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Guided by Breath

Join Sadia for an adaptive practice that encourages skillful, easeful, and joyful return of the body to the breath for an illuminating flow that will leave you feeling both expansive and grounded. In these hatha-vinyasa sequences, shapes and movements, both familiar and novel, are deconstructed and linked to the breath. Together we ride waves of inhale/exhale, moving organically and fluidly in ways that inspire us to embrace the poetry of reality.


Season 1

These practices were recorded LIVE Thursday mornings from September 10th to October 29th, 2020.

Upcoming Live Videos

Fri. Feb 5

12:00 AM NPT
Sadia Bruce
1 hour · Level 1/2


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Dear Sadia, thank you for this inspiring practice and your insightful teaching. 
Anna Thanks so very much for joining me! See you next time...
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I thoroughly enjoyed this series. I hope Sadia has a second season.
Pamela B Thank you kindly! I'll be back in February for Season 2 and look forward to practicing with you then! Happy New Year!

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