your left foot over a little bit. Lift the right hand up off of the mat and step the right hand, right foot back behind you. Lift. So it's a little bit like that side plank we do, right? But it's a different way to get into it. Good. Reach up and back, stretch that right side out. Bring the right hand down, right knee, slide the right foot over, lift the left leg up, open the hip, step back behind you and open up. Good. And we do it from side to side. Right leg up, slide the left foot over for balance, right foot back behind you and you can keep the right fingers down if you'd like. Just explore where you can get the most out of this. Over to the other side. So you get familiar with this and you can just kind of flow with a little bit of ease from side to side. Over to the other side. Hey, what's going on? Bring it on over, up and over. So nice to be able to move. Oh, good. Back over to your table. Curl the toes, lift the knees, first downward dog. Nice. Okay. So first off, just kind of get all those like stretchy downward dog movements you enjoy. If this is your first downward dog, you want to come into a plank pose, right? Push up position. Hands and feet stay like this. Put a soft bend in your knees and lift your butt up as you push your chest back towards your toes. So you create this bent knee upside down V shape. Keep the fingers spread wide, the knuckles pressing into the mat. Maybe you straighten your legs and lift your heels nice and high. Exhale, drive the heels down toward the mat. Stretch out those calves. Achilles tendon, maybe up into the hamstrings. Lift your heels again. Inhale and exhale. Good. Now bring yourself into plank. Inhale. Lower yourself all the way down. Tight core, tight legs. Point your toes back. Lift your chest. Oh, back, Ben Cobra. Maybe if you straighten your arms, you get a little upward dog exploration.

Throw the hip left, tip over to the left, right, hip over to the right. Back into table. Those curl downward dog. Good work. Walk to the front of your mat. Half lift on the breath in and breath out fold. Beautiful. Half lift, breath in. Straighten the right leg, bend the left, wedge the left arm on the inside of the left calf. Rotate open. Breathe in. Each side. Right leg bends, left leg straighten. Right arm on the inside of that right leg. Push the leg into the arm and the arm into the leg. And then drive that left hip up and back and then twist. Good. On downtown, forward fold. Rise up, inhale. Lean back a little bit. Reach up. Take a full breath in. Your whole body fills. Exhale all the way down. Forward fold. Breath in, half lift. Breath out. Step your right foot back. All the way back. Walk your left foot over to the left. Okay, good. Now drop that right knee down.

Take the left hand on top of your left thigh and bring your right knee all the way down for a moment. Lean that right hip toward the floor. Good. Now lift that right knee back up. Keep the left leg strong and bent like a right angle. Then turn open into another twist. Left arm high. Rotation, happening. Perfect. Left hand down. Step the right foot up to meet the left. Forward fold. Half lift. Breath in. Get long and strong in the spine. As you exhale, bring the hands down. Step the left foot back. Bring the left knee down. Right hand on top of your right thigh. This is really just so we can start to open up the hip on that left side. Work on a little ankle range of motion so your right knee, it's okay to drive that knee kind of far forward. Kind of far forward. Is that even correct? Bring the right knee beyond the toes if your knee and ankle allows. Okay, curl the back toes. Lift that left knee. Strong bend in that right leg. Keep the knee stacked right over the ankle. Okay, now lift the chest, lengthen the spine, pull the shoulders down, and then twist and rotate. Where's your breath? Where's your breath? Good. Reach back behind you a little bit. Open up. Reach up and open. Inhale. Bring the right hand down. Step the left foot forward. Forward fold. Flat back. Inhale. And again, bend the knees, plant the palms, walk back into downward dog. Plank on the breath in. Lower down on the breath out. Halfway maybe this time. Inhale. Straighten the arms. Back bend. Upward facing dog or cobra if you've chosen to land there. Good. Downward facing dog. Exhale. Right leg up. Bring the right leg. Come up on the high, up on the right fingertips as an option. Lift the left heel really high and open up. Ground the right hand. Drive the left heel toward the mat. Square your hips. Right knee toward the right elbow. A little more core work for you. Inhale. Right leg up. Hip open so you get that complimentary. Here's the stretch.

Here's the like ah. Here's the effort. Exhale. Three more. Inhale up and open. And exhale. Inhale up and open. And exhale. Inhale up and open. Beautiful. Strong. Finish strong here. Right foot forward. Back foot down. Shorten your stance a little bit. Keep your left toes pointing forward a bit and rise for warrior one. Adjust tank top pose. Okay. Both feet seal to the mat, right? Reach the arms high. Bend the arms. Pull the elbows back. Feel that stretch across the upper chest and that muscle engagement in the upper back. Take the hands behind the head. You're just lounging, right? You just found a sweet spot.

You're so comfortable. Bask in that spot for a moment. Good. Undo that. Take the right arm under the left. Let's open up the shoulders and back for eagle arms or with eagle arms. What I want you to do here is take your left foot, step it back more like a warrior two stance. So the left foot is actually open. This will open your hips a little bit. So this feels good for you. Give it a shot. You're going to inhale. Lift the elbows up. Lift up. Lift up. Gentle backbend. Exhale like a cat pose. Pull the belly in. Reach the elbows forward and down kind of like a humble warrior. Inhale. Drive back up. Exhale. Forward and down. Inhale back up. Undo the arms and open into warrior two. Nice. Roll your wrists a little bit. Get the structure of the lower part of the pose. Ground your feet. Get your legs right. Pelvis. Shoulders, ribs, pelvis. All in alignment. Then the arms extend out. That's when you roll your wrists. Just as an extra little benefit, spread your fingers out. Take a breath.

Reverse warrior. Wrap that left arm back behind you. Reach the left fingertips over toward your right hip. Then take that right arm and reach it high. Inhale. Exhale. Bring the hands all the way down. That left arm kind of circles up and all the way down. Spin the back heel up. Perfect. Step back into three-legged downward dog. So that right leg lifts up. You open it again. Open it, meaning the right hip, the right leg. Bring the right foot back down. Plank pose. Second round. Forearm plank. One minute begins now. I checked the wristwatch. Don't worry. What you can do here is add two different things. First one would be push the forearms and elbows into the mat and find cat pose. Puff out the upper back. So spread your shoulder blades out wide. And then drop into the shoulder blades and then push away. Do that one and or little hip swivels from side to side. This will keep your obliques, your side core muscles engaged. You've got a little bit longer to go. Let's say 20 seconds. So hip swivels side to side. Protraction. So puff out the upper back. Drop the shoulder blades toward one another. So we're trying to integrate good, genuine core work with some flow, with some breathing. Good. Now bring the belly, hips, knees down. Sphinx pose. Good. So Sphinx pose, your elbows generally are below your shoulders, but if that position of your arms doesn't feel quite right in your low back, you can always walk your hands or your arms a little farther forward. More of your belly will come to the mat and it will decrease the low back intensity. Okay. Do a little back body work here. Okay. Super valuable.

Just as valuable as your core. Lower all the way down. Take your arms alongside your body. Just facing up. Now you're going to lift your chest up off of the mat. As you do so, you'll probably exhale. So exhale, lift, but then turn your palms down, thumbs out, maybe even make a fist and really open up the chest and engage that upper back. So it's like you're trying to wring something out with both hands. Inhale, palms up, body down. Exhale 10 times. There's two. Exhale three. Exhale four. Exhale five, six, seven, eight. Good job. Nine, ten and hold, hold, hold, hold. Lift your legs and fly for a moment. Big smile on your face, working with whatever you got, whatever lift you've got, but you're doing it. Whatever you're, you're on your mat breathing. So there is room for some gratitude in there. Oh yes. Now bring your hands alongside your rib cage, lower down, release the tension in the back. It touches the mat a little like bowing down a little gratitude there. Feel the breath.

Lift the chest, straighten your arms. If your low back allows, if not, keep your arms bent, right? And push your way back into a tabletop. Push the hips back for a moment. Child's pose. It's interesting. Find your child's pose. Find a little moment of rest, right? It's important as we do these practices, the longer practices, that we find these little maps along the way, right? We all know it, the beauty and power of a power nap. Quick little recovery. It's interesting when you do these, you teach, you know, these practices like I'm doing and others do. You know, sometimes you can get a little bit lost in the practice. You know, you're kind of doing your thing and then you realize like, Oh, I have to actually speak. That's where the push yourself back. If I'm being honest, what other way is there to be right? Be honest, come back into table, puff out the back. So if we enter that forearm plank again, what I want you to really understand is that puffed out upper back, the shoulder blades spread apart. There's a lot of value in there. Okay. And then the opposite is dropping, keeping the arms straight or the forearms down, not losing the body positioning, just dropping the shoulder blades toward one another. And there's this really beautiful little movement with your shoulders and shoulder blades. It's like a scapula pushup downward dog. That was just a quick little FYI for you. Now, similar to the other side. So I want you to lift your left leg up, bend it, open the hip option, come up onto the left fingertips, lift your right heel. All these two little things do is help you to get up a little bit higher and to open up a little bit more. Nice. And now ground the left hand, square your hips, push your right heel toward the ground and exhale into plank knee towards the left elbow. Inhale up, exhale to a five. Inhale up, exhale three of five. Inhale, exhale four, exhale five. Let's send it up into warrior one on the left side. Good. Back heel comes down. Your stance kind of shortens and then you go right on up. Okay. Same thing with the arms. Same thing. You reach up, bend the arms, pull the arms back, open the chest. Maybe even take the hands behind the head, lounging. But to lounge and find comfort and ease, we've got to do a little bit of work, right? Something's got to hold us up. That's our feet, our legs, our core. Pulling the elbows back. You feel your back, your upper back. I just love that feeling of the engagement, the muscle contraction. Left arm now underneath the right for Eagle wrap, Eagle bind. Pause there as you kind of get that alignment, get that binding and then walk your right foot back a little bit. So it's a little more like a warrior two stance.

You basically have just more ground here and it allows for a drop down like we're going to do. Okay. So lift the elbows like this is like cat pose. Your spine gets a little extended and that's the inhale, exhale, elbows, pull forward and down and your belly pulls up and in and your shoulder blades spread apart. Inhale up top. Exhale. Inhale and open up into warrior two as you exhale. Okay. Adjust the stance. Okay. Left heel toward the right arch or heel to heels. Pretty good. Okay. Feet sealed. And then it's the shoulders, ribs, hips, everything's kind of aligned and stacked and the arms and then the wrists and then that awkward gaze as I just look. But you find a gazing point and generally for warrior two, the gazing point is over the left middle fingers. And here's where you can find that like inward experience. You're here. You've landed in the warrior pose. Your gaze is strong and relaxed. Your breath is moving through your body. You're patient. All right. You're not looking for the quick fix. This is something that you're going to do for a long time. And I mean that in the most positive, amazing way rather than doomsday like a long time. Reverse warrior, reach up and back at that nice side stretch, but take the right hand, weave it, wrap it back behind you. Take that hand, right hand toward your left hip. Then left arm reaches up as you pull that right shoulder open. Left arm reaches high. Oh, look at that sweet stretch in the side body. Okay. Now you bring the arms down so you can kind of like circle windmill all the way down. Back heel lifts. I think we did a twist on this side, but you know what? Why not do it anyway? Good. Open up left arm, reaching trunk of the body, twisting. Okay. Nice. Now step back into that three legged dog. Take the hip, open it up. So that left leg is kind of loose. It's bent. You're lifting that left knee up and maybe gazing underneath the left arm. It's like as if you were taking that left foot and trying to touch something back behind you. Beautiful. Left foot to the mat, right foot down to the mat. Downward dog. Okay. Walk up to the front of your mat. You can bring yourself up onto your fingertips for, that just basically brings the ground up to you, right? Inhale, flat back. Pull those shoulder blades up and in. That means the hands are on the shins. Flat back, belly tucked up and fold. Exhale. Bend the knees generously. Grab hold of opposite elbows and let yourself kind of hang here for a moment, but keep the breath vibrant, right? Keep going with that deep breath in through the nose and a releasing breath out of the mouth. I know earlier in the practice I guided in through the nose, out through the nose. As long as it's in through the nose, it's okay to exhale out of the mouth, especially when you're looking to like release. Rise on up. Circle the arms overhead. Breathe in and exhale hands to your heart. Sweet. I'll face you here. Let's do an old fashioned, good old fashioned tree pose. Standing on your left leg. Okay. Bend your right leg, turn the right knee out to the side. So you get a little bit of that hip rotation. Then slide the right heel up your left calf. Okay. Push the foot into the calf, the calf into the foot. So there's this sort of like joining of forces. Okay. The hands can rest at the chest for now. Stand nice and tall. Try not to let your left hip pop out. Pull that left hip in so everything's nice and long and strong. And you can take the arms up if you'd like. A little sway, right? Windy day to day. So as a reminder, like behind me, I've got so many trees and you know, when it's windy, they just sway from side to side. They're not going to break. Well, actually, I guess sometimes they do, right? What I'm saying is it's okay to sway a little bit and it's okay to struggle a little bit in the foot and the ankle. So if you feel a little burning sensation there, that's good. You're developing good strength in that lower part of your leg into the foot. Super valuable. All right. Arms down. Check it out on the other side.

Actually shake that leg out. Shake the arms. Don't make me get into a whole shaking session on you right now. If you ever want, if you have not ever done it, start to build tree pose and I'll keep talking. Right leg, left foot, right calf or higher. If you, if you haven't done it, right, you just feel comfortable in your house, maybe play some music, like shake your entire body out as vibrantly as you can. Oh man, it is the most uplifting, energizing thing you can do. You're going to feel a little bit like, what am I doing? But it's just movement, right? You're just moving and breathing, maybe even laughing a little bit. It definitely like lifts the spirits for sure. Mildly spiritual, you could call it. Good tree pose, arms reaching or hands at the heart. Definitely breathing. And again, it almost doesn't matter what you're doing. It's that quality time on the mat with you. Now I'm with you and you may have somebody with you as well, but ultimately it's you. Right? Bring it on down again. Shake it out. Shake out the arms. So good for the joints too, right? The muscles just let everything kind of loose. Yeah. We're going to get into another balancing pose. We're going to do a little dancer pose. I don't do it very often, but when I do, it feels great. So let's do it. So I'm going to take the right palm open front facing. Okay. And you're going to bend your right leg and like, you're going to basically be like hitchhiking that right thumb out to the side, bend it and grab a hold of the inside of that right foot right there is enough, right? There's that big opening in the shoulder and the chest. Try to keep your hips square. Then put some strength into the foot, push the foot into the hand and begin to bring the left arm forward. Right? Here's enough also because you're balancing on your left leg might even put a little bend in that left leg and lean forward, hinging at the hips. Do a nice gentle version of this dancer pose. Good. Keep pushing the right foot into the hand. You'll feel that nice stretch into the right shoulder. Good. Don't worry. You can bend that left leg. It's better to be in the strength rather than in the joints. Anyway, open up now. Hey, how about this? Transition, release the foot, open the hips, take that left hand down toward the ground. Hover though.

Hover half moon. Say what? Dancer half moon combo. No big deal. Push through the heel. Open up, open up. Yes. And down, rise up, inhale and exhale. So fun. Cool. All right. So same thing this time I'll face this way. Okay. So again, the way you set it up, how I know, Palm forward, left Palm. Okay. You're going to be balancing on your right leg quite a bit now. Bend your left leg, grab hold of that left foot. You can also, like if you know all the rest of this is just not for you, grab hold of the foot and pull the heel toward the seat. So you get that nice quad hip flexor stretch. If you're going down dancer path, put a little bend in that right leg. Find that steady gaze. Start to push the left foot into the hand. Hinge at the hips as you reach your right arm forward. Don't worry about like that. You know, perfect posture. You're balancing. Just have a little fun with it. Push the foot into the hand, lean yourself forward, work a little bit, shake a little bit. Half moon, release that left foot hold. See if you can still stay balancing on your right leg, even if you're just like, boom, I'm right here. I'm not moving. Right. Or maybe you bring the right fingertips in the direction of the floor, drive that left heel back, opening your hips. Left arm might fly high. And down, reach the arms overhead, inhale and exhale. Perfect. Okay. Downward facing dog. So you can just kind of bring the hands all the way down, walk back into your down dog, stretch it all out, bring the knees down table, reach the right arm up and open. Take the right arm underneath the left and weave it. Get that thread the needle action, right? Like reach it over and maybe you can soften the right shoulder down. Maybe the head down. You can push your hips back further if you'd like more of a child's pose version of this. Feel out, feel it out. Where's the value for you? Where's the sensation of stretch or opening? Perfect. Come back out of there, reset realign, maybe wiggle around, get any of the tension out and bring that left arm up. Breathe in, say what's up and bring it over. Left arm weaves over as far as you can get it in the shoulder, the head. You can push your hips back. You can reach out long through that right arm. So that right hand gives you some support in this pose. Remember consistency, commitment, great overall attitude as you're arriving on the mat, a little bit of the humor. Take it serious, but also have fun with it. Enjoy the ride rather than just focusing on that destination of whatever that is for you. Okay, good. Puppy pose. So hips stay up over the knees and walk or slide those hands out. Bring your elbows or chest down toward the floor. Key word there is toward, right? You don't have to touch your forehead. You don't have to touch your chin or your chest in the direction toward and you find that level. Okay. All the way into that Sphinx pose. We were there once before facing the other way. We're just mixing things up today. It's a final episode. We do whatever we want.

We burned it. Okay. Sphinx pose. Now you're going to lower down and do a similar move that we did earlier, but it's on our bellies. Left arm reaches out. So the shoulder opener and a hip opener, maybe even a back release right hand reaches out, but you're going to bend that right arm. Come up onto the fingertips, lift your right leg up and like a little scorpion tail over to the left, opening your hips. And again, you're getting that shoulder opener. Then you do it on the right side, slide the right arm over, lift the left leg up, rotate. See how I'm bending the left arm now as I'm going over to the right. So here pause for a second. The value big shoulder opener, hips, little, little rotation in the back, a little release in the low back, maybe the left shoulder. If you reach that left arm, we'll try it one more time on the left, slide that left arm out, bend the right ground that right hand, reach the right foot up and reach it back behind you. Take that right arm high. One more time on the right. Make sure you slide that like onto the front of the shoulder. Make sure it's safe, right? You don't want to create any damage. Maybe the left arm up. Good. Back to the center. Perfect. Okay. Just a little hinge up and back and on to, let's come on to our seat. Okay. Cross your legs. Hello there. Hello. Hands on the knees, seated chest upright, spine long, shoulders relaxed. Breath. Relax your eyes. On your next inhale, lift the chest, lift your gaze, a little seated cat or a cow pose. Exhale, seated cow. Round out your back. Inhale through the nose, arch the back. Exhale, round it out. So you draw your shoulders forward. You pull the belly up and in. Back to a neutral spine. Take a side bend, right hand down or right forearm, right? Lift the left arm up. Left arm comes up and over to the right. So you can open up this whole left side channel. You can take it up and over to the other side. Good. Back to center. And when you get back to center, inhale like that's the spine lengthening and rotate to the right. Left hand to the right thigh, right hand back behind you and just use a little arm strength to rotate and twist.

Move your head around. Make sure there's no tension there in the neck and the shoulders. Back to center and over to the other side. Left hand back behind you, right hand on that left thigh. Prop up to rotate. Good. Back to center. Now, straighten the legs out. Put a soft little bend in your knees. You can do this with both legs out or a single leg. Use this forward fold. Honestly, total transparency never really been my favorite, but I'm finding more and more value and use. So that's why it's added in here, right? I don't do anything I don't believe in. So exhale, reach softly and focus on five really nice long breaths, especially the exhale. So you exhale when you start to meet that tension, the body kind of resisting and pushing back. Keep your feet active, soft little bend in the knees. Don't worry about how far you go. Just feel in toward that sensation the posture brings. Two more breaths. One more time. Breathe in. Exhale. Roll on back up. Draw the bottoms of your feet together. Another forward folding kind of situation. Make sure you prop up on those sit bones. Your pelvis is slightly tipped forward. Grab hold of your feet. Push your heels away from your body a little bit there. Inhale with the chest lifting and make it a real passive experience. Exhale, lean forward, using your exhale to kind of take you into the space. So. Three more. Breathe in. Two more. Inhale. Long, beautiful, peaceful exhale. One more time. Inhale. And exhale. Mindful as you roll up to sit. Take the arms back behind you. Fingers pointing back. Take a moment to pull the shoulders back, the chest through. You could even cross your legs and lift your hips. That would be one. Another one could be reverse table where you lift your hips up nice and high. You could do a single arm version where you lift your hips and reach the right arm up and back. Gives you a little more room to play. Right hand back behind you, left arm reaching up. Great. Stretch the legs out. Let's roll on down to our back. So go ahead and roll down for a few moments. You can tuck your knees in for a breath or two. Just get that alignment in your back. Alignment meaning like some low back stretch. The knees. Maybe notice too after all this movement, if anything's more available to you at this point, meaning hips open a little bit more. Okay. Stretch those legs out or you choose. You choose a resting position. Right back where we started. Hands on the belly, right below the ribs and connect back to the breathing. Allow the breath to be soft and almost passive non-existent. Give yourself the pleasure of stillness, of relaxation as you just finished moving and doing all the things we've done. You deserve some relaxation.

So as always, you are welcome. You're in your own space. You can relax as long as you'd like. You can stay down and relaxed as I come up and close. It might be your preferred way to do it anyway. If you've joined me in sitting, go ahead and sit. If you're still lying down, lie down and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes, relax your shoulders. Also, you're really primed for maybe a one minute, five minute, 10 minute, 20 minute meditation at this point. So if that's of interest to you, just simply stay connected to your breathing. Sit and just sit within the sensations, the feelings, the thoughts, just moment by moment by moment. It's a beautiful practice. It can be a little frustrating and difficult. But anyway, with that said, thank you for joining me for this final episode of Dynamic Flow season two. And I look forward to seeing you again. And I always, always, always appreciate you being here with me. So namaste, peace, all of it to you from me.


Christel B
3 people like this.
Really enjoyed every one of you dynamic flows. Hana hou. ( That means let’s do it again!)
Leesa H
3 people like this.
Thanks Robert for Season 2. You reminded us of the song “Shakin’ all over”. Also enjoy the inspiration comments. 
We  hope there will be a Season 3. Namaste
Your Canadian friends
Robert Sidoti
Hi Christel B !! I really appreciate you practicing here with me and the others, thank you!! Hana Hou!! There just may have to be a Season 3!! 
Robert Sidoti
Hey there my Canadian friends Leesa H !! I almost went into full shakedown for you all - it would have felt great and maybe even provided some good laughs which is always a good thing! Here's to rocking out Season 2 and hoping for a Season 3 with new fun moves, thoughts and more! 
Sarah Lowe
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well this was a delight! 
Corinne M
1 person likes this.
This practice put a big smile on my face, thank you so much!!  I love the dynamic flows !!!  Dancer to half moon was super fun.   Echoing the other commenters hoping for a season three.  Thank you thank you!!!
Jenny S
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Almost didn’t have the motivation for this dynamic practice on this gray, chilly November day - but I’m so glad I did it! This cleared the cobwebs out and was the perfect finish to the second series ...just in time for the holidays! Wishing you and your loved ones all the joy and love of the season 🌲🌲🌲
Robert Sidoti
Hey hey long time friend  Sarah Lowe :))  YOU'RE a delight, so happy you practiced with me/us here!! I gotta jump into one of your classes! 
Robert Sidoti
Hello to you Corinne M :)) Your comment put a smile on my face - so I guess we're even! Love the balancing postures, feels so good when you land and feel stable and strong (and relaxed and peaceful) in the pose! Thanks for the excitement for a Season 3!! 
Robert Sidoti
Jenny S !! Thanks for your awesome comment! Always a pleasure having you with us! Sometimes it's hard to roll out the mat - just not feeling it combined with a mind full of reasons and excuses - when you move past those things and do it, almost always feels better!! See you soon! Happy Holidays! 
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