Guided by Breath Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

As the Breath Turns

60 min - Practice


Practice turning towards what calls your attention while maintaining your center. In this twist-focused practice we take time to breathe into familiar postures which strengthen the foundation of the body, challenge the balance, and find freedom in the shoulders, spine, chest, and back. You will feel open and supple.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Loved this mellow yet deeply gratifying class. Twisting always hits the spot!
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I realised that a lot of my sense of twisting comes from my head position. Maybe I have been exorcising myself! I will continue to work on feeling the twist throughout my spine. Thank you Sadia.
So mellow and simple yet so powerful in depth.
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Hi Sadia I love this series and your teachings and I just realized that I took a couple of your classes in real life a few years back in Brooklyn. I think at Yoga People when they were still open. This is indeed a small world! Much love xoxoxo
Katrin Pardon this late reply— wow! I'm forever floored by the wonderful smallness of the world! Thanks for your note! Sending the love right back, and wishing you all the best for this new year!
 Looking forward to starting this season over. The flow was like a runner's high. My knee was cranky again, so I changed some poses to enjoy my respiration. The whole point, right? 

So many cool observations like "there is an infinite space between points A and B". Quantum! Loved that concept of holding softness as we meet the world. 

I had a silky epiphany earlier. We had some food with a flimsy and intractable ziplock. But I immediately resettled my mind, disregarded my pets who wanted the chicken, and worked with the breath to find my center. Bag closed; mind relaxed. As the Mandalorians say, "this is the way." 

A very groovy Namaste from another human. 

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