Soulful Flow Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 8

Move In to Expand Out

60 min - Practice


Play with opposites in this fluid practice as we explore moving into the back body, then expanding outwards into the heart space. Sarah guides us through Sun Salutes and standing poses to warm the core and challenge the balance while moving into the expanding space in the body. You will feel expansive and uplifted.
What You'll Need: Mat

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This practice stretched out all the kinks and creaks and felt so nice on our first SNOW DAY 😱 here in Connecticut (I’m not ready for this!)
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I’ve been seeing such beautiful photos of that east coast October snow, Jenny S! I always loved the first snowfall growing up. Sending love from sunny Cali. 🎃
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What a delightful Garuda flow.
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Happy to share these practices with you, Christel B! Happy Sunday!
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Thank you so much, Sarah, a beautiful flow to start my week.
My pleasure, Ali! It’s such an honor to be sharing yoga together. Blessings, Sarah
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I feel beautifully balanced. Ready for the day.
That’s wonderful to hear, Martha K! I’m so happy to be practicing together here. Namaste. 
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Thank you for this balancing practice, Sarah. I woke up so achy and stiff today, and that flock of eagles sorted me out. :)
"Flock of Eagles"—love that, Lori C! So happy that you are feeling a little more at ease after practicing. Have a beautiful rest of your week.
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