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Season 6 - Episode 2

Confidence Flow

30 min - Practice


Flow into confidence in this shoulder strengthening practice. We move through Sun Salutes and standing postures to build mobility and stability in preparation for bearing weight in arm balances. You will feel strong and capable.
What You'll Need: Mat

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30 Minute Yoga Flows - Season 6: Lydia Zamorano


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So great to have the 30 minute flows when one just doesn’t have time for more. Always appreciate the variations.
Christel B Hi! Thanks for commenting, and yes I agree, sometimes the 30 minutes hits the spot! Warmly, 
As usual enjoying your flows Ty.
Lauri K Thanks Lauri! So happy we can find some flow together during these challenging times! Warmly, Lydia 
I enjoyed this practice :))
Fabian H Thanks for letting me know! I'd love to hear how the other practices go for you Fabian! Warmth and smiles, Lydia 
Sweet practice Lydia! Those shoulder rolls- awesome :D
Sarah F Hi Sarah! Yay! So happy you loved those shoulder movements! Warmly, 
Great to see a new season, it’s tough to find 60+ minutes of time these days. I thought this was going to be a pretty benign session but not, thanks for the shoulder prep....Looking forward to episode 3. Nice!
Robin B Hi Robin! So glad you like this practice. It sneaks up on ya! I'd love to hear how the next ones go for you! 
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