Sacred Kundalini Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 2

Grounded in the Higher Self

55 min - Practice


Move energy throughout the body to create transformation within the whole being. Kara leads a practice to open and release tension in the lower 3 chakras. We begin seated warming up the central energy channel of the spine. Our Kriya set employs movement, breath work, and chanting to clear out feelings of instability and insecurity, as well as release creativity and identity blocks. We close in a seated meditation and pranayama practice tapping into a sense of gratitude and love. You will feel grounded, supported, and effervescent.
What You'll Need: Mat

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So happy to meet and practice with you here Kara 🌞 kundalini yoga is my go-to when I’m needing a reset, a transformation. In this sweet kriya I felt light and love washing over me, bathing and protecting me. Thank You 🙏🏻
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Hi Jenny - Sat Nam! 

It is my pleasure to be here teaching - thank you for the warm welcome! Kundalini yoga is indeed a powerful practice, I’m so glad it’s a go-to for you. Thanks for letting me know how this class resonated with you. I look forward to having you in future classes and knowing how you feel afterwards. Enjoy the rest of the week.

Warmly, Kara 
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So energizing and encompassing.  Feeling refreshed! Namaste.
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Hi Christel! Thanks for your comment - I love how involved this community is 🙏. I’m happy to know you felt energized and encompassed (great adjectives). I hope to see you in future classes. 
Thank you so much! I'm happy to see more Kundalini pop up here. I'm curious however are you able to play music or is it a copyright infringement?  I really love the music in kundalini but I understand not all platforms support it. Thank you again for this practice, Sat Nam  
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Hi, Dayna Wildern! Music is unfortunately difficult for a number of reasons, copyright being one of them.  We are looking into whether we can add this at a later time, but hope that in the meantime you enjoy creating your own music through chanting with Kara :) Thank you for connecting here! Sat nam! 🙏 
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Hi Kara,
Such a sweet , gentle intro to the kundalini techniques - i really loved your pace, and you said "effervescent" - one of my all time favourite words!!...I really do feel refreshed and energized- thank you!
Have a wonderful day
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Hi Kara, I am overjoyed to see another Kundalini series on Yoga Anytime. I loved this class and your guided explanations of the benefits of each pose. I felt the class was relaxing and energizing at the same time. You have a lovely voice. I enjoyed the sound bowl at the end of the session. Sat Nam. Diane
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Michelle F & Diane C, I hope my earlier responses made it to you, though I'm not seeing it here, so I wanted to make sure to properly acknowledge both of your lovely comments and thank you for the value you find in this practice.  I look forward to having you in future classes.  Keep me posted on how they resonate! Thanks, Kara - IG @Kundalooney
Elizabeth M I did absolutely did enjoy. Thank you so very much for sharing  
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