Guided by Breath Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 4

Uplifting Breath

60 min - Practice


The poetry is in the beautiful intimacy between body and breath, which can be felt in the simplest of shapes. Sadia leads a class exploring the breath as a support for heart-opening and backbends. We begin connecting to and visualizing the full movement of the breath seated in Virasana. We use the strap to work out sticky spots in the shoulders, move through warming sun breaths, feel into the psoas, hips, and front body in mindful lunge salutes, and engage the core with the support of a block, before playing into Salabhasana. You will feel open and uplifted.
What You'll Need: Mat, Strap, Block (2)

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So lovely to have the return of the knowing child! It was really good to use the strap and block to feel into these subtle movements. I will keep feeling the figure of 8 breathing pattern.
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love this practice  :))
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Thanks Sadia!
one love
one breath one!derful
Have a beautiful day!
How wonderful Sadia’s présence, I am still amazed by the quality of yoga anytime’s  classes. I did not think it was possible to be inspired on that level from an online class, thank you for putting the heart felt effort. Parijata. 
Elisabeth C Thank you kindly for your generous comment— am so glad you enjoyed class and hope you're able to enjoy so much more on this wonderful #goodyoga portal!

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