Guided by Breath Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 9

Unbound Breath

60 min - Practice


Let the breath come to you. Sadia leads a fluid class with attention to strengthening the core and legs, connecting in new ways to the breath, and finding your unique movement through repeatable postures. You will feel supported and serene.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Thank you, Sadia for this wonderfully introspective class. This whole season has been something I look forward to each week to help keep me sane (and breathing of course!) ❤️🙏🏻
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Thank you Sadia, and really got into moving weirdly and uniquely like me today.
Jenny S So glad to have practiced with you— always a delight to see your comments here! See you in the spring! Take good care!
Ali Glad to hear it! Always a pleasure to hear from and practice with you! See you in the spring? Have a wonderful rest of the year— take good care!
I feel so at peace. Thank you, Sadia. 
thank you, loved the playfulness and new movements
Sadia, this was like a good concert. Totally got lost in the musicality of breath. You touched upon, however extemporaneously, my aversion to the word "witness" too. Why shouldn't we enjoy the reverence when it happens? Attach to it only on the matt (and you know that is the best metaphor). 

It's what happens between A and B. 
Or, the road from A to B is paved with reverence.  

The power pose is powerful. I closed my eyes afterwards, and it looked like a photographic negative. 

This season really made me love yoga even more. Looking forward to reliving these sessions. Being more human seems like a seed for a Sankulpa!  

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