Aligned and Awake Artwork
Season 3 - Episode 5

Content and Container

45 min - Practice


When you balance the content and the container the mind drops into the most beautiful, meditative quiet. Nathan guides us through a dynamic sequence to feel how we balance the container that is the body and it’s contents. We move through lunges, standing balance postures, back bends, and twists in order to draw attention to the spine, as the contents, and the torso, as the container, in order to express this alignment principle. You will feel steady, strong, and balanced.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block

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This one really got into some deep places in the spine! It was subtle, but at the same time this was some strong work. I’m feeling aligned and in tune with my spine ⚖️
Jenny S, thank you for sharing your experience with this lesson. We are definitely getting a bit more subtle here. Shifting the focus to the sensations deeper within the body bring out a whole new world of perception and balancing and connection. 
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Loved this session and how awakening it is, I feel great. I might even do another one tomorrow. Thank you so much.
Amanda H, this gets me so excited to hear! I can attest that the more you play with these kinds of practices, you will be amazed at what you can begin to feel and adjust and dive into. Hope to hear more about your journey :)
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I loved exploring the position of the spine and seeing if it was centered in the different poses.  I wanted to keep going because it felt so good and the pacing was great giving time to tune in.
Christel B!! “I wanted to keep going….” 
Literally music to my ears! So happy you’re enjoying the lessons and connecting to these inner feelings 🙏
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it was a good tip to think of your spine as a slinky spring! I have a tendency to over bend the lumbar region - spreading it out and giving the mid spine some focus gives a higher quality bend and it's noticeable, particularly if you do it in conjunction with the other alignment principles for the legs.  thanks!
Paul B, you are exactly right! I’m the same way, too much lower back extension. But shifting the load into the mid spine makes it feel so much better! I’m excited that you’re feeling all these things coming together :)
Great work!
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Another great teaching, thanks Nathan. This helped me get more awareness into the connection between my right shoulder and my upper and mid back. I’m experiencing pain in my right wrist in plank pose, that is coming from my right shoulder being in the ‘wrong’ position. Any tips you can think off will be greatly appreciated.
Eric M, I’d love to help. I’d need to know more about exactly where your wrist hurts. 
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