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Trust the Connection: 20-Day Yoga Retreat Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Day 6: Flowing Back to Self

60 min - Practice


Create sacred space for deeper connection to Self. In Day 6, focus on linking breath and movement through mindful transitions in this heart-centered flow. Wade leads us through chest and hip openers, juicy side bends, and enlivening standing postures. You will feel open and present.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Jan 12, 2021
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I feel a profound sense of space in front of my heart after this practice. I loved the chanting. Thank you Wade.
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Hi Ali thank you so much for your dedication on this retreat!!! So happy you resonated with the heart opening practice!
Thank you so much Wade. I’ve been teaching yoga for 18 years, now teaching via Zoom. I’m loving the variations of the different poses. It’s bringing new life to me and my students. YogaAnytime is a true gift.
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Loved the oscillating bound hands between the heart and outwards at heart/face/above levels. I will take that with me. Thank you
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Great to hear from you Lynn-Marie M - we have both been teaching for the same amount of time! So glad you are feeling this and sharing it, Yoga is so needed right now - your students are lucky to have you!
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Hi Meaghan S hope you are having a great week! One of my teachers in Asia passed that along to me and happy you connected with it too, it feels quite symbolic :)
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I enjoyed the fun of this practice,  and smiling when I got my hands and feet mixed up during one of the more challenging poses.  Thanks  for your insights, Wade.
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I've really enjoyed this practice. Side bends felt really good. The crow with the block: what a nice tip! Thank you for your teaching.
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Thank you for such a heart-felt practice.  I feel stretched in mind and body and my heart is really resonating with all the good in the world.  Thanks for offering this in these challenging times.
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HI Lina S so great you are diving into this journey, yes to side bends - I  feel more expansive when I do them :)
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