Soulful Flow Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 7

Sweet Release

60 min - Practice


Explore the sticky spots. Sarah guides us in a well-rounded and fluid practice inviting ease into the habitual areas of tension in the body— the neck, shoulders, low back, hamstrings, and hips. After a supine opening sequence, we warm the joints in Sun Salutes, then play in challenging standing poses. You will feel spacious and grounded.
What You'll Need: Mat


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Perfect practice for today! Thank you!
I'm so happy to hear, Rachel S! Thanks for checking out the practice and hope to practice with you again soon. Warmly, Sarah
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Ooh that stretch after fallen triangle was super juicy! Thank you for guiding this practice. 
I love that stretch too, Marlo L! As always, such a pleasure to be practicing with you and hope you and your family are staying well!
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I loved that stretch from fallen triangle before going into pigeon. This was a wonderful whole body check in. Thank you.
I am so happy to hear that, Ali! Thank you for sharing your experience and please stay close. Warmly, Sarah
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Thank you, Sarah!  I enjoyed the freedom to explore sensation in the poses.  I also always enjoy your gentle cuing, guiding us through a sequence, but reminding us that yoga is a personal practice. 
Absolutely, Holly N! Such a pleasure to be practicing together and wishing you a beautiful Sunday. Warmly, Sarah
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Lovely Sarah, what a gorgeous inviting flow. I felt seduced by each pose, gradually nudging me to open just a little bit further at a time when wasn’t feeling overly active. It felt gentle and safe and not at all overwhelming...just wonderful and thank you for being you!
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What a beautiful description of your experience of the practice, Julie M. Thank you so much for sharing this with me and I am so grateful to be practicing together in this space. Have a beautiful Sunday. Warmly, Sarah
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